Drunk- Chapter Two of Blue and Red

A/N: I recently got a pretty good review from a guy named Brian on this story (written a while back as a sick, twisted one shot for all the perverts out there) and I've since decided to do two more chapters…this one and another one set directly after the third movie (ugh).

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Warning: Hard R (just clean enough to be artistic and fall within FF.N's stupid no NC-17 rule) Contains very sexual situations, cursing, and a naked Halle Berry

Set between X2 and Last Stand but after Blue and Red

Logan had never really been drunk before. He'd been tipsy, intoxicated, even a little ripped. But his healing factor had always managed to prevent him from actually getting drunk. So the fact that after consuming his usual twelve beers he was now as drunk as any normal man might've been should've somehow alarmed him. But he didn't care anymore.

Nothing mattered without Jean.

The man called Wolverine had fallen into a downward spiral ever since Alkali Lake. Although none of his fellow X-Men blamed him much. In one day Logan had lost his identity, the last link to his past, and the woman he loved. Heavy drinking was a logical conclusion to a bad experience. So at around 1:30 at night, he stumbled into the house on Greymalkin, stone cold drunk. He almost walked through the door of the wrong room, almost walked into HER room. But part of his inebriated brain could still process the idea that she wouldn't been in that room when he got there so he just kept walking to his room.

He'd just sat down on his bed undressed down to his boxers when her heard a familiar voice calling his name in the doorway. It was Storm, looking up at him with those dark eyes of her. She cut her hair last week and died it that funny gray color even though he never noticed before, he thought it looked wonderful. "You need something?" Logan tried to make it sound tough but it just came out as painfully sad.

"I asked if you were okay." She walked into the room and closed the door behind her. "Are you?"

Wolverine knew he should've just spilled it all right then and there but he couldn't, it was too painful. Taking a deep breath, he tried to keep her at arms length. "Fuck off."

He watched her shake her head and walk towards him. The door was closed, no where to run to. "Let it out Logan, just tell me what's bothering you." She was there on the bed next to him, patting him on the shoulder like he was a small child. He hated it. Hated how weak he felt and at the same time how good it made him feel. He wasn't supposed to feel good, damn it. He was supposed to be in mourning.

"Just get away. Leave me alone."

Her eyes flared in anger and Logan was touched by the genuine hurt in her eyes. "She was my friend too, damn you!" There was a stinging sensation as her hand raked across his face.

"I'm sorry."

"You should be." Her voice shook and he saw her shoulders dropped, "I knew her longer then you, she was my best friend in the world, I loved her like a sister."

By the time she got to the word "loved", Logan felt like dog shit and that was more then he could bear. "I'm just…sorry."

He tried to stop the words but found he couldn't, his out pouring was almost automatic now. As much as he hated to admit it, he need to talk to some one. "I loved her, I really did." He shook his head like it was going to take away the heavy empty feeling in his soul. "It wasn't lust, it really was love. I loved her and now…" He trailed off like he couldn't go on but something kept him going. "…now she's gone. Gone foreve-"

Logan's sentence was cut short by the sudden pressure of her mouth covering his. His eyes went wide with fear and surprise as he felt Storm's tongue parting his lips and plunging between his teeth. It felt like an electric current was running through him. A sparking, blistering charge of energy that raged through every synapse and sinew of his mutant body. Wolverine was more the turned on.

It was all too much; his animal senses could smell her need for him as easily as spring flowers. With a single push of his hands he threw her off him and turned away from her. "Jesus, we can't do this!"

"Why not?" Storm said, he could feel her eyes roaming over his backside, "You need to feel better Logan." Her hands massaged his shoulders and through his hair. He shut his eyes in an attempt to shut her out. "I need to feel better to." The feel of her hands felt like heaven.

"Storm…Ororo...Please don't."

He heard the sound of her silk robe dropping from her shoulders to the floor. It was true that some times Logan was more animal then man and with the alcohol weakening what few human inhibitions he had to begin with, he didn't trust himself to turn around. If he saw her, if could see what she was offering, Logan wasn't sure he could stop himself.

"Logan." She whispered, but he still couldn't face her. "Look at me Logan." He turned and saw that Storm was just as beautiful naked as he knew she would be. And it killed him. This was his friend, a woman he came to think of almost like a sister. No matter how much pain they were both in he couldn't take advantage of her.

"Please Logan…"

Her naked body almost seemed to glow in the moonlight that poured in through the nearby window. It was finally all too much for both of them and with one sweep of his arms he was holding her against him. Logan pressed his lips against her and tasted Storm's sweet skin all over again. Something snapped inside of both of them and they were suddenly tearing at each other like crazed animals. They fell back across the bed, Logan felt her hands removing his boxers and letting them drop to the floor.

With a soft moan of encouragement from Storm and single powerful thrust of his hips, Wolverine was suddenly sheathed in her warmth. Movement followed, as well as the satisfying slap of skin colliding with skin. It was heaven for both of them and the pleasure surged through every synapse and nerve ending.

It was all too much for Logan. The feel of her body tightening around him, the heady smell of her sex covering his own musk, even the soft cries female cries of pleasure coming from the bed below. He couldn't take it any longer as it assaulted his senses and turned his brain inside out with ecstasy.

Logan sunk his claws into the head board and the wall beyond as he announced his climax to the world with a loud roar. Stars exploded behind his eyes and the only thing he could hear was the beating of his lover's heart. He didn't come to his senses until he felt her soft hand reach up to caress his face. "Oh Logan." She gasped breathlessly in the strong, sharp accent of the African Plains, "Oh Logan, that was wonderful…kiss me."

He collapsed on top of her and some how his mouth clumsily closed over her own. He could taste the sweet salt of her sweat. Logan felt Strom's arms wrap around him like a nursing mother, pressing him to every inch of her honey brown skin. They stayed like that until sleep overcame them and their eyes could stay open no longer.

The next morning, Logan awoke to the sound of the shower running in his bathroom and the sinking feeling that he was going to have to face the music for his actions the night before.

Storm was a friend and he wanted them to stay friends. But after doing those things with her last night and allowing himself to just give into all those urges, that had been wrong.

His jaw hung open, dumbfounded. Standing in his door way, fully dressed, was Ororo Monroe.

"Is something wrong?"

Calling Logan flustered was an understatement. He was utterly dumbfounded. "Uh, well…last night…"

Her brow furrowed in confusion. "I wasn't here last night, did something happen?" He shook his head, still speechless, "Whatever it is, don't leave the shower running or you'll use up all the hot water."

Logan couldn't process the inherent paradox of the situation. Storm was down stairs making breakfast, so who was in his bathroom and who had he made love to the night before. A deep feeling of dread settled into his stomach. His head, now much clearer, rolled over the possibilities and implications. Then his nose caught a familiar scent emanating from the bathroom and he knew immediately who it was.

He stalked towards the bathroom and opened the door, greeted with an unpleasant sight standing in his transparent shower. "YOU!"

Mystique shut off the water with a single motion of her hand and stepped out of the shower, water still dripping from her dark blue scales. "Mmmmhmm." She whispered happily and dragged a towel across her naked chest. "I have to say, you really know how to make a girl feel better about herself, but then again the dumb ones are always good in bed."

Logan couldn't hear her anymore, couldn't see her anymore as the stirrings of a berserker rage over came him and shut down his mind. He wanted blood. With a satisfying 'snikt' sound his claws extended into the open air as he charged forward.

But Mystique was too nimble for him and stepped in between his arms to meet him face to face and up close. She whispered into his ear in the cold, cruel voice of a woman scorned. "We're even." He tried to readjust his stance to bring his claws back to attack position but she nimbly moved out of arms length and backflipped out of the room, closing the door behind her. Too late to catch his prey, Logan's claws embedded in the now closed door and he screamed in frustration at his defeat.

Outside the door he could hear her bare footsteps padding silently down the hallway.