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Amane: And now I know the spirit's name. Annoying bugger...

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Bakura: SHE DOESN'T OWN Yu-Gi-Oh!, ME, AMANE, NO ONE AND NOTHING! There, happy you little parasite?

Saiai Tokoya: Totally.


A woman screamed as she ran from a dark shadow.

"Please, leave me alone!" she shrieked. Before she could make another plea, a knife cut across her throat and blood dripped down her neck like a crimson rain. The shadow stood over the woman's corpse as it laughed evilly.

"What an awesome movie." Amane stated in pure enthusiasm, eating away at a bowl of popcorn. Her twin brother sat by her side, hugging a couch pillow close to his chest. Only his eyes peeked over the pillow's tassels. He hated the site of blood, and he knew this was going to keep him up all night.

"Amane, why must you always rent horror movies?"

"Because I've had enough of you crying over Satine's death in Moulin Rouge, that's why."

"You said you liked that movie." Ryou ducked behind the pillow when the killer was about the strike again. He squinted when he heard the screams of the victim.

"I do, but I like this better." She laughed at the site before her.

"I'm glad he's dead, annoying character anyways."

"Wasn't that that girl's boyfriend." Ryou peeked over the pillow again.

"Yea, so?" Ryou frowned slightly.

"She's gonna be upset when she finds out."

"Who cares she was a bitch anyways." Ryou frowned at his little sister's cursing. As much as he didn't like sounding like their mother, he still felt Amane's mouth was a little on the crude side.

"Amane, please, watch your mouth."

"Yes mother," Amane's attention went back to the movie.

Another half an hour later the movie ended. Amane let out a loud yawn,

"Well, I'm tired, Ryou. I'm gonna go to bed now."

"O-okay." Ryou gulped. 'There's no way I'm getting any sleep tonight.' Amane placed a gentle kiss on her brother's cheek. "Goodnight, Ry ry." With that, Amane skipped off to her bedroom, leaving her poor brother, still on the couch, holding on the pillow for dear life.

Amane let out another yawn as she closed the door to her bedroom, then giggled to herself.

"Poor Ryou, I really shouldn't make him watch horror movies before bed." Amane's eyes glanced over to her nightstand. There laid the Ouija Board. She had tried to use it the night before, but the spirit didn't answer. 'Maybe he's upset I neglected him for a week.' Amane traced her fingers over the letters delicately. 'I'm gonna try again.' She placed the indicator gently on the board after settling it on the floor.

"Spirit?" She waited for a reply, accepting anything the plastic toy would have done. But it did nothing.

"Please Bakura talk to me." The indicator slowly began to move.

/It Has Been A While Amane/

"So you finally decide to speak to me!" The spirit inside the board smirked. This girl aroused his interest. If he had to be stuck with her, might as well have some sort of pleasure in it.

"You're such an annoyance, did you know that?"

/Then Why Do You Keep Me?/

"Because, I will get to learn who you are. Whether you like it or not!" This spirit did aggravate her to know end, but she was going to learn what she wanted to know.

"Besides, it's not like I have anything better to do. I'm always by myself unless I'm with my brother."

/Why Is That?/

Why the spirit cared, he knew not. The girl was basically now his master. If she was going to talk, he had to listen.

"I don't have any friends." Amane said sadly. The thought made a lump form in her throat. It was true she had no friend. All the girls in her school thought her to weird to be normal. Amane was interested in the occult and supernatural when they were interested in the latest fashion and boys. She had no desire for these things, and wished people would just understand that. But her interest and hobbies kept her lonely.

"Did you have any friends, Bakura?"

/Do You Consider Solitude A Friend?/

Amane snorted at the spirit's retort. "No I don't."

/Then No I Was Alone/

This caused Amane to feel even more upset than she was before. 'Why do people have to be cursed with such things.'

/I Didn't Need Anybody/

"How can you say that? People need people. You can't live alone!" Bakura thought about this. 'Why is she getting so upset? Why does she care if I was alone. I wanted it that way.'

"I hate being alone. I wish I had friends, like my brother. He has friends, they come over to see him and play games with him all the time. I hate admitting this but I get to envious at times. I just wish I had someone to talk to." Tears started to well up in Amane's hazel eyes. Although the spirit couldn't see her sadness, he felt it.

/You Can Talk To Me/

Amane whimpered. Why was the spirit being kind to her all of a sudden? It made no sense. But Amane wasn't about to reject this act of kindness.

"You'll be my friend?" The spirit didn't respond for a while, until the indicator finally moved to three simple letters.


A tear dripped slowly over Amane's cheek. "Thank you, Bakura."


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