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Chapter 1

"Here, make this strap tighter," a male voice commanded and pulled on a leather strap which caused the frail female to groan in pain.

"You're hurting her..." a female voice said calmly while staring at the youth.

"She won't feel a thing in a minute" continued the male voice.

"I hope this works...you realize what will happen if this doesn't," the female warned to the male clad in a white lab coat.

"Oh I know, and it will trust me ...she has the power to do it, I don't doubt that," the male said casually as he strode over to a nearby electrical panel and pressed a large red button.

"LET ME GO! I WON'T HELP YOU! " raged the fiery red haired pre-teen strapped to the large table.

"Oh but that's where your mistaken," the male scientist mused as the table slowly rose to a vertical position causing the girl to slouch forward. Unbeknownst to the three, gold eyes watched with the scene with great interest and wonderment.

"Don't make me do something I'll regret!" spat the girl, greeny brown eyes glowing with hate.

"But that's what we want you to do.." the man chuckled.

"Oh stop it Charles...you know what she is capable of already, do you really want this building leveled?" the female spat at the man who only smirked and continued to type away at the panel.

"STOP IT!" the girl shrieked "I WON'T HELP YOU AND YOUR SICK MILITARY SCHEMES! I WON'T!" with the last word echoing from her pink lips the overhead lights started to flicker and a slight shaking erupted from the table to the rest of the building. Gold eyes quickly darted around the room, could this tiny female be the one causing this? The golden eyed figure sprinted to the nearby shadows for a closer look.

"Now, now Angel, do you really want to bury yourself in ten tons of concrete over a little disagreement that could be solved by just giving in?" Charles mused as his female counterpart attached a few wires to the pre-teen known as Angel's head.


"Oh but you can my dear, or have you forgotten you have the power to level a city with a single thought?" the male voice droned. "You could be very useful." Level a building with a single thought...now, this was really getting interesting to the figure in the shadows.

"Fuck you!" shot the red head as she struggled against the leather straps tightly wrapped around her wrists and torso. Attitude. The figured smirked, he liked that.

"Ah ah, now what kind of language is that coming from a self proclaimed Catholic?" the female scientist asked coyly as she took hold of the pre- teen's cross necklace that hung loosely from her neck. Catholic, just like him, the figure leaned in for a closer look of the female, white hair glistening off of the overhead lights.

"Language a whore like you would understand.." Angel said with a smirk as she lifted her head but quickly received a slap across her face for her disrespect. The white haired figured frowned.

"Little Ingrate" the female spat "can't you see where trying to help you?"

"By what? Tying me up, studying me, prodding me trying to figure out why I am this way? Destroying countries? Cities? Killing innocent people who go against you and your company, your rule?!" the shapely pre-teen raged as her eyes burned with spite, such hate that would make Satan himself tremble with fear, eyes that bore into your soul.

"Step back Rita," warned Charles as he flipped a large switched which caused the green-eyed pre-teen to scream in pain. "Now...are you willing to co-operate with us Angel?" the male said as he turned the large switch to the "off" position.

"I'd.... rather....burn ...in....hell!" wheezed the red head as she took a deep breath and panted.

"Alright, you know we can keep this up all night if you want?" chuckled Rita as she flicked a strand of black hair out of her face just in time to receive a stomach-wrenching blow to the ribs.

"What was...Rita?!" the man shot as he eyed the golden eyed figure in shock. "How did you get past security?!" screeched Charles as he stumbled backwards, falling over.

"Starting wars is wrong, using innocent people to hurt others is wrong," the white haired figure said coldly as he started to untie the tiny female.

"What do you think your doing? You can't take her!" shot the scientist at the tall teen that responded with silence and taking the young female in his arms and sprinting into the darkness.

"SECURITY!" screamed the male scientist. Angel groggily looked up at her rescuer and smiled softly murmuring a small "thank you." The young man ignored the comment and raced out the building and into a nearby ally.

It had been 6 years since that day. Six years since "he" saved her. Then he left without even a goodbye. The tall red haired teen stared up into the night sky. Green eyes glistening as the stars sparkled in the darkness. Oh how she longed to thank him, who knows what those scientists would have done to her. Hell, she was only 12 at the time it happened, she was frightened, as any pre-teen would be. So what if she had a "gift" as some might call it, there was no need for that type of treatment. She let out a sigh. She was a woman of 18 now, she could take care of herself, or so she hoped.

"Oh Jei," the teen whispered into the night air, the only thing he left her with...a name. No address, a your welcome or an explanation why he had been there that night. All she had to go on was looks and a name. Well for the most part a name...he had to have aged within six years, heck he had only looked to have been about 14 at the time of her rescue. Besides that, people change their looks all the time, dye their hair, colour contacts...both of which weren't uncommon.

"Where could you be? I've searched for so long...I just want to thank you," Angel said sadly as she played with her cross necklace and sat alone under a large willow tree and looked down upon the busy city she now called home.

"I just hope...you haven't forgotten me because I haven't forgotten you."