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"Dammit, Suze. Am I never safe when I'm near you?" Paul groaned a little as he swivelled round and sat up, rubbing his back.

"Maybe if you stopped sneaking up on me..." I grumbled, stretching out my arm to help Paul up. He took my hand and gripped it – a little than necessary I thought – and I yanked him up. Turns out I used a little too much force than necessary as well. Either that, or Paul couldn't resist my new Joy perfume. Because the next thing I know, Paul's body is leaning into mine, and mine into his, and our hands are still firmly locked together, and trapped between our two bodies.

I could feel his heart beating a slow, hypnotic beat as mine raced.

I looked up sharply at his face and found him gazing at our hands. Then he lifted his eyes to mine. They were dark with desire. I swallowed. Hard.

"Um, sorry about that. Didn't mean to...to throw you onto me. I mean, over me! You know us strong women, can't control ourselves sometimes – I mean, can't control our strength! And you did kinda scare me, sneaking up behind. Most guys prefer to be in front. When they're approaching me!"

Oh God. Could I have spoken a more insinuating, suggestive speech in my life? There were more innuendos in there than in a late-night movie.

Paul's eyes remained dark, but behind that dark lay something I did not want brought alive. I tried to pull my hand subtly from his grip, and failed. His long fingers gripped even tighter.

I winced knowing I was probably just encouraging him. God help me.

He brought a hand to the side my face and toyed with a curl of my hair, looking at it as if it were a thread of gold.

"You and I are so alike, Suze. We have a way of making people do what we want," his voice was soft and his eyes focused on mine, homing in like a missile. "When we want." His hand tightened on my hair. You can't feel through hair, Suze, I kept telling myself.

Then why did a shower of ice crystals rain down my spine when he tightened his grip? Why did I shiver, even with all his warmth pressed so obtrusively against me?

"Wha-" I coughed to make my voice stronger. "What do you mean?"

"You seemed to handle Louisa pretty well. Up here, I mean." A grin broke across his brooding features. "Not that you didn't in your room." I felt a tinge brush against my cheeks and Paul's eyebrow rose as his grin grew.

"I didn't know you were watching." I hadn't seen him, and Louisa had made no indication that she had seen him.

"Well I was. The endless corridor can be deceiving, sometimes." Cryptic Paul was beginning to freak me out. I knew he was trying to get me to ask him questions, so he could trick me into more lessons with him. But I wouldn't let him win.

"Hmm," I agreed, nodding my head as if he'd just told me the sky was blue. "Totally."

Paul stepped closer towards me and I felt a cold sweat break out along my spine.

"I have to go now Paul. And so do you. What would my mum say if she came into my room and found our bodies unconscious?" I flickered my eyes across the expanse of fog and doors and darkness, anything to avoid those demon eyes.

But when Paul's grip moved from my hair to my chin, cupping it and tilting my head up to his, I had no choice but to lose myself in those piercing blue eyes. Their usual azure-ice color had darkened like Louisa's had. But his weren't cold, like hers. Oh no no no. They weren't cold at all.

They were housing fire. A hot, raging fire that I knew would spread through his body. His eyes were sapphire color, and they seemed to beautiful I almost got lost in them.


I quickly jerked my eyes to the side, settling on looking his temple. Then the roamed the rest of his face. Across his cheekbones, down his Roman nose, zig-zagging across his lips. Then scooping up his chin and powerful jaw bone. Slowly drifting down his neck, down his pulse-line.

Oh God, what was I doing! My eyes shot back to his, and then back to his chin, once I saw the fire growing behind his pupils.

"Your mother won't worry when she finds us unconscious, Suze. I think she'd much rather leave us be." I frowned and stared up at him.

"Wha-" But before I could finish my question, I was being affronted with blackness and a dull throb by my temples.

I really wish people would ask my permission before transporting me back to hangover-land. There should be a law or something.

Yeah, Suze. Could the dead and Paul are really gonna listen to some poncey rules.

I slowly lifted my eyelids up and my eyes began to focus.

I snapped them shut. It was just a dream. I was just a dream. It had to be just a dream. No way was I lying on top of Paul Slater, my legs straddling his waist and my lips locked between his.

No way was his hand on the small of my back and on my waist. No way were my hands pressed against his chest and under his shirt, resting on his waist.

No way no way no way.

I tentatively opened one eye.

"Morning, honey. Sleep well?" I could feel his grin as I slammed my eyelid shut.

Then I opened them in wonder, wincing briefly as the light poured into my brain through my eyes.

"Wait a minute. How did you manage to get me up, onto the bed, on top of you, and positioned like...this?"

You had to marvel the guy, really. He worked hard at his work. Shame his work seemed to consist of torturing me.

"Ha, I'm a determined man, Suze. I'll do anything to get what I want. And right now, and since the moment I laid eyes on you, and probably for the rest of my life, I want you."

Aw, how cute.


I purposefully slid my hands from my positions on his body, but I could still feel the tingle of his warmth, the hardness of his muscle, the softness of his skin. I was disturbed at the little dip my stomach did when I lost the surprisingly large amount of warmth his body in my hands gave me.

I was just relieved to get off him. That was it. That's the reason.

Yeah, and I can lick my elbows.

I started to lift myself of Paul, but his hands gripped my waist. The sense of déjà vu just keeps getting stronger and stronger.

"Paul, the way to a woman's heart is not by forcing yourself on her," I said dryly, crossing my arms across my chest.

"Good thing you're not a woman, then." I was so shocked by what he said I almost missed his playful grin and sparkling eyes.

"Paul!" I gasped and thumped him playfully on the shoulder. Playfully? Me?

Paul chuckled and I felt the vibrations all the up my spine. "See! You ain't no woman. You're a...you're a..." He seemed stuck on the words so I helped him out.

"Babe?" Paul leaned up to a half sitting position and his grin grew. What was this guy not doing on a billboard?

"You're a Suze." He said finally. Then leaned close to my ear and whispered, "But I think that pretty much covers babe, doesn't it?" I sat rigid and recollected myself.

This was not a time to be getting playful! Especially not on Paul's lap. I wanted to go to heaven, okay? Not become Satan's sex monkey.

"I think you should let me go now, Paul," I said calmly. I looked him in the eye and saw the heat fading. We sat in silence, and then he heaved a sigh. And let me go.

I was so surprised I practically rolled off him onto the floor. Oh yeah, dignity is so my middle name.

I coughed lightly and muttered, "Thank you, Paul. You may go now." Paul smirked a little and placed a hand on my arm. Goosebumps shot across my skin as if someone were sticking a thousand pins up from underneath it.

"See ya, Suze," he whispered. And then walked out of my room. A few moments later I heard his car revving and his tyres skidding as he rode off into the sunset. Very much unlike the prince we all read about in fairytales.

I heard some steps approaching up the stairs and to my room. There was a quick, gentle knock on my door. I flopped onto my bed and groaned into my pillow.

It smelt of Paul.

No sweet dreams for me tonight.

"Come in," I said.

It was my mom.

She hopped lightly from foot to foot. She was practically buzzing with barely contained excitement. She was wringing her hands together and gazing at me hopefully. I lifted my head fully off my pillow and twizzled round on my side to look up at her properly.

"Was that a...a..." I raised my eyebrow in suspense. Mom took a calming breath and did some Tai Chi movements with her hands. "A boy leaving your room?"

Uh oh.

"Well, yeah it was, mom. But here's the thing..."

"Oh Suze! That is just great! I mean, I saw the car and I asked Brad about it and he said that the young man Paul was here," she said her name as if Paul were Elvis. "Of course I assumed he was here with Brad," she continued. I took a moment to be mortally offended, "but when he said that Paul was in your room," insert suggestive wiggle of eyebrows, "well, I just got so excited."

I raised my eyebrows. How come when I had a guy round, mom was the one getting excited, and not me?

"Obviously I didn't want to intrude and...interrupt." More eyebrow waggling. I guess I couldn't really blame her for getting so keyed up. I mean, boys in my bedroom are about as rare as an entertaining commercial.

"Mom, nothing happened," I stared at her intently, eyebrows raised, and voice level and flat. Was hoping maybe I could convince her through my powers of telepathy that nothing really had happened.

Guess I shouldn't count on it for a living.

"Of course, Suze. Of course." More eyebrow waggling. I began to feel sick.

"No, seriously, mom. Nothing happened. I didn't even want Paul in my room. We were just talking about...about trigonometry. He's really smart you see. And funny. So he can make learning fun!" A large smile appeared on my face. My cheeks began to hurt with the effort.

"Smart?" I nodded at my mom. "Funny?" More vigorous nods. She was beginning to believe me. "Sexy?" I nodded even harder.

"Exactly! So you see..." I trailed off as I realized what she had done. What I had done. Mom thought when I described Paul as smart and funny...I was complimenting him!

And then the witch had tricked me! Tricked me into saying he was sexy! I am officially the daughter of a witch.

But, come on. It's not like I could've denied his exuding sex appeal. My mom has eyes. And taste. And she can tell when I'm lying.

I rubbed my hands in my face in defeat. "Fine. Fine! Paul is cute. There. Happy now? But nothing happened. And nothing ever will. Ever. Ever."

Mom tutted and said, "Sure, Susie." And then walked out of my room. Not fast enough so I couldn't see the grin tugging at the corner of her lips, though. I growled in frustration.

I pottered around my room restlessly for a while, not really knowing what to do. I had no ghosts to mediate, no Paul to defend my virtues from, and no homework. For the first time in my life, I missed homework. The reason? Having nothing to do left my mind to wander. Wander to places in my mind that I tried to lock behind impenetrable steel doors.

Things like why I cared so much when I thought Paul was choking to death.

I shook my head, trying to dislodge the thoughts. They were stuck there like fresh chewing gum on my new chic black sling-backs.

Could it be I actually cared about the visceral boy? I mean, sure, he was mostly an amoral, one-track-minded groper. But he had his good qualities.

I unconsciously turned my head to stare at my window seat. Jesse's place. Where Paul had recently tried to defile me. I shuddered.

"Not cold are you, querida?"

I span round and found my nose pressed up against a broad, flat chest. Jesse's arms came protectively around me. "Not anymore," I whispered. I looked up at his face and saw a small smile playing on his gorgeous lips.

It was as I gazed up into his unbeatably capturing face that I realised I had nothing to worry about. So what if Paul had some good qualities? Jesse was all good qualities. And nothing would ever extricate that from my mind and heart.

I examined Jesse's face and got stopped almost immediately when I found his eyes.

If eyes are the window to the soul, than Jesse's soul is beautiful.

And it was where I wanted to get lost for the rest of my life.