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"Always Return"

Chapter 1

Over at Lilly High School, everything was normal...

A 16 year old girl with shoulder length hair was slammed into the lockers, her face and blood red with black "low lights" slapping them. Her pale, peach skin seemed to slightly glow from under her dark hair and clothes. She winced in pain, and her reaction to the stinging pain of busting her nose created a few tears.

"Oops, sorry. NO, not really." Another girl's voice said. Her hair being a bright blonde, her eyes a green. A typical stuck-up prep.

"You will be sorry, one of these days..." the 16 year old thought as she moaned in pain. Slowly clasping her right hand over her nose, she walked to the restroom.


// The pain and the tears

The sorrow and fear

I've had too many

And they just keep on coming\\

Turning on the water, large droplets of her blood silently escaped her nostrils and hit the bowl of the sink. She rinsed her hands clean of their stains, then began to work on her mouth and nose. The sounds of a toilet flushing from the few stalls behind her signaled that she wasn't the only one there. Grabbing a paper towel and covering her nose with it, she rinsed the sink clean. Once she was finished, she leaned against it and tried to act calm. Who came out of the stall was a girl who had long, waist length, brown hair.

"Sasha?" the brown haired asked.

Sasha sighed in relief, "Carol. You scared me..."

// Take my hand

Hold it tight

And never let me go

You are the one who can save me

You the one the only

Don't let go\\

"You okay?"

"I just...sneezed on myself...That's all." still holding the paper towel to her nose, she turned to the dispenser and grabbed another one, then quickly switched towels, throwing the other away.

Carol noticed the blood, she gasped and asked her friend the obvious question, "What happened?"

"I'll give you two guesses..."

"Not again...Sasha, why do you do this to yourself?"

"Try again..."

"You mean-"

"Yep, Tiffaney. That sorry excuse for a life did it again." Checking to see if the bleeding had stopped, she lifted the towel away, and smiled, "Finally," and threw away the trash.

Watching her friend, she continued the conversation, "Why don't you fight back? You're in martial arts, you lift weights every morning...Why-"

"I just can't, okay?!" Sasha was shocked at her words when she saw Carol step back, wide eyed. "Carol...I just...always get this feeling inside of me when I get ready to fight back..." She turned to the sink and leaned against it again.

"Oh...I didn't mean to get personal." Carol pulled a few strands of hair from her face and placed them behind her tanned, peach colored ear, "I just want to help you out..."

"I'm just getting frustrated over Tiffaney...I'm the one who should be sorry...for taking it out on you."

A bell rang out in the air all over the school, signaling that lunch was over, and it was time for classes again.


Three hours later, the 3 o'clock bell rang, and the students of Lilly High poured out of the door. Sasha and Carol said their good-byes and walked off toward their homes. But instead of Sasha taking her normal, follow the sidewalks, path, she decided to walk through the forest that she was always so curious about...


A strong smell of pine and other trees filled her nose, but an even stronger smell of dirt covered it. The chirping of small birds to the cry of hawks filled te air. Though she had never been through this forest, she seemed to know exactly where she was going.

A light hum seemed to suddenly fill her ears from in front of her. Sasha the noticed a pink light glow a few yards from the same direction of the humming. She walked hesitantly toward it, her black sleeves and pants getting caught on a few bushes.

Just when she reached down to touch the "m" marking on the panel, a rumbling boom sounded from right behind her, knocking her to her rear.

"I found it! HAHAHA!" A male, robotic voice sounded from above her. It was a little deep, but when he laughed, he sounded like a maniac. "And what's this? I human?"

Sasha turned her head to face the voice's source, and was lifted by a hand wrapped around her body, along with the panel that continued to hum and glow in another mechanical hand. She gasped at his size and wanted so much to scream, but her body only froze at the sight.

The robot's body was colored with tan, a little red, and some green (I think Demolisher has green). His optics were two different sizes, let alone colors of red and green. He smirked at her, most probably planning a way to kill Sasha slowly, or so she thought.

"Demolisher!" A deep voice called from not too far away.

At the robot's reaction, Sasha assumed that that was the thing's name, "Yes, Megatron! Coming, sir!" And the other one must have been Megatron.

Demolisher began to run toward Megatron's voice as he held the red and black haired girl in his fist.


Optimus ran quickly through the forest, looking for Megatron, "Where is he?! I just lost sight of him!"

A round of yellow lasers slapped against the Autobots leader's left side armor. It was Sideways...Optimus aimed and fired his round of red lasers at the attacker. Sideways yelped out in pain as he was hit by a few shots when he tried to dodge. Optimus continued to run as he looked over his fellow Autobots.


Megatron held out his hand and waited for Demolisher to hand him the red minicon panel. "Now, Demolisher!"

"But...sir! You said I could have this one!"

"There has been a change of plans. Now give it to me!"

Demolisher sighed and handed over the panel, "I have a human we can use to get more minicons."

"Oh, really? Show it to me. Awaken, minicon, and serve your master" A violet beam of light come from his horns and surged through the panel that was between his thumb and index fingers. And a green and blue minicon awoke in his hand.

It looked as though it could transform into a pickup truck.

"I will call you...Carry On." Megatron smirked, "Now, about that human..."

Demolisher held out his palm to reveal Sasha. She was hugging her knees to her chest, and stared up to Megatron with her eyes so full of fright.

"Let's go find Optimus," Megatron smiled evilly.


Laserbeak swooped high above the forest, his lens turned, trying to focus on the view. Soon, it saw Megatron and Demolisher, both running toward the battle scene.


"Look!" Rad pointed to the computer screen toward Demolisher, "Is that a minicon?"

"Doesn't look like it." Carlos stared closer.

Alexis told Laserbeak to zoom in closer. When it did, the three kids gasped.

"It's a girl!" Carlos pointed to the screen, "Oh man! How did the Decepticons get 'er?!"

"They were pretty close to school. They must have seen her and are going to use her to trade for the minicons!" Alexis explained. "Laserbeak! Go find Optimus!"

Turning its attention away from the Decepticons, Laserbeak flew in the same direction as them, go as fast as possible. It swooped down and past Optimus' face, trying to stop him from running toward danger.

"What is it, Laserbeak?" The Matrix barer stopped in his tracks.

"Optimus!" came Alexis' voice, "Megatron and Demolisher have a-" Laserbeak exploded from being hit by one of Megatron's red lasers.

"Gah! No!" Optimus reached down and caught Laserbeak in his palm.

The Decepticon leader laughed evilly in front of Optimus, "Oh, Prime, you torture me with your sympathy!" He stopped laughing and stared the now standing Optimus down. "We have the minicon. This battle is over!" and shot a long round of his lasers.

Demolisher stood there a watched with no expression upon his face. He continued to lightly grip Sasha in his fist.

The human's hazel brown eyes watched in awe as Optimus yelled out in pain.

The sound of a helicopter came to her ears. Breaking her attention from the Autobot leader, she looked up and saw the chopper. It laughed with an even more worse, maniac like sound.

"Yeah! Get 'im, Megatron! Woo hoo!" The chopper yelled with excitement. "Transform!" and it fell to the ground after turning into a form that made him look more like a human.

"Cyclonus," Demolisher called, "take a look at what I found." And he opened his palm to show the one known as Cyclonus the stiffened Sasha. "You did say that you've always wanted one."

"A pet human! All right, Demolisher!" Cyclonus gently snatched Sasha from the other 'con's hand, "I will call you...ummm...Slash! Your name is Slash!"

"It's Sasha!" she wriggled in the chopper's fist.

"Well, you're now known as Slash."

"......" Sasha stared daggers into his optics, "Whatever..." she mumbled.

"Decepticons! Back to the base!" Megatron commanded and warped away.

Optimus lay on the ground, moaning in pain as the other Autobots came running and Cyclonus and Demolisher warped with Megatron.


"Is Optimus gonna be okay?" Carlos watched Red Alert through the window, Rad and Alexis on either side of him.

"He took a pretty big bang, Carlos," Smokescreen explained, "but he'll make it," and smiled.

Carlos only released a confused sigh and returned to watching Red Alert. "He HAS taken a bigger beating. I guess all we can do is wait...Like always."


Here is what I do when I have free time in class at school! ^*^ Have fun!

Date written: 1/6/04

Title: Algebra Boredom

*sigh* Explain for 20 minutes, explain for 30 minutes. Then....work. *sighs* Like doing the work is going to help me understand how to work this stuff....IF I CAN'T EVEN PAY ATTENTION TO THE EXPLANATIONS!! AHHHHHHHH!!!! *sigh...yet again* Oh the agony...I mean, the guy sound like a cow even if he yells! so...I daydream for the whole hour until we DO somethine!

This is what goes through my head sometimes:

"I love crack! I'm coo-coo for crack!"

*rolls eyes* When will the torture end!? Sometimes...I think my imagination is just TOO strong. But...then, I think: "What am i saying?! If it wasn't THIS strong, I'd go SO crazy, I'd be talking to air molecules out loud! *shivers at the thought*

Honesah: And so, he reads what i write from over my shoulder. I'm talking about Heerown.

Heerown: Was wondering if you would notice.

Honesah: *glares* Don't make me mad...

Heerown: What cha gonna do? You can't- Stop that!

Honesah: Stop what?

Heerown: That!

Honesah: What?

Heerown: Writing what I say!

Honesah: But then, how is everyone going to know what's going on in here?

Heerown: In where?

Honesah: The room you pervert...

Heerown: Oh.

Honesah: If you don't want me to write what you're saying-

Heerown: yeah, yeah. Go away.

Honesah: *waves* Then bye!

Heerown: *walks off*

*sigh* Well, it was fun while it lasted...*fidgets thumbs* Can't think...SO I'LL SING!! ^*^ Mary had-gently down -the hill-Jill came tumbling after. *shrugs* III ammm the Iron Man! Any more I say wil offend some people! ^*^ Cute. Jingle bells- Wait, that's too late of a seasonal song...darn! Okay! I'll tell a story!

Once upon a YEAR, there was this kid, okay? And he had a spear. So he ran up to this nice old woman. Follow me? And she said, "There's a boy who's going to become a man. Want some cookies?"

The boy said as he held up his spear, "Yeah, I want some! Now give 'em to me before I poke off your head, you old fart!"

The old woman ran inside her house and brought back some cookies. "Here you are."

The boy snatched the cookies and gobbled them down. "Thanks, fart bag." Then he poked off the woman's head.

She fell backward and began to twitch as blood sprayed from her neck.

"Mwhahahahahahahaha! Fear me! For I am the cookie eating head poker offer!!"


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