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TITLE: Eleanor(s) Enchanted

SUMMARY: Basically this is what would have happened if Ella's mother had been "blessed" (cursed) with obedience, too. When Mandy had told her to drink the soup, she would have been forced to, just like Ella. She would have survived, so there wouldn't be a funeral. No funeral means Ella not meeting Char...

****and here we go, everyone****

I woke up with a horrible cold. My head was aching and my nose was clogged. I coughed, and my chest hurt. "Ow," I whispered, not being able to speak because my throat was so sore and swelled.

Mandy entered the room. "Oh, sweet," she said, placing her hand on my forehead. "A fever," she exclaimed. "Just like your mother. Well, off to her room. You can stay in her bed for now. Your father left just this morning for Jenn."

I followed her order, immediately getting out of my bed and walking stiffly down the hall to my mother's luxurious room. I sat next to her on her bed, where she was writing a letter to my father.

"He told me to write," she said in a raspy voice, rolling her eyes. "Of course, with this dreadful curse, I have to, don't I?"

"I'm sorry, Mother," I whispered.

"Oh, Ella!" Mother said. "Are you sick too?" She put her arm around me and pulled me close to her. "Come, child, cuddle up close." I did.

We spent most of the day that way, writing letters to people, reading, and talking. Just sitting next to each other. Mandy came in at the end of the day with a tray.

"What's this?" Mother asked, looking down at the two bowls sitting on the tray. They had wonderfully smelling carrot soup in them.

"Something that will cure your illness right quick," said Mandy. It was then that I noticed the thin silver hairs floating around in the bowls.

"Ew, Mandy!" I whispered. "It's got hairs in it!"

"Unicorn hairs, Ella," said Mother. "What are they for?" she asked Mandy.

"To cure you." Mandy place a bown in each of our laps, with a spoon. "Now eat it till it's gone and don't you dare take those hairs out," she commanded as Mother made a move to pluck the hairs from her bowl.

My mother and I both made a face at the creepy looking unicorn hairs floating around in our soup, but we followed her command. I sipped my soup, then ate the vegitables at the bottom. Mother ate it with a spoon, trying to ignore the hairs.

When we were done, Mandy came in and collected the empty bowls. "Good," she said, placing them on the tray. "All gone. The hairs too! You didn't have to eat those."

"You told us to eat it till it was gone, and it's gone, Mandy," said Mother.

Mandy laughed. "Feel better, you two?"

Mother and I nodded.

"Good," said Mandy. She left the room.

"That was horrible," Mother said the minute Mandy was gone. "I know Mandy means well, but Unicorn hair is just wrong."

"We'll feel better tomorrow, Mother," I said.

And indeed we did.


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