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A Second Chance.

Kagome stretched lightly as she rose from her kneeling position on the grass-covered ground. In front of her were four grave markers to the right of the destroyed Bone Eaters well. The raven-haired girl had been paying her respects to her deceased family, as she had been doing so for the past year.

It had been two years since Mama, Jii-chan, and Souta had died. The extra marker there was to represent her father, whose grave was in a world she could no longer reach.

It had been two years since she had tried to end her life.

Thankfully, Inuyasha had been there to stop her from committing a serious mistake.

Sango, Miroku, Shippou, and the small girl, Rin, had returned to the village only a week after that incident. At the time, Kagome had still been an emotional wreck, but with the hanyou's guidance, she had eventually told them of her tale on her own accord. Her friends, who were like a second family, had been rightfully shocked. But they helped the girl however they could, and she steadily recovered. Even the little girl had tried her best to cheer her up

After six long months had passed, Kagome could happily say that she no longer looked upon her life as a curse. She couldn't thank her friends enough for being there for her when others would have simply left her to wilt.

Her love for the dog-eared boy had only grown, and they had finally married.

Moving to the left of the well, Kagome knelt gently among a patch of bellflowers. They were planted in that spot to remember the woman who had been ripped away from the afterlife to live only a half-life in the physical world. They knew she had finally moved on.

Kagome smiled and closed her eyes, confronting her memories from that horrible day only two years before.


She had fallen asleep in Inuyasha's arms as he held her gently but firmly. When she had finally awoken, they had still been at the lakeside, only he had taken them both up into a nearby tree.

All of a sudden, a small ball of light had descended from the sky, hovering inches away from the couple. After making a complete round about circle around them, it had slowly drifted closer to Kagome. The young girl could feel a curious sort of warmth through her body. But it wasn't a physical heat.


Rather, it was a glow that was slowly consuming her soul, although not unpleasantly. Almost unconsciously, she had reached out towards it with a steady hand. There had been a sort of calling from that glowing sphere, and once Kagome's hand connected with it, there had been several strong pulses, almost like a heartbeat, when it had disappeared.

Inuyasha would later tell her that the expression on the girl's face had been a blissful peacefulness that had not been seen for a long time. Throughout Kagome's entire being, a feeling of complete calm had spread, as if some outer force was helping to heal her battered spirit. Her body had been outlined in some sort of light.

It was then that they had both realised.

Kikyou's spirit had truly passed on, while the remainder of her soul that had been taken from Kagome had been returned to the girl. Kagome was complete, like she should have been.


Opening her eyes, the girl in the flower patch tenderly cupped a blossom, raising her gaze to the heavens above. It was aglow with the first light of morning. The completing of her soul had been a major factor in her steady recovery.

A smile overcame her face, and Kagome bowed her head respectively.

'Thank you, Kikyou.'

Her previous incarnate had done so much for her. If it hadn't been for her, Inuyasha most certainly wouldn't have made it to the lake on time to drag her out of it. The part of her soul that had been returned gave her the strength to pull herself out of the black hole she had fallen into.

Because of Kikyou, she had been made into a stronger person. They had connected on levels beyond that of the physical world.

And Inuyasha.

He was her golden-eyed angel, and would forever be so.

Not only had he protected her all these years, he had given her a reason to live and to love. If it hadn't been for him, she wouldn't have experienced the joy of getting married to the one man Kagome had ever loved, only a month prior to the present.

She wouldn't have been able to hold Sango and Miroku's first born as an auntie.

She wouldn't have been able to watch as her surrogate son slowly grow up, and show off his improving transforming powers.

She wouldn't have been able to experience her life.

Kagome placed a hand over her stomach. Already, there was a bulge starting to expand.

If she had succeeded in killing herself, Kagome wouldn't have been able to feel the happiness at knowing there was a new life growing inside of her.

Standing up slowly, the young miko reached out for her heavy basket full of herbs. A claw tipped hand reached it before she did, and lifted it up. Turning around, she grinned at the man standing before her.


His scowl smoothed out into an almost boyishly happy expression as his mate jumped into his arms. Leaning back a little, he frowned half-heartedly at the girl- no -woman in his arms.

"What are you doing out so early in the morning, woman? You could have been attacked. You could have fallen and hurt yourself!" His voice and face softened as Inuyasha nuzzled the top of her head gently. "You could've hurt the pup…"

The girl only snuggled deeper into the warm fire rat haori, and looked at her husband lovingly.

"Thank you, Inuyasha…"

A few sparkling tears of happiness fell down her cheeks. She would have missed so much, had she died.

Knowing that her words spoke for far more that just him worrying over her, Inuyasha gently wiped away the tears and kissed his mate. She reached around his head and began to massage the fuzzy white ears on his head. A purr-like growl started vibrating through her mate's chest.

After they broke apart, the couple casually walked towards the hut Inuyasha had built with the help of the villagers and Miroku. Glancing at her husband, Kagome couldn't help but squeeze the rough hand in hers.

She had found her light at the end of the tunnel.

She had climbed out of the black hole that had swallowed her.

She had been given a second chance to live.

And she would live her life to the fullest.


[This is probably the end to 'Black Hole', ending as a… threeshot?

Perhaps some of you are wondering about how Kikyou could be both in the afterlife, yet her soul has been returned to Kagome?

The way I see it, the spirit is different from the soul. The spirit is your personality, and what makes each person who they are, while the soul is what is reborn, to gain more experience. Both are immortal, so to speak. So if you think about reincarnation with that perspective, that's why Kagome and Kikyou, who share the same soul, have such different personalities- their spirits are their own.

But that's just me, and it's partially how I view the aspects of reincarnation involved in the Inuyasha series.

Well, enough of that!

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