Saiai Tokoya: My second Yu-Gi-Oh! fic! For some odd reason I love the character Amane Bakura, even though she's not even in the original story. Only mentioned, she doesn't even have a look. This story takes place before she died, and there is somewhat of a pairing between Amane and Yami Bakura.


/When Bakura Talks To Amane/


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Amane slammed the door shut. How she hated her mother's constant nagging. 'Amane grow your hair out', 'Amane wear that dress,' 'Do this, do that'.

"Why won't she leave me alone," she muttered to herself. She went over to her bed and fell onto it, burying her face into a pillow. After a few minutes of sulking she leaned over and grabbed one of her many books of ancient Egypt. He rested herself in a comfortable position, and continued the book where she left off. Reading always calmed her down, even when she was reading about the one thing she loved most. She found Egypt's past to be one of the most amazing and wondrous things. She loved the pyramids and was amazed at how they used to be constructed. Amane remember saying when she younger that she wanted to move into a pyramid. Every Halloween she was an Egyptian princess, but the costume design always changed. A princess never wore an outfit more than one. Amane turned the page.

"Games and Pastimes...." Amane read on, learning of all the games the ancient Egyptians used to play, and what they did to by the time. Not like she already didn't know. She already owned most the games a person in this day could get their hands on. Amane's favorite pastime for herself was learning all she could about Egypt. She wanted so badly to be an Egyptologist like her father. Although her mother disapproved of this, she rebelled like always. She continued to read on as her eyes widen seeing something she had never read before.

"A favorite game of priests, magicians, and royals was the Ouija Board. To them it was known as the Destiny Board and, but rarely, the Mystifying Oracle. They used this game to give fortunes, and learn of the future of the Pharaoh's kingdom." A smile grew on Amane's lips.

"How extrodinary!" She tossed the book aside and ran over to her closet. She dug through clothes and other random object 'til she found her old game collection. On the very bottom of the stack, was her very own copy of an Ouija Board. Amane pushed the other games aside and pulled out the box. She placed the board onto the bed, and carefully placed the message indicator in the middle of the board. After reading the directions carefully, she positioned herself on her knees, and placed her fingers gently on the indicator. "Hmm...what to ask...Ah, I know, Ouija Board, will I ever get a boyfriend?" The indicator didn't move, not even a centimeter. "Spirits?...Um..Hello?" Amane quickly grew frustrated.

"Must be busted!" She threw the indicator aside, and pushed the board off the bed. She leaned back against her pillow and crossed her arms over her chest. She huffed and squirmed around on her bed trying to get comfortable.

"" She closed her eyes and drifted into a peaceful sleep.


"Goodnight Amane," her twin brother said quietly.

"Goodnight Ryou." Amane shut the door, and trailed over to her bed. She knelt down, scooping up the board into her hands. She placed it back into the box, then kicked it under her bed. With a tired yawn, she climbed under the covers and grabbed her book.

"Most Destiny Boards were kept in temples, but they now rest inside the tombs of Pharaohs and his Priests. The Destiny Boards was a very powerful instrument. Commoners feared it's amazing power, and was dangerous if one were to fall into the wrong hands. To keep evil from getting their hands on them, the Priests made sure the ancient spells were kept a secret. Only one spell was found on the walls of an unnamed Pharaoh's tomb. Here is a translation of the spell," Amane sat up and gripped the book tightly, "come spirit that has past...Become my shadow servant...Tell me all you know...Obey me and leave your resting place...Travel from the great beyond...Spirit, under my command, Awake!" Amane could feel her heart race with excitement.

"Maybe this is what I needed to do." Amane place the book down, and reached under her bed for her Ouija Board.

"...Where's the indicator?" She jumped off her bed, tossing her covers aside.

"Where is the bloody thing?" Diving under her bed, her hand traveled around the floor, feeling for the small object. "

There you are you little bugger!" After placing the indicator in it's proper place, she lit a couple candles then switched off the lights. Slowly, Amane climbed back on the bed and looked at the book. "Okay, here it spirit that has past...Become my shadow servant...Tell me all you know...Obey me and leave your resting place...Travel from the great beyond...Spirit, under my command, Awake!" Once more nothing happened.

"Awake!" She yelled out, but the indicator still didn't move. "Awake, what are you bloody spirits deaf?" The plastic indicator started to shake under Amane's touch. She quickly pulled back her hands after feeling a small shock of static electricity. The indicator slowly started to move to the letters.

/Why Did You Wake Me?/

"I-it works" Amane gasped out. She quickly grabbed a pencil and pad. "Alright, let's see what do you have to tell me..." before Amane could ask a question the indicator moved. She quickly wrote down what the letters spelled out.

/I Know Nothing You Would Like To Know/

"Oh really, well I know one thing you can tell me. Who are you?"

/Does The Name Of The Dead Really Matter?/

Amane frowned. "What a difficult spirit you are!"

/Release Me From Your Magic/

"M-magic? You mean the summoning spell?" A smirk grew on Amane's lips. "No, I won't. You have to tell me whatever I want to know. And I want to know the name of the one I'm communicating with."

/I Am A Spirit. Nothing More Than A Mere Shadow Of What I Once Was. No More No Less./

"But you have to have name!" Amane grew irritated with the stubborn spirit.

/It's Of No Importance. Ask Me Whatever Questions You Will, Then Release Me/

"Fine! I don't want to know your name anymore!" She let out a frustrated sigh. "Where are you from?" Amane tried to stay calm with the spirit as much as possible.


"Where the heck is that?"

/It Was A Small Village In Egypt. It No Longer Exist./

"You're from Egypt?" Amane made herself comfortable on the bed as she watched the indicator move around from letter to letter. "That's so amazing! Tell me everything about it!"

/There Is Nothing Amazing About It/

"Oh come on there has to be! Let see, um, what was your status in Egypt? I know there was the working class, the nobles..." The indicator moved before Amane could finish her question.

/I Wasn't Considered Anything/

"You are such a confusing person! Give me straight answers!"

/I Was A Thief/

"A Thief? Why?"

/I Needed To Live/

Amane saw a glow come from under her bedroom door. "My parents must still be awake. I have to go now spirit."

/Release Me Woman/

Amane tossed the board and indicator back in the box and threw it under her bed. She quickly blew out all the candles and laid down in her bed. 'A thief in order to live? How confusing..." her endless thoughts helped her trail off to sleep.


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