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Life on the Flip Side

Chapter Five

"Be right back," Nathan grinned at Haley.

"Have fun, Casanova."

A quick scan found Lucas in the corner, joking with the team. Suck up.

It was simple, really.

Slip outside…make a few choice comments.

…and the Pukas issue would be resolved.

Nathan opened the door.

"What are you doing out here?" Peyton's sharp voice greeted him.

"Free country, right?"

"In theory."

"Oh God, here it comes," Nathan braced himself.

Peyton glared at him, "If you're here to give me more of that charming Scott attitude, you can go have some brother bonding with Nathan instead."

"What did he say?"

Peyton snorted, "You want me to discuss my relationship with YOU?"

Yes, dammit. How was he supposed to beat Lucas's ass for it unless he knew what went on?

Sure, he planned to do it anyway, but specifics were always nice if someone asked for an explanation.

"No, of course not," he shook his head quickly and tried to think up something suitably offensive.

"If you're tired of that asshole, you could always let me hit it to compare," Nathan smirked, giving himself extra points for speed and twisted ness.

"Oh, COULD I?" Peyton gasped. "What happened to Mr. I'm so different than all the other men?"

Oh, he was different all right.

Why she might think that was good was a complete mystery, of course.

"Oh baby, I'm different, all right," Nathan sat down next to her.

Peyton frowned, "How much have you had?"

Nathan laughed, "We just got here."

"You got a point, Butterfingers?"

Nathan Scott? Drop a ball? Oh, hell no. "If I had missed a pass, that might make sense, Goldilocks."

"Maybe I was confusing it with all your other games."

"Damn straight," Nathan nodded.

There would be no confusing every day Pucas Play with the new, suped up version. Woman, please.

Her attention to detail was ridiculously sub-par. Repulsive.

She was hot, though.

And her exploits into the world between the sheets were quite delicious. That one tongue thing--

"Ugh," Peyton seemed to have noticed he was turned on.

Why her eyes were drawn to that particular portion of Lucas's anatomy, he would dwell on later.

"It won't bite."

"Get over yourself, I have a boyfriend."

Damn right, she did. A hot one.

An honorable man would not use this opportunity for his own gain.


Nathan smiled. "So… you love him?"

He slid closer, just waiting for her to smack the shit out of him.

Peyton's eyes flicked behind him.

"Nope," she grinned…and kissed him.

It was an angry kiss. Not a first for them… and it took him a second to place what was wrong with it.

She was cheating on him!

Nathan tore away from the bitch and-- "Holy shit!" he jumped back from his own eyes - boring into him.

"Nathan, it's over," Peyton smiled in satisfaction.

"What? Why?" Nathan glared at Lucas, "You're a dead man."

"And don't even think of trying to rebound," she glared at him.

"Hey, you kissed me, bitch."

"Don't talk to her like that!" Lucas shoved him.

"Right, says the guy she dumped two seconds ago. What did YOU say to her?"

"Nothing you wouldn't have," Lucas smirked.

"Would be too sure about that, ass puke, she didn't dump ME."

"Oh, she would've."

"Hey!" Peyton interrupted them, "You're both immature idiots…almost think you were brothers," she rolled her eyes, "Oh, wait!"

"Don't CALL him that," they both hissed back at her.

Peyton snorted, "I stand corrected," she muttered, going back inside.

Nathan glared at Lucas. Lucas glared back.

Neither made a move.

"So…I kick the shit out of you when we have our bodies back?" Nathan suggested.

"You can try."

"Deal," Nathan nodded, "And I will."

"Keep dreaming."

If the boy didn't look so damn good, Nathan would have hit him.

But it seemed wrong to mar such perfection.

Like when Tim drew beards on catalog models.

Or they added men to porn.

Some things were just wrong, man.

And hitting his own face to hurt the ass-spawn was on that list.

…but if the staring continued he might have to try it.

"You're threatened," Lucas smiled at this 'epiphany.'

Pfft. "You're delusional," Nathan stated the obvious.

"Why else would you try to wreck things with Peyton?"

"Why would you care if you weren't trying to get in her pants?"

"Maybe it is about something deeper than that."

Nathan sighed. "Seriously, man. If you weren't constantly staring at Peyton, I'd swear you were gay."

Lucas rolled Nathan's eyes. "Whatever. Don't do anything depraved with my body."

"Wouldn't give you the pleasure."

"And here I thought I might have to break up a fight," Haley frowned at them from the doorway.

Nathan and Lucas exchanged glances. How much did she hear?

"Nathan was just complimenting my game," Nathan shrugged. "He's a great guy, really. I wish I was him."

Haley frowned in confusion.

"Haley--" Lucas opened his mouth.

"How did you know my name?" Haley frowned.

"Never mind," Lucas muttered, pushing past her to go back to the party.

"Pretty," Nathan shrugged, "But not the brightest."

Haley rubbed her temples, "You are in the weirdest mood today."

"You like it, baby?" he slid to her side.

"Okay, you've had enough," she dragged him down the steps, back to the truck.

"So you want me to drive," he chuckled, "Nice. Luckily for you, I haven't had any."

"Lucas, what just HAPPENED?"

"Peyton cheated on me."

"Say what?"

"With me," Nathan corrected, "Peyton kissed me, cheated on Nathan. He walked up, she dumped him."

"And he didn't kill you?"

"You think he could take me?" Nathan pouted for affect.

"Easily," Haley snickered.

"Hey now," he trapped her against the truck.

"So you and Peyton together now?"

"Nope," he shook his head. She had broken up with him...sorta. Or Lucas. For whatever that jackass said to her. Nathan's eyes narrowed. He'd warned him.

"Your life is so confusing."

Nathan laughed, "You have no idea. But it will only get worse."

"How's that?"

He kissed her.

It was everything he'd imagined it to be and more.

Her lips were soft, she gasped in surprise...and "SHIT!" Nathan hobbled away from her, grabbing his shin.

For a pretty boy, Lucas sure didn't get much luck with the women folk.

"What was THAT?"

"A kiss," he shrugged, "Nothing we haven't done before," he took a leap of faith.

"Sure, in FIRST GRADE! Lucas, what does this mean?"

Oh, Lord, no. She was one of those.

"Meaning, shmeaning, let's just make out, it's fun."

Haley glared at him. "I'm finding my own ride home."

"Oh, come on," Nathan rolled his eyes, "Fine...whatever."

It would take Lucas years to solve that one.

Nathan drove back to Lucas's house in a satisfied daze. Peyton would come back. Lucas and Haley were on the outs. ...and he had a rain check to kick the
shit out of his bastard brother.

Could life get better?

Well, yes, if he wasn't stuck in Lucas's body and forced to live his life.

But Nathan liked to think of the glass as half full.

He slipped into sleep with a smile.


"Honey, it's time to wake up..."

"No," Nathan moaned into his pillow.

Not again.

"Nathan, you have school."

He bolted upright. "Mom!"

"Hey honey, I'm back for awhile, I just wanted to see you before you went to sch-"

Nathan smothered her in a hug.

"I missed you, Nate."

"Missed you too," he practically bounced with excitement.

He was back. His own body. His own clothes. His own girlfriend--well, as soon as he did damage control, anyway.

Life was practically perfect.

"Umm...mom, I've gotta shower..." he slipped out of the room and grabbed the phone on the way.

A familiar, sleepy voice picked up on the other end.


"Tim," Nathan smirked, "You'll never guess who's scared of spiders."