The Fellowship, Arwen and Eowyn are invited to Hogwarts (20 years after ROTK) to teach the students how to use non-magical weapons and hand-to- hand combat incase they lose their wand in a battle.

(Frodo and Gandalf didn't sail.)

Set – 5th year. (OOTP spoilers)

Chapter 1

"Welcome to another year at Hogwarts!" Dumbledore said, after the sorting ceremony had been completed, "I hope that you all had a very pleasant summer and are ready to get back to your school work and a special welcome to all of you new this year.

"As many of you will have noticed there is no replacement Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher present." The students all nodded, some whispering comments about this to their neighbours.

"This is because we were unable to find a replacement for Professor Umbridge." Scowls appeared on the faces of many of the students' faces, as well as some of the teachers, at the mention of the much hated teacher from the year before.

"Instead we have a new program. I have asked a group of people from a different world called Middle Earth to come and teach you all different methods of defending yourselves without a wand. This is in case if any of you are unfortunate enough to run it a Death Eater and are disarmed then you will have other methods of defence." The headmaster paused for a second before continuing.

"One major thing to remember is that these people will have different customs and ideas so please be polite at all times. Another skill they will be teaching you is how to behave politely when with unfamiliar company. Hopefully you will all excel in this." This comment made Professor Snape, the Potions Master snort.

"Now only 1 of these people is a wizard. But the rest aren't strictly Muggle. Also only 1 is strictly the same as we are, the rest are other types of human or not human at all. But you will understand this better when they arrive, which should be any minute, so while we are waiting. New students are to be warned that the forbidden forest is just that, forbidden. Also Hogsmeade is out of bounds to everyone under 3rd year. Now lets start eating while we wait for our guests." He then sat down and everyone began their meal.

Halfway through the meal. The sound of horse hooves was heard outside and the room went quiet. Minutes later the doors to the great hall, letting in 10 people. From what everyone could see there were 2 females and 8 male. 4 of them looked no more then 6 years old, all rubbing their eyes as if they just woke up. There was another short one but he didn't look young by any means. The group walked to the front of the room and the oldest, a man, dressed completely in white with long white hair and a white staff, lent over and spoke quietly to the headmaster before they all sat down and started to eat.

Everyone went back to their meals and they were all amazed to see that the 4 children were still eating when everyone else had finished and were still going back for more. After 5 minutes of everyone waiting for them to finish the tall, dark haired man next to them whispered something to them and they stopped eating. Once the plates had disappeared the new group stood up and come out in front of the high table.

The tall, dark haired man walked a little further in front of the rest and spoke. "Now I know that it will be strange for you all to get use to us as we aren't all human but hopefully you will be able to get use to this fact and it won't hinder your learning. Also I want to warn you that 4 of us are royalty. (A/N is Eowyn royalty 'cause she is the kings sister, so wouldn't that make her a princess???) We are going to tell you which of us are but there is no need for you to stop what your doing every time we walk into the room, hopefully this will give us a break too from palace life."

He stepped back into the group and one of the women stepped forward. She had long blond hair and like all the others was wearing tight fitted cloths made for travelling but left only he neck, hands and face showing. "My name is Eowyn, sister of Eomer, king of Rohan, wife of Faramir, Steward of Gondor. I am the first to introduce myself to you as I am the only person in this group to be fully from the race of Man in the group. I am a sheildmaiden of Rohan so I will be helping the girls to learn to fight, with swords, daggers and without weapons. I will also help to teach you all how to ride a horse."

The tall dark hair man stepped up again "I am Aragorn, son of Arathorn, King of Gondor. Though I look of the race of Man I am really of the Dunedain, a race of men gifted with long life. I will be instructing sword fighting, the use of a bow and arrow, horse-riding, and will help to teach you all Elvish."

Two people stepped up next, both with long hair, the male blond and the female dark. Both seemed to be around 18 years old but had the wisdom of ages in their eyes. They also were stunning; they had the perfect figure and beautiful facial features. The male spoke first, "I am Prince Legolas Greenleaf of Mirkwood, son of Thranduil, King of Mirkwood." The woman then spoke up. "I am Arwen Undomiel of Rivendell, Queen of Gondor, wife of Aragorn, daughter of Elrond. We are of the Elves, the Firstborn. For those who don't know we are immortal and cannot die from old age or sickness."

"We will be instructing you in Elvish, etiquette and horse-riding. Arwen will be helping Eowyn to teach the girls with weapons. I will be teaching the use of Bow and arrow. As well as long knives." Legolas added.

Next came the short man, he had long red hair and beard and was in a full coat of armour. "I'm Gimli, son of Gloin. I'm a Dwarf and will be teaching how to use an axe as a weapon."

The 4 children went next. "I'm Frodo Baggins, this is Samwise Gamgee, Peregrin Took and Meriadoc Brandybuck," one said pointing to the others in turn. "We aren't children as some of you many think, we are Hobbits, we are just naturally short. We're going to help with some of the horse-riding, sword fighting; Sam is going to help Professor Sprout in the Greenhouses and I'm also going to help with etiquette."

Lastly the old man in white came up. "And I am Gandalf the White. Where we come from wizards are given a colour to show their status, my colour is white. I will be helping where help is needed. Now I think that we should all retire we have had a long journey and I think the Hobbits are about to collapse!" Sure enough the Hobbits were all yawning and looked very sleepy.

Aragorn and Legolas picked up 2 of the Hobbits each and they all followed Professor McGonagall out of the room.

Dumbledore stood up again when they had left, "Well I think that it is time for everyone to go to bed. Good night all."