Cry Wolf

An Inu-Yasha Fanfiction

By: Sanjuno Shori Niko

Rating: R

Pairings: Kouga+Kagome / Inuyasha+Kagome /KouInu; Miroku+San / SessMiroSan; HakGin

Warnings: YAOI; slight AU; alt end; character death

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(+)(BETA: Actually, it's his title. His name is not mentioned. Confusing, huh? You can use this, lots of people do, or you could make up your own name.)

Inu no Taisho is, as my Beta has mentioned above, the title of Sessoumaru and Inuyasha's father, and since he doesn't actually have a 'name' per-se Inutaisho will have to do. A huge thankyou goes out to um…" stares at review and scratches head "'no one'. Seriously, that's the name on the review. And the name of Inuyasha's mother is Izayoi. (Guess who just got the third Inu-Yasha movie. ) Um, anyway since I've never heard of Kouga's father having an official name/title, I'm just going to use my own, which is Genrou since it means 'wolf'.

I'm just messing with an idea I had where no, Kagome's not dead and yes, Kouga and Inuyasha still love her, but they have no choice but to get together. I figure that the great Inu-youkai and the Ookami lord would manage an, if not friendly, then certainly non-hostile, relationship. Anyway, both Kouga and Inuyasha count as either nobility or royalty in demon society depending on how you look at it, and the high born children of royal/noble families always had some sort of arrangements made to ensure the continuation of the bloodline.

So thus was the 'Kouga and Inuyasha are engaged' plotbunny spawned.

I hope you enjoy the fic, my muses and I worked hard on it!


Cry Wolf

Prelude: First Howl


- Three months prior to Inuyasha's birth, the kidnapping of Izayoi by Setsuna, and the death of Inu no Taisho. -

Seibu no taiyouki…

The Great Demon Lord of the Western Lands…

Inutaisho-sama… (+)

The names the powerful demon bore and titles he wore with pride did not do him justice. The dog demons true form was immense, and his humanoid guise was no less impressive. Long bone white hair glinting silver fell down his back in a thick, high tail styled after the samurai. Sharp, slit pupil gold eyes missed nothing and heavy claws tipped his strong fingers. A pair of pale blue, jagged stripes decorated his cheeks. Long, pointed ears twitched at the sounds of approach. A muscular frame and broad shoulders filled out the demon armour he wore.

All in all Lord Inutaisho was everything the Master of the Wolf Demon Clan had been expecting. More so, the nearly tangible aura of power would make many a youkai roll over and show his belly. The pup in his arms wiggled around and started yipping excitedly. Genrou sighed and scratched his son behind the ears in an attempt to calm him down. The whelp was old enough to recognize power, and be curious about it, but was still too young to be wary.

The lady seated beside Inutaisho laughed and reached out her arms, smiling gently.

"May I?"

Genrou looked her over critically, automatically shifting his grip on the cub as young Kouga changed from wolf pup to what looked like a two year old boy. Inutaisho's new mate, Lady Izayoi, was heavy with child, though it would be a few moons yet before she dropped the pup. Still, she was the reason he was here, and it would be easier to talk with the other demon if he didn't have to worry about the squirming brat in his arms.

"Thank you, Lady."

He handed the boy over and Kouga immediately quieted, staring up at the beautiful woman with wide blue eyes. She looked down at the boy, still smiling.

"Hello little one. My name is Izayoi, what is yours?"

Kouga looked up at her intently, a serious expression on his small face.

"I'm Kouga. Are you having a cub?"

There were two pregnant females in the western wolf clan, and Kouga had already decided that females and cubs were some of the most important things in the world. Izayoi nodded her head, letting Kouga splay his small hands across her swollen stomach.

"I am. You are a very clever young man, Kouga-kun."

Kouga grinned up at her, obviously pleased by the compliment.

Leaving the woman and child to their conversation Inutaisho motioned Genrou over to the far corner of the balcony, keeping a careful eye on Kitoko as she led Kouga out to see the garden. Genrou too, kept an eye on his son.

"She is a good mother."

Inutaisho nodded, and there was something soft in his gaze that reminded Genrou of how he felt when his own mate had placed his son in his arms for the first time. It put to rest the last of Genrou's doubts about his decision. The Wolf Demon Clans had always been proudly independent of the four Demon Lords, but Genrou knew that his clan might not always have the strength to remain so. He wanted to assurance that his son and pack would not only survive, but also thrive, in spite of any future disasters.


Inutaisho turned to look at Genrou.

"You have decided on your answer?"

Genrou nodded, once, leaning his hands on the rail. Given a choice between the snake, oni,(+) and tiger of the other lands, the dog demon was far preferable.

"Truthfully, I had been thinking about such a thing even before you approached me. It is a good alliance, and the pack would benefit well from it."

Inutaisho too rested his hands on the rail, claws clicking together thoughtfully.

"Yet you have doubts?"

"No doubts, simply reservations. I have no wish to see my child bound to one he does not love, or may even come to resent. The Wolf Demon Clan has always respected freedom, and I would prefer my son be offered some control as to his own future. We wolves mate for life, and I would like my son to at least have a mate he can call friend."

Inutaisho looked considering.

"I agree that having the children hating each other would undermine the entire purpose of the arrangement. What do you say we give them until Izayoi's child is of age? Two hundred years should be enough for one or the other to find a mate that would suit them better."

Genrou barely held back his relief from showing on his face, though he knew Inutaisho could scent it.

"That is a reasonable compromise. Even for a full demon a few centuries would be more than enough time."

He paused briefly before voicing his next question.

"Have you given though about what is to happen should the child be male? Kouga's mate must be able to bear him cubs."

Inutaisho smiled in a manner that screamed 'I know something you don't'.

"That is not a concern."

"How so?"

"This must not go beyond us."

The old wolf looked sideways at the Lord.

"You have my word."

"Izayoi is not fully human, but part kitsune. No matter the gender of her child, they will have the ability to carry young."

Genrou's mind reeled, and he turned a shocked look on the other demon.

"A kitsune? How is that possible? Her scent is completely human."

Inutaisho chuckled.

"Her Human blood is dominant, thanks to a humans seal. However, it was within my power to draw her demon blood to meld with mine when we mated. Our child will be full demon, and will have the ability to bear young despite the gender it chooses."

"I see. This… settles many matters."

Inutaisho turned to face the wolf demon fully for the first time.

"So we are agreed?"

"We are. In two hundred years time after the birth of your second child, should neither take a mate in that time, my son Kouga shall be mated to your pup."

Inutaisho gestured towards the open doors.

"It is settled then. Come, there is a meal to be had after the contract is stamped and sealed."

The two canine demon lords disappeared into the interior of the palace, leaving the future playing in the garden.


- Sengoku Jidai, two years after the Shikon no Tama is shattered. -

Sessoumaru grimaced in distaste as he opened the door to his father's old study. Even after all this time, it felt wrong to be in one of his father's private rooms, especially uninvited. Still, after the adventure with the demon sword Sounga, he felt it was time he laid his fathers affairs to rest. The elegant demon lord walked into the centre of the room. Inhaling deeply Sessoumaru imagined that he could still find traces of his father's scent. It was faded and old, but still present… even if only in his mind.

"Greetings, Sessoumaru-sama."

Gold eyes snapped open –when had he closed them? - and Sessoumaru turned to face the desk. The old flea demon retainer of his father's, Myoga, was perched atop a corked bottle of ink. He scowled at the old bug, which surprisingly did not cower away from him.

"Why are you here, insect?"

The older demon looked solemn and unaffected by the growl in Sessoumaru's voice.

"I am here to see that your great sire's will is carried out."

Taken aback Sessoumaru blinked as his growl quieted.

"What will do you speak of, the swords or something else?"

The flea demon hopped down from the inkbottle.

"Something else entirely, Sessoumaru-sama. I have come to tell you of a contract made between your father, Inutaisho-sama, and the former master of the Wolf Demon Clan, Genrou-sama."

"How is this of any concern to me? Both my father and Genrou are dead."

"Indeed they are Sessoumaru-sama, but the subjects and reasons for the contract are not. Your honoured father left a copy of the contract here in this office, along with a message that I was to pass on to you."

Sessoumaru was at once doubtful and mildly curious. At Myoga's direction he was swiftly able to locate the contract. He raised his brows at the knowledge that his younger half brother was to be mated to the wolf demon Kouga sometime after the hanyou's second hundredth year. His mind stuttered when Myoga informed him of Inuyasha's true heritage.

"Are you certain of this, flea? My dear brother is not in fact a half breed, but a full demon in truth?"

"Yes indeed Sessoumaru-sama. Inuyasha-sama's mother was of partial kitsune blood. Your late father wished to keep this knowledge a secret in order to protect Izayoi-sama and Inuyasha-sama from demons who would see them only as a means of producing strong offspring."

"I see."

He did see. As long asIzayoi was seen only as a human pet that his father had taken fancy too, she would be in no danger of an ambitious demon stealing her in order to produce children with the highly adaptable kitsune magic. If Inuyasha's true pedigree were known any number of youkai would have certainly taken him as a child. Kitsune were one of the most beautiful breeds of youkai, but rarely seen and even less often caught.

Sessoumaru hissed angrily. If his father had trusted him with this information he would have made certain to keep Inuyasha safe. The knowledge that his younger brother was not a stain on the family name gave him leave to do as he had always wished, and welcome Inuyasha into his home without shame. For so long he had been playing the part of the enemy, to keep Inuyasha from being used as a pawn against him.

No longer. With this new knowledge, and the betrothal contract, Sessoumaru had more than enough reason to bring his baby brother back home. Reason enough to destroy any who would intend the younger demon harm, and none would be able to find a reason to fault him.

The demon lord smiled, thinking of the misfit pack his brother had collected, one that included a young kitsune pup. Rin would be ecstatic to have a new playmate. He turned a sharp look on Myoga.

"That mortal wench who hangs off my brother… I will not accept her as a suitable mate."

"Kagome-sama? I suppose you're right… She'll most likely be returning to her own land once the jewel is completed and Naraku destroyed at any rate."

"Good. Return now to Inuyasha's side old man. Keep an eye on him until I come to take him home. There are several things that must be done beforehand."

"As you wish, Sessoumaru-sama."


- Three days after Sessoumaru's meeting with Myoga. -



I can hear her screaming, crying out to me, and calling my name as I fall. She's standing on the top of a hill, shielding Shippo and Sota. Kagome brought Sota through the well to meet the others. It was supposed to be the two-year anniversary of our meeting… Naraku crashed the party.

Kikyo's here too. She showed up out of nowhere and started fighting Naraku. I think she realized that he was serious this time. That it was time for the final battle. She's still fighting over on the other side of the battlefield. Protecting Kaede and a few of the remaining villagers who didn't had time to run.

Sango and Miroku are already dead. They died within minutes of each other. Sango went down swinging and cursing Naraku to the abyss. She was a human I admired, and probably the first I would have admitted to liking. Kirara was killed by the same blast that got Sango. Miroku snapped after he saw Sango's body… or at least, what was left of it, after Kagura's 'Dance of Blades'. He unleashed the wind tunnel, and was swallowed up by it. The stupid pervert houshi managed to take something like half of Naraku's demon horde, Kanna, Kagura, and about a quarter of the town with him. At least he got revenge for Sango before he went down; the bastard really did love her.

I can feel my brother faintly in the distance, coming closer. He won't make it. By the time he gets here this battle will have finished one way or the other. I can't fight any longer, too much poison and not enough blood. Not even a full demon could survive the combined injuries and blood loss I've taken. Everything's up to Kagome now…




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(+) BETA: Excuse my ignorance, but what's an oni?

That would be a Japanese Ogre dear. Think Yura of the Hair or the Thunder Brothers, Hiten and Maten, (and Souten for those who liked that episode. I know I did. XD) they were all types of Oni.


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