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Alright-y. This, if you haven't quite got it yet, is a collection of every gloomy Titan one-shot I've ever written. I wasn't too fond of them taking up so much space on my profile, since most of them aren't even over 600 words, so I've combined them all under one name. If you have ideas, or you'd like to see a "sequel" (of sorts) to one, then by all means, tell me!

My Blame

I can't believe what I've done.

I killed them. I killed them all.

No matter how hard I try, or how fast I run, I can still hear their screaming. It's echoing around in my head, making sure that I never forget what I've done.

But that's not what haunts me.

The blood. There was blood everywhere. On my face, in my hair, on my skin. When I finally realized what I had done, the blood had been splattered all over the room. I had to get out, I had to leave. I couldn't breath, the stench of my friends' lifeless bodies already washing over me.

But he was still alive.

He watched me as I left them, watched as I fled with the guilt. He probably died after that, the wounds that I inflected causing him to stop breathing, but the hurt in his eyes, the disbelief, runs wild in my nightmares.

His mentor searched for me. Tried to hunt me down like an animal. He never succeeded. The grief he felt, eventually broke him down.

Now I walk in shadows. I'm barely living. I'm cursed with the memories, both good and bad.

Cursed with the emotions.

Why did I turn on them, did I lose control for one, brief, fateful moment?

Did all the hatred I felt towards my father let lose on my friends?

Was it me that ended their lives, or was it the part of my father that I've tried to hide?

It's the loneness that's killing me. I'd never thought I say it, but I miss them.

I miss them all.

But when I try to remember them, all I can see is their bodies.

The thick, red blood, covering Beast Boy's green fur.

Starfire's broken body, her golden skin disgustingly pale.

The smashed mechanical parts of Cyborg, my work making his face an unrecognizable, bloody pulp.

And then there was Robin...

He was the last one standing, he fought on, despite his tears. Deep down, I don't think he really wanted to fight me, but I had slaughtered the team.

It's ironic really, that one of his own would be the one to kill him.

I've come to the Tower, I've come to say I'm sorry, although I know it's to late.

I can't go inside. It's been cleaned since, but I can't go inside.

There's something that I can do, something that might full the void that's become even bigger.

I look down at the knife in my hand.

One swift movement, and I can end it all. One swift movement, and I can be free of the guilt, free of the pain.

I glance up at the tower, one last time. The giant T shape is just a shadow in the stars, a constant reminder of what I had.

Slowly, I rise above the ground, making sure that I'm above the sea. The knife glints as I bring it up, and it shines as I make the fatal blow.

Now all I can feel is the water, cold, but comforting. I am finally free.

As the darkness closes around me, I can hear their voices. Their not screaming, not begging for me to stop, they're laughing. "Rae!" Beast Boy calls. "Where have you been? We're gonna go now, hurry up!" Starfire's laughing merrily, and Cyborg is once again insulting Beast Boy's Tofu.

Suddenly, Robin's voice whispers, "It's alright Raven. Everything's alright"

I can feel myself smile.

I'm home.