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Hello there people! I hope to see some familiar faces around because this here is my follow up sequel to "Little Wolf." This starts at the Hengehill graduation and follows Harry & Cara into the next stage of their lives. I hope you will all enjoy this is as much as its predecessor.


Chapter 1 – Graduation

Coughing nervously Harry pulled at the collar of his deep purple graduation robes. Craning his neck to look around the heads in front of him he spotted a mass of blonde hair three rows in front of him. Relaxing a little he leant back into his chair as the Principal continued to give out the graduation certificates.

"Faolan, Cara."

Looking up he watched as the blonde-haired man made his way to the large podium with applause and whistles in his wake. Looking behind him Harry smirked as he watched the redheaded Weasley family gave a standing ovation and Remus Lupin placed two fingers in his mouth to give a sharp whistle.

Turning back to the front he saw Cara giving them a blushing grin before shaking hands with the Principal and took his certificate in his other hand.

The light-haired male looked over at Harry where the darker male blew him a kiss with a flamboyant movement of his hand. Laughing, Cara walked off the stage to join the others who had already received their Auror degrees.

Another half an hour passed until finally...

"Potter, Harry."

Standing he made his way past the other seated students, smiling widely at the loud cheers behind him. He quickly made his way up the podium steps three at a time until he was standing in front of the small Principal who beamed.

"Congratulations." The woman said as he shook her hand and received his degree certificate. The loud applause continued even as he made his way over to the graduated student's chairs and chuckled lightly as he heard Rubeus Hagrid's booming voice.

"I told yer didn' I? I told yer e'd be a thumpin' good wizard!"

Laughing he swiftly moved into the chair beside Cara that the blonde had saved. Giving him a quick kiss on the cheek the werewolf sniggered into his ear.

"I think Hagrids already found the booze."


The ex-students of Professor Mirna's Auror class were stood on the dance floor with one arm each around the person stood next to time as they all jumped up and down to the loud music coming from the band on the stage.

They laughed loudly as they all sang at the top of their lungs.






Cara had one arm around his boyfriend Harry and the other around his friend Susan Bones as he laughed with the rest of them. A coloured man known to the group as 'Red' began to air guitar in the middle making them all laugh harder.

Grabbing the werewolf's hand Harry pulled Cara over to the bar where drinks were being served on the house in honour of the Graduates.

"Are you having fun?" He asked as he handed the blonde a 'Purple Rain' cocktail and sipped a Double Vodka.

"Yes, you were right, this is fun." Leaning on tiptoe Cara kissed his boyfriend on the lips, instantly catching a taste of the alcohol the animagi had swirled in his mouth.

Harry and Cara had been steadily dating now for almost three years, falling more and more in love as the days passed. Both their family and the wider community knew about the relationship.

They had performed the final rituals of Werewolf/mate bonds which included both drinking from a chalice that included a prick of blood from each of them and making love on Lupercalia, the night a werewolf selects their lifelong mate.

Remus had been more then willing to help them research all the different methods of bonding and even managed to recall a few things he and Sirius had done with a smile on his face.

Currently though Cara continued to kiss Harry with a fiery passion, almost spilling his drink but catching it before he spilt it.

"Oi! You two! Have your own party later, we're getting drunk over here!" Susan called as the two chuckled whilst making their way back to the group.


"Ugh, I think I'm considerably drunk." Cara said as he collapsed on the bed of the hotel room they'd booked for the night.

"Trust you to still know big words when you're pissed." Harry said as he closed the door before trying to make his slightly swayed way to the double bed. He tripped over one of Cara's shoes causing the werewolf to throw his head back and laugh loudly.

"You silly arse!" He laughed until it became a surprised yell when the animagi leapt onto him. Hysterically laughing the two wrestled for the top until they ran out of bed and landed on the floor. This only sent them into more fits.

"It's official, we're hammered." Harry said as he pinned Cara to the floor with a wicked smirk and the two kissed feverntly.


"Hello boys!" Mrs Weasley said as Harry and Cara came through the threshold, each hugging the woman tightly.

"Hello Mrs Weasley, Thanks for having us again." The blonde smiled at the kindly woman as she welcomed the two.

"Oh it's no bother, really. How was the party last night?" She said vaguely as she walked back through to the kitchen, missing both their blushes.

Having now left the University the two men no longer had dorm rooms. Mrs Weasley had kindly said that they could stay with her until they could find a place of their own and wouldn't take no for an answer. The two lovers felt uncomfortable taking up all her time and so they'd cut a deal with her; they'd live the first week with her but then they'd take up Ron's offer of his flat afterwards.

"Er, it was...eventful..." Harry stammered.

"And tiring," Cara added, "But definitely one of my best."

The animagi looked proud of himself as he mouthed 'Really?' suggestively as Mrs Weasley at the same time called "Well I'm glad you had a fun time."

"You have no idea." The raven-haired male muttered causing the werewolf to blush and slap his arm lightly.

"Well why don't you boys take your things upstairs and I'll dish up lunch."

"Ok, good idea." Taking Cara's hand Harry lead the way upstairs to the guestroom that used to be the twin's room. They tucked their bags under the bed and before he could make his way downstairs Cara pulled the animagi back to kiss him lingeringly on the lips. The darker man responded with a moan deep from his throat as he pushed the blonde against the door lightly.

"The best you say?" He whispered intimately into the sensitive werewolf's ear.

"Lets see if I can top that shall we?" This caused Cara to blush and struggle with a smile.

"Mrs Weasley's downstairs." He whispered back as he wiggled again.

"Then we'll be quiet." The darker male muttered against the blonde's neck causing Cara to close his eyes and try to forget the night before. What Harry didn't notice was the blonde slipping his hand behind his own back to turn the doorknob.

"But we must behave." Grinning, the werewolf quickly opened the door, bracing his back against it so that he swung with it and Harry fell forwards with a yell of shock. He landed on the floor with a resounding thud and Cara's laughter filled the corridor.

"Are you boys ok up there?" Molly called up the stairs.

"Ughhhh." Harry groaned into the floor as Cara crouched down beside him still laughing lightly and helped him up.

"We're fine Ma'am, Harry tripped over a shoe." The blonde called down the stairs then turned back to his mate who was scowling at him. He bit his lip as he grinned.

"Going out with Harry Potter has made me very resourceful." He said as the animagi leant back onto his hunches.

"You'll find that the shoe thing was yesterday." Cara bit his lip more to keep from laughing.

"Exactly, which means it's plausible."

Standing quickly he dodged his mate's swipe to grab him and the two ran down the stairs laughing like kids.


"What about this one?" Cara held up the newspaper with the various pictures of houses and flats.

Scanning it Harry shook his head.

"It's about a thousand galleons more then we planned, we don't have that kind of money to spend if we're still buying furniture and stuff."

Sighing, the blonde drew a red cross over the picture then read the next article.

They had been doing this for a long time now, months in fact as they had started looking whilst they were still in University.

"Oh, there's one here for London! That'll b useful for if you get this job next week." Standing from his chair Cara came round to the animagi's side of the table where the dark-haired male pulled him into his lap.

The flat was a medium sized one with two bedrooms, a kitchen that was jointed with a small living room and had two bathrooms. It boasted a scenic view onto Hyde Park and was in close distance to the Ministry for Harry's benefit.

"We could change the spare room into a guest room and we never really said about a lot of space." Harry looked at his lover as the blonde toyed with his raven hair nervously, obviously liking this room but frightened off Harry not agreeing. Smirking, the animagi kissed Cara deeply causing the werewolf to arch into him.

"It's perfect; I'll write to the company and ask for a showroom visit."

The blonde looked at him shocked before hugging him tightly. The darker male laughed as he hugged the arms around his neck.

Pulling back Cara smiled at his mate lovingly.

"We're really doing it, we're getting a home of our own?" He asked quietly.

"Yes...We're getting a flat."

The werewolf kissed his mate passionately again.