Thought I'd pull myself from Naruto for a bit

Jubei-chan rocks

so I'll have a go

wish me luck


Felicia parries, almost dancing in all her long blonde-haired glory. Her mask covers the perfect poker face underneath, shining azure spade against one eye. Just like her father. She perspires, sweat beading on her forehead, running coldly down the back of her neck. She's hot, warm, feverish. But somewhere deep down she knows Jiyu is worse, Jiyu fevers, her whole body hot, Felicia remembers it, Jiyu's hot, shaky, small body next to hers, so delicate, like burnt leaves. She's careful with Jiyu, She doesn't want to crack her, hurt her. Not much.

Jiyu strafes, moving gracefully, perfectly. Almond hair matted with sweat and mud, and maybe even blood, but no one could really tell. She feels the heat from the heart-shaped eye patch, that had already caused too much trouble for something so small. She moves though, perfectly, skillfully, nothing but heart in all her movements, so cool and calculating, you seemed sure she had already won. Her fever high, sweat running down her face. Koinosuke scrambling, skittering around her, making the right moves at necesary times, small and cute and congested.

Then they froze, both lethal girls, still, anxiety high in the air. Koinosuke, stopped, unmoving and small, shrinking as they planned, plotted, went brain-dead. Then before they even knew what was going on, or right or wrong. They moved, Katanas finding the ground in perfect unison, just as mouths, tongue, lips found eachother with even more harmonized unison. And before either of them knew it they were both at eachother, and passionate and needing. Koinosuke shrank away, eyepatches in his small palms, both the girls too caught up in eachother to notice.

Before they knew they were even kissing, they were pressed against eachother, breasts pressed together. Felicia pulling and holding desperately to Jiyu. Jiyu's fingers finding rough, wavy paths through Felicia's hair. Soon Jiyu's hair was down, splayed over her shoulders, wavy from braids.

And after everything had died down, leaving them both panting and needing, next to eachother. Jiyu grinning and Felicia wide-eyed and unsure she had even done that.

And everything was slow-motion, they were both still kissing and panting and groaning against eachother.

And maybe, 100 breaths later, when their minds catch up with their bodies.

Jiyu will say, "This is nice, lets stay like this forever."

and Felicia will reply "Sure."



well thats that

hope you like

More writing soon.