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Life on the Flip Side

"Honey, wake up," a soothing voice roused him from consciousness and Nathan mumbled protests.

Barely aware of his surroundings, he allowed himself to be pushed into the bathroom before his eyes even opened. Usually, his mom slept later than he did, but he really didn't care about anything more than snuggling back into bed.

"Haley will be here in 10 minutes, hurry up!" a muffled voice called through the bathroom door.

Who? "What?" he called back.

"Breakfast is ready!"

Nathan sighed and turned off the water, frowning at the shower curtain. Wasn't it blue yesterday?

Whatever, he shrugged, grabbing a towel and wiping the steam from the mirror.

Everything about the bathroom seemed different and it was strange. Was he still asleep?

Nathan looked up at the mirror. And screamed.

"Are you okay?" Karen Rowe opened the door and stared at him.

He blinked back at her in terror. This wasn't happening. It couldn't be real.


"Spider," he said the first thing that came to his head.

Karen rolled her eyes, "As man of the house, Lucas, you really have to get over that fear."

Nathan smirked, good information to have.

"Get dressed, your eggs are getting cold."

There was something excruciatingly uncomfortable about wearing another guy's underwear. Sure, he was wearing Lucas's whole damned body, but it seemed almost--wrong to be touching his half-brothers underwear. Wasn't that, like, illegal? It should be.

"Lucas! Hurry up!"

The house wasn't very big, so he found his way to the kitchen without a problem. He wasn't that huge on breakfast but a couple bites wouldn't-

"Damn!" he gaped at the eggs in front of him.

"Luke! Language!"

"I- Sorry, this is amazing, M- K…umm, Mom," he fumbled awkwardly.

Karen smiled, "Well, I guess we can let it slide this time."

"Hey, what smells so good?" a girl he vaguely recognized slid into the room, grabbing the plate Karen offered with a grin. "Mmm, you're a lifesaver."

"Morning, Haley," Karen smiled as the girl inhaled her food and Nathan stared at her.

"What? It's good," Haley rolled her eyes at him.

"Yeah, true," he took her lead and finished off his breakfast.

"Let's goooo!" Haley pulled him out the door

"I love you, sweetie!" Karen called after him.

Did the guy live in a fucking marshmallow? "Love you too?" he called back.

Haley chuckled, "You didn't seem too sure about that."

Nathan shrugged. "Hey, umm, Haley?"

"Yeah, umm, Lucas?" she laughed.

This was awkward, "How would you define our relationship?"

Haley coughed spasmodically and Nathan steadied her before she toppled.

"Thanks," she calmed and breathed, "We're torrid lovers, didn't you know?"

His mouth dropped.

"Yeah, a girl in fifth hour told me," she smirked.


Haley dissolved into laughter and hit him, "We're best friends, retard, what's your deal today?"

So Lucas's best friend was a female. He stashed that next to spider-fear in his 'my half brother, the fag' center of his brain.

"Would you believe that I'm another person, trapped in Lucas's body?"

Haley shrugged, "Sure, that's happened to me before."

"What?" he gaped at her.

"Just too easy," she smirked.

"You suck," Nathan muttered.

"So who are you, then? Peyton? Mouth?"

"Nathan, actually," he shrugged.

Haley guffawed with insulting loudness, "Nice. So, Nathan, how's life on the flip side?"

"Like the food," he shrugged, "Miss my car."

"So does this mean Lucas is in your body, then?"

"Dunno, haven't really studied up on the subject. Guess we'll find out when we see him."

"Hey, at least he'll keep the hazing to a minimum," Haley grinned, "Wouldn't want to damage his own body."

"Damn straight, I wouldn't."

"You could just break your leg, take Lucas out for good right here, Nathan."

Nathan scoffed, "That'd hurt like hell."

"You know, this does bring up an important point. You never know when there can be clones and whatnot, we should have a code word."

"Seeing as I'm Nathan, you might want to wait until you have Lucas back before you start in on the codes, baby."

"Chauvinism, nice," she nodded in approval.

Nathan glared at her. She didn't know him, they'd never spoken, how would she know if he was some sort of chauvinistic bastard. Judgmental bitch. He'd see about that.

"What kind of code did you have in mind?"