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...She was pulled out of her memories by a small voice, so familiar that it could have been her own. But she knew who that voice belonged to, and had known the owner before it could even speak.

Grey velvet hanyou ears twitched in confusion as wide green eyes took in their surroundings.

"Mamma? Where are we? This place smells icky,"

"We're in Club Shikon, baby," she said softly, a regretful smile tugging at the corners of her mouth. Kneeling, she held the necklace up to the child's eyes. "Do you know what this is?"


"It's my birthday present to you, baby. Keep it safe all the time. When I was younger, your daddy gave it to me,"

The green eyes widened. "Daddy? Daddy was here? But...this place feels so...empty, mamma."

"I know, sweetie. Just hang on for a few more moments. There's only one thing that I want to see,"

She crossed the dance floor, drawing closer to the stage. It had been the beginning and ending of all things for her, the start of her relationship and ironically the ending. She had to know, had to see it for herself one last time...

But of course, they would have cleared away the body. She had flown so fast from that place, though...not pausing except to pay the landlady in full for her apartment. Time had found her in her country home, far away from the horrors of Club Shikon and the person that she feared was still there.

But there was nothing, just the clean and smooth wooden strips of the floor. Not even a stain to mark his passing.

But somehow she didn't need anything. Just being in that place filled her with memories that she had never forgotten. Drawing her curious child into her arms, she closed her eyes and rocked back and forth.

Night falls,

And I'll stand here alone.

No useless calling,

I can never bring you home,

You're gone...gone ahead,

Soul's light is shining.

It flows in a river,

Circling and winding.

You'll wait for me,

I'll never let go.

My life has been shattered,

You are all that I know...

Her song died out, time stealing the music from her memory as easily as it had taken so many other things.

The hanyou child gave her a perplexed look, ears drooping. "Mamma, I really don't like this place. Can we go home now?"

She smiled again, little girl drawn close. "Of course, honey. This isn't the sort of place for you, ever."


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