Always Smiling

By Ezri-Candy

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Summary: Yuffentine. After the defeat of Hojo, Vincent pays a final visit to Lucrecia who makes him promise her that he will start living life to its fullest. He finds the support he needs from a young ninja who is more like him than he thinks.

'Chaos speaking to Vinnie'

'Vincent speaking to Chaos'



Chapter 1: Battle Wounds

It had only been twenty minutes since the defeat of Hojo and their return to the Highwind. Vincent, much to his satisfaction, had dealt the final blow that ended Hojo's sick and twisted existence. Everyone had been fighting from the moment they dropped in to Midgar by parachute.

Battle after battle occurred as they defeated Proud Clod, which was created by that bimbo, Scarlet, numerous soldiers, and monsters created by the man they had came to take out.

The Avalanche members were all gathered on the bridge.

Cid was partially slumped next to helm with his head resting on the cool metal wall.

Barret was trying to stand next to the wall across from Cid, trying not to show how tired he was, but failing miserably.

Cloud was leaning against the railing at the front of the Highwind with his head tilted back.

Tifa, ever present at Cloud's side, was sitting on the ground next to him with her arms wrapped around her knees.

Nanaki and Cait and Sith were off the side of the near the rear of the bridge. Though Cait could not tire, he did manage to stop bouncing around showing his endless energy. Nanaki lay next to him with his head resting on his paws.

Yuffie was sprawled on her back with her hands behind her head right in the middle of the floor of the Highwind Bridge. Various crewmembers were stepping over her, checking the ships systems and gauges.

Vincent showed no fatigue. He glanced at his comrades and assessed their various injuries that had not been taken care of yet. He looked down at the young ninja and saw the gash across her forehead, which was now crusted with dried blood.

While fighting one of Hojo's forms, Vincent was healing Cloud as one of Hojo's pseudo-limbs lashed out at him. Yuffie defected this with her shuriken but wasn't quite quick enough to avoid the full attack, which is how she received the deep laceration to her forehead.

Vincent had given a quick nod of thanks to her.

Between the shots that he had fired at Hojo, he was amazed to see the Ninja continue attacking with extreme precision, never once missing an attack on the scientist and not stopping to cure herself despite the blood that flowed into her eyes. She was truly a skilled fighter for someone so young.

Yuffie turned her head and looked over at Vincent and smiled at him, then returned looking at the ceiling.

'Odd…' Vincent thought to himself 'even exhausted and injured, she manages to smile.'

Cloud tipped his head back down and surveyed his crew. "We all need to get some rest, and really should check on the new weapons that are roaming around on the planet."

Everyone nodded at this, too tired to comment.

"Cloud, would it be possible to stop at the mountain range where the falls are located?" Vincent asked.

"I don't see that being a problem. Cid, how long will it take us to arrive?" Cloud asked.

"Around five hours give or take twenty minutes…but with these numbskulls" he said pointing to his crew 'flyin' my ship while we rest, shit, it may take longer." Cid replied with a little weariness seeping into his voice.

"Okay, have them set a course, everyone else, return to your quarters and get some rest. When we reach the falls we will need someone to do a supply inventory so we can restock." He said, pushing himself off the railing.

"Well you heard the man, get yer lazy asses in gear and get this ship movin'! You," Cid pointed a young man watching some gauges near the panel by Yuffie's head "make an announcement once we arrive at the falls."

"Yes sir!" The young man said crisply snapping a salute.

Everyone began filing out to their quarters, stepping over Yuffie in the process.

Vincent walked over to Yuffie and offered her his good hand to help her up. Grasping it, she was gently pulled to her feet but was overcome by a wave dizziness and began to sway once she got there.

Vincent saw this and grasped her arm before she hit the deck. "Yuffie are you well?" He asked feeling concerned.

"Whoa." She said, teetering slightly. "I guess I'm just a little bit dizzy, and I have a headache."

"Well, that's probably from the head injury you sustained from Hojo. You did bleed quite a bit."

"Injury? Wha…oh yeah, I forgot about that."

Vincent reached into his armor and pulled out a Cure materia. He concentrated on the small green orb and murmured "Cure three."

Yuffie felt warmth surround her and felt most of the dizziness go away. She would have a slight headache for a while and there was a pale scar on her forehead that would fade in a few hours.

"Thanks Vinnie." She said quietly.

"Vinnie?" He asked with a fine eyebrow raised.

"Yeah, Vinnie. You don't mind me callin' you that do ya?" She asked looking up at him with stormy gray eyes.

"No, it is of no consequence."

'Haha Vinnie! What Kind of name is that?' Chaos let out a dark chuckle in his head.

'Shut up heathen.'

'Okay Vinnie...'


'No sense of humor what so ever!'

"Yuffie, do you require assistance getting to your quarters?"

"No, I think I'll be fine, I just gotta stop by the facilities and wash some of this blood off before I collapse into my bed. Thanks though, Vincent."

"You are welcome, Yuffie." He watched her turn and walk through the door before returning to his quarters.

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Well that's the end of Chapter 1. Vincent is ooc because he's trying to start his life…can you ever forgive me?

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