When It All Goes Wrong Again: Chapter 6

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Warnings: This story will have slash in it. Those couples will include Sev/Remy, Sev/Remy/Siri (Rocks my socks!), and Harry/Draco. There will also be some het tossed in there, because I have to go with the belief that not all the characters can be gay, as much as I may enjoy writing it.

Summary: AU. The night of James and Lily's death, Harry was just visiting his godparents, when Voldemort stormed the house. Harry was returned to his dad's care. He grew up with one of his father's, never knowing the other one. What happens when a bad situation forces him and his dad to move in with his father? Slash. SS/RL, HP/DM

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Draco tried to pretend that Harry's unresponsive form didn't faze him. But there were times when someone would enter the room, and Draco's façade would be cracking and tears would be filling his eyes.

"Draco," a voice whispered from the door, "It's okay to cry."

Draco turned his head to see his father, "I can't do it."

"Can't do what, son? Cry?" Lucius asked walking to where his son was sitting and placing a comforting hand on his shoulder.

"I'm sitting here, and I don't know if he'll live or die. I don't know weather or not he's going to see me ever-" his voice cracked and he quickly placed his head on the bed, holding his boyfriends hand tighter and finally letting the tears come.

"You know how Harry is, he won't ever give up, and he certainly won't ever leave you. No one knows what he went through, and his body is healing itself while he sleeps. That's why he hasn't woken up yet. He'll wake up soon."

Draco raised his head slightly, now resting it on Harry's hand but with him able to see his father, "He's been asleep for over a week!"

"You know what Harry told you about Remus?" the Senior Malfoy asked his son.

"What does that have to do with Harry being asleep?"

"Harry inherited it and the traits, the reaction to silver being one of the biggest. They poured liquid silver over his legs and arms repeatedly. Remus healed them as soon as he could, but there's still damage," he said softly, not wanting to upset his son even more.

Draco turned his face away from his father, not wanting to hear any more. He squeezed the hand in his once more, whispering, "Wake up soon, please."

Sirius walked away from the room quietly. He entered the room he shared with his two lovers with the same stealth, "Sev, how's he sleeping?"

Severus looked up from the sleeping form on his bed, "Better than last night," he replied sadly.

Sirius knew that better than last night wasn't hard to achieve. The night before had been a bad one for the three men, as had every one that week.

"Come over here," Severus beckoned him after a few minutes of silence.

Sirius followed the command wordlessly, moving to side next to the Potions Master. An arm pulled him close and he took a deep breath, breathing in the other man's scent, "I worry about them both."

"We couldn't have done anything about it and you know that. All we can do now is hope that our presence is enough comfort for them for now."

Sirius looked at the sleeping form once more, before turning to bury his head in the neck of the man next to him.

Harry awoke with a start. He jerked away from the hands that were holding him, and sat against the headboard.

Finally opening his eyes he was shocked to see that he was in his room. He was even more shocked to see Draco there also.

"Ori? Are you okay?" Draco asked softly.

Harry shook his head no and crawled quickly into Draco's arms, "It still hurts Co."

"What does?"

"Where he poured the silver."

"Let me go get your dad or someone," Draco replied, trying to move back, but Harry's grip didn't loosen.

"Don't leave me alone," Harry pleaded in a whisper.

"I have to go get them," Draco replied, grasping Harry's chin making his raven haired boyfriend look him in the eye, "He's gone. He won't ever be back."

"I know," Harry replied, "I'll go with you."

Draco wanted to protest, but didn't. He just helped his boyfriend up patiently. He put an arm around the other boy and let him lean on him, "Tell me if you get tired."

Harry nodded and walked as well as he could when Draco led them towards the living room.

"Oh Merlin," Sirius stated when the two boys walked into the living room. He rushed over to them, "Let me help."

Draco let the older man pick Harry up and sit him down on the couch, "He just woke up."

"I don't want to stay in that room anymore Siri," Harry mumbled, hiding his face.

"Don't worry. I'm sure that we can move you into another room today. It's nothing to worry about. I do believe that I would want to be in a different room also," Sirius told him.

Harry just smiled slightly, "Will you go get father and dad?"

"Of course."

Draco sat down beside his boyfriend and wasn't surprised when Harry leaned on him, burying his head in the blonde's neck. Moving a hand up to run through the tangled raven locks, he offered as much comfort as he could.

A loud noise from the doorway caught his attention, and when Draco looked up, he saw Remus standing right in front of him, "Harry, your dad's here." Draco felt Harry's head jerk up at the statement, and watched as he turned to see the said man standing there.

Remus was once again happy for his werewolf strength when his son threw himself into his arms.

"He's really gone," the young man muttered, "And there's nothing that Dumbledore can do anymore."

"Yes, I know Harry," Remus replied, moving his hand in comforting circles on the boy's back, "We're free."

Harry pulled away and grinned brightly. He saw his father and papa, stand beside each other near the door, no doubt watching the interaction between Harry and his dad. He motioned for them to come over.

Severus walked to where his son stood, embracing his father as though the man was his final lifeline. He was shocked when Harry moved to give him a tight hug also. It was all he could do to hug the boy back.

He watched as Harry hugged Sirius. The older man lifted the boy off the floor easily into a strong hug and then whispering something to him. The younger boy's face fell slightly, but brightened almost instantly.

"I can't believe it," Harry mumbled.

"It was for you guys," Sirius replied.

"What are you two talking about?" Severus questioned. He wasn't sure if he wanted his son and mischievous husband whispering to one another.

"Nothing," Harry replied instantly with a too innocent look on his face.

Draco watched the interaction between Harry and his parents with a smile on his face. He could feel his father's presence long before the hand landed on his shoulder, "Hello father." He looked up at his fathers face as the man nodded in response.

"Welcome back to the land of the living, Harry," the elder Malfoy stated.

Harry spun around quickly, smiling at the sight of his boyfriend and his boyfriend's father, "Thank you sir."

Later on in the day, Draco could tell that Harry was back to his normal self. The boy pulled him into the hall way and gave him a passionate kiss, which left both of them breathless.

"What was that for?" Draco questioned, his hands still in Harry's hair.

"Do I need an excuse to kiss my boyfriend?"

"Nope," Draco whispered huskily, moving his head to catch Harry's lips. He wasn't shocked when his boyfriend's hands moved from their position on his hips into his back pockets, pulling the two of them closer.

A polite cough interrupted them a few minutes later, and both boys turned to see the senior Malfoy watching them with amused eyes.

Harry quickly extracted his hands from Draco's pockets, "Sir," he acknowledged with an inclination of his head.

"Draco I do believe that now would be a good time for you and Harry to go asked Remus about you receiving that telepathic message from his son."

Harry looked at Draco in shock. He wasn't aware of this, "What are you talking about?"

"Draco received a message from you when you were getting angry and more distressed at Voldemort," Lucius explained, "Now, if you two would like to go first."

Remus was shocked to say the least, "It's your werewolf parts attaching to who is your soul mate."

"Soul mate?" Harry repeated, questioningly.

"Of sorts. Draco is the perfect match for your werewolf," Remus clarified. "What I'm trying to say is that Draco is pleasing for both sides of you, the werewolf and the human. Because of the closeness that you two share, it called out to Draco's soul when you were in trouble. This is why Draco was able to hear your thoughts. I believe that if you two were fully bonded, we'd have been able to find Harry within minutes."

"Oh," came the stunned voices of both boys.

"I'll leave you two alone to talk about it," Remus replied walking out of the study and into the living room, "I can't believe that you three left me to that alone!"

"Better you than us!" Sirius sing-a-song'd.

"You'll be thinking that later on," Remus replied, muttering.

Severus moved and pulling his husband into a hug, which the were relaxed into, "Just one question love."

"And what is it?"

"Will we be worrying about mini Harry and Dracos running around?"

"You go talk to them about that," Remus said, extracting himself from the comforting arms to pout on the couch.

Harry took another breath before turning to face his boyfriend, "I'm sorry," he whispered.

"What for?" Draco replied, pulling him into a tight embrace.

"I'm bound to you now," Harry muttered, looking anywhere but at Draco's face.

The blonde forced the other boys face up and stared into his eyes, "I love you Harry. Nothing will change that. Ever."

Harry smiled at the other boy before smashing their lip together once again.

When Sirius walked into the study, being the only one of the four adult men, willing to explain about the protection cautions the two boys needed to go through, he couldn't find them. He looked around one more time before walking to Harry's room.

Knocking on the door lightly, there was no response. He knocked harder and still got the same answer. He turned the doorknob, and was shocked when it didn't turn. He tried it the other way, just making sure, with the same results.

Slightly panicked, he pulled out his wand, and with a quiet, "Alohomora," was granted access to his son's room.

The sight he was greeted with was one that should have shocked him. He could see his son and his son's boyfriend plainly in sight. The blonde had his head resting on Harry's chest, while Harry's arms were holding the other boy close. The rise and fall of their chests alerted him that they were sleeping. There was a sheet that kept the boys modesty from Sirius's eyes.

Looking around the room, he noticed clothes in the oddest of places, but didn't think anything of it. He backed quietly out of the room.

At the door, as he was pulling it closed, he chanced another glance at the two sleeping boys, and saw Harry's hand slipping underneath the blanket and no doubt grabbing the blonde's butt.

Severus watched as Sirius hurried to shut the door and turned to walk back to the living room. He noted the wide eyes of one of his husbands, "What's wrong?"

"I won't be having to give them that talk," was Sirius' only reply before pulling the other many towards the living room.

Severus allowed himself to be pulled as the let the meaning of that statement set in.

"You mean to tell me that they were-"

"Yes," Sirius replied.

"In there?"



"Must I repeat myself?"

They had reached the living room and Remus' looked up at them, "How'd it go?

"Well, it didn't go anywhere. Our son and his boyfriend were asleep-" Sirius explained.

"Oh, you can tell them later then," Remus stated.


"They sleep together all the time."


Remus didn't say anything. He looked to Severus for confirmation, and received a nod, "Oh," he stated simply.

"Yeah," Severus replied.

The three men were shocked to hear laughter coming from Lucius. The senior Malfoy was holding his sides, "One would think that three grown men, whom I am well aware have a very healthy, active love life, would be able to accept that their son would well have one also."

"Did they have one that your manor in France?" Severus questioned.

"Not that I heard of. Yet well all know that both Draco and Harry have some of the best silencing spells," he replied with a smile. Just as he was about to go on he saw the subjects of their conversation, "Ah, there you two are."

"Father," Draco stated formally. His arm was around Harry's waist.

"Mr. Malfoy," Harry replied. His arm was obviously behind Draco's back, but his fingers didn't show on the other side. It was only comment sense that his hand was in Draco's back pocket once more.

"None of that 'Mr. Malfoy'. You may call me Lucius, as I have told you to countless times."

Harry just nodded before turning to his own parents, "What were you guys talking about?"

At the question Remus turned bright red, Severus choked, and Sirius just hid his head.

"I do believe what they are saying is that they are well aware that you two engaged in certain acts."

Harry wasn't surprised at the bluntness of the elder Malfoy's statement. Yet he blushed slightly, "Which one of you walked in? I heard someone…"

Sirius lifted his head, "Me."

"Ah," Harry replied. He grinned brightly, "I grabbed his bum just for ya."

Draco laughed before playfully jerking away from his boyfriend, "Now you explain it. And here I was thinking that it was because you wanted another go at it."

Harry beamed at his boyfriend, but could see his papa moving from the corner of his eye. He moved quickly out of the way, and ran towards the hallway with the older man hot on his trail, "I'll get you! Don't forget this is was I did for a living."

Severus and Remus both laughed loudly, watching the two running. Harry's more slender form was making it hard for the other man to catch him. But the older man didn't give up.

Remus got up to answer the door, being the only one that heard the doorbell. He was surprised to see Narcissa and Alissa.

"I thought you weren't coming until tomorrow?" Remus questioned, opening the door wider to allow the two access to the house.

"Change of plans," Narcissa said simply, "How are you?"

"Good. Harry's awake now. He's running from Sirius at the moment."

"Sirius? He's here?"

"I thought Lucius had told you?"

"I was planning on it tonight," the man stated, pulling his wife close. He kissed hi lightly on the lips before turning to his daughter. He lifted the small girl easily, "You ready to see your brother and Harry?"

"Yes," she replied, excited. Her father stood her back on the floor and pushed her towards the living room. She led the way, and laughed at the chaos, "Harry! Draco!"

Everyone looked over at the small girl, and Harry quickly picked her up and spun her around, "Look at you! Have you grown since I last saw you?"

"No silly, I haven't!" she replied, hugging the boy, "Are you all better now?"

"Of course I am."

"I'm so happy that you are getting along with my boyfriend, Alissa, but maybe you should greet me also?" Draco stated from where he stood, close to the two of them.

"Draco!" she replied, almost jumping from Harry's arms and into her brothers, "I've missed you two."

"We've both missed you also," Draco replied for the two of them, "Would you like to go outside and play some Quidditch?"

"Yes!" Alissa replied, more excited then before.

"Let's got and get some brooms," Draco replied.

"I'll be there in just a bit," Harry stated. He turned to his father, "I don't believe that I'm going to want to change rooms now. Mine now hold a new sentimental value to me."

"I didn't figure you would," Severus replied.

Harry nodded to the adults in the room before hurrying to catch up with his boyfriend and the young girl.

"I sometimes forget that he and Draco are still children," Narcissa stated.

"Those two are anything but children," Lucius replied.

"Harry still is and always will be our child," Remus informed them.

Sirius smiled slightly when his cousin saw him. "Life has been good to you 'Cissa," he stated.

"And anything but good to you for the past years, Sirius," she replied.

"Let's go into the kitchen and get some tea. We should talk," Sirius stated, moving towards the kitchen.

"Tea sounds wonderful." She, too, moved towards the kitchen.

Remus stretched out, and lay back on Severus. The Potions Master moved so that his husband could lean on his chest. He looked up when Lucius moved.

"I'm going to go out and watch them play," Lucius stated quietly.

Severus nodded and turned his attention to the were, "Are you tired?"

"When have I not been tired since Harry was born?" came the questioning reply.

"Never. But we, Sirius and I, intend to chance that. Get some rest," Severus stated.

"I will, but I've got something I have to tell you first," Remus declared. At Severus' nod he continued, "When Harry and I moved in with you and I never told you why, I'm sorry about that."

He waved off the protest from the other man, "Dumbledore was threatening to take Harry away from me. He said that I didn't have a steady enough income and that having only one parent, a werewolf at that, wasn't good for him. I had to make it safe for him and I couldn't let Dumbledore take him away."

"I didn't know," Severus whispered, he tightened his hold on his husband, "I would have done anything to stop it, had I."

"I know. I'm sorry I didn't tell you before. I just couldn't bring myself to it. Dumbledore was one of the only people you ever trusted, and I knew that it would be hard for you to know what he was doing."

"Why would he do that? What did he want form Harry?"

"He wanted Harry to defeat Voldemort. He's the only one able to."

"We have on amazing son on our hands," Severus whispered. He looked up to see Sirius standing in the doorway, watching them. He motioned the other man over and leaned forward, to where there was room for him to sit down.

"Yes," Sirius confirmed, settling his husbands' weight against him, "We do." He moved one hand to rest on Remus, but kept the other on Severus. A smile settled on his lips, he was defiantly home.