Excuses, Lies, and Kissing

Summary: Jimmy made excuses, Kirsten lied, and they kissed.

AN: Peter Gallagher's movie (which I have not seen) 'sex, lies, and videotape' was how the title got formed. The story is weird. Spur of the moment, I'm-waiting-for-Everwood-to-come-on type of story. It's crazy, not thou art's normal writing style. #4 on Kirsten's list is taken from Heath07's "All's Fair in Stretch Marks and Pink Martinis." Go Heath07!

Disclaimer: Sorry, don't own anything.

Rating: PG-13

Jimmy made excuses

Kirsten lied

Jimmy and Kirsten kissed

It was how the whole thing went down. The fall of James Cooper and Kirsten Nichol's relationship. Kirsten was at Berkeley and Jimmy was 100 miles away.

Jimmy made excuses:

"Kirsten, you weren't there with me, and I missed you so much."

"She came on to me and..."

"I'm so sorry."

"We never meant to get pregnant."

"Fuck, Kirsten, I'm so sorry. We can still be together."

Kirsten lied:

"I totally understand." What bullshit.

"Yeah, I've had guys come onto me too..." Well, only that guy from my law in business America class, Sandy.

"I know." I don't quite know if he is 100% sorry.

"I know." Yeah, right. The little bitch probably wanted to get pregnant so she could marry rich.

"No, we can't. You should get married to Julie. Do the honorable thing and support her and the kid." Crap. It was shit rolled up and thrown in Jimmy's face. Of course she wanted to get married to Jimmy and let Julie take her little kid and go back to Riverside or where ever the hell she came from.

Jimmy and Kirsten kissed:

"I love you, but my kid needs me. Julie needs me." Jimmy made up excuses.

"That's what I've been saying the whole time." Kirsten lied.

"How about one more kiss?" This time, Jimmy didn't make up an excuse; like that Julie was a bad kisser or whatever.

"Okay." Kirsten didn't lie that time.

They kissed. They parted, but only in the physical sense.

No matter if Kirsten married Sandy, and Jimmy divorced Julie, and dated Hailey, the feeling of love was still buried in the back of their minds. They pushed it off, but it was still there.

Kirsten Nichol and Jimmy Cooper would remain together forever.

That story was wack. I'm going to post this for the sake of posting it. It's crazy and messed up, but I kind of like it, in that odd, I'm-on-crack kind of way. I've always had a little of that Kirsten/Jimmy feeling in my gut. I wrote it in like 20 minutes. Review now! Flames accepted *lights blowtorch and waves it around like a crazed maniac on drugs*. Maggie