Hi guys, this is my first Inu fic okay so dont murder me...i am cruel and evil and anxty, but I do not kill off the main characters of my story unless they revolve around them being dead, and then I bring them back! ;P

Inuyahsa sat still, not wanting to disturb Kagome. Just in the past month, Naraku had tried to kidnap her. Inuyasha refused to let himself doze off, tomorrow night would be the new moon, and he had to convince her to go to her own time.

But he finally dozed off.


Kenshin held Kauru close to him, she was asleep, and he had just awoken from another nightmare about Jinei. 'damn him' he thought.

Kenshin layed Kauru back down and covered her up. he padded softly over to the wall and leaned up against it, he was soon asleep.


A stranger stood in the shadows, she smiled cruelly and waved her hand casting a cruel spell.

That's the prologue...I tought it would be evil to just start putting up a new story without telling my freind, and just to torture her, I'm going to be very mean to Inu. * eeps as crazed inu fangirls glare murderously in my direction* hey hey I said I would be Mean to Inu, not that I was going tokill him!!!! sheesh. I'm mean to all of my characters anyways. noone is tha special.

Evil tonight is the king!!!!!