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galadrielhermione10067 – Thanks

RynnThis is set after the books and so Eomer is King of Rohan and Eowyn is his sister.

SecretDestiny13 – Thanks and thanks for review of On My Own as well I really appreciate the feedback.

Chapter 2

"Now before we start if anyone missed yesterday, my name is Aragorn, this is Legolas, Eowyn and Frodo. I know that usually you wouldn't refer to teachers by their given name but some of us don't have any other name to use. Also because there are so many of us for now you will just have the 4 of us till later in the year." He then turned to Legolas and nodded.

"Now which year are you?" the elf asked.

"6th year, sir." A bushy haired girl in the back replied.

"Thank you, miss…?"

"Granger, sir." The girl supplied.

"Thank you, miss Granger and please don't call me sir. Legolas is my name, so please use it."

"Yes si…Legolas." Hermione said.

"Ok now in the next few weeks we are going to see what your physical fitness levels are. There is no use trying to teach you how to use a weapon if you can't move quickly enough while using it.

"You will all be learning elvish as well, so that if ever you need to communicate your intensions to your allies without the enemy knowing what your saying you can use it." Legolas paused for a minute before continuing.

"You will also be taught the art of horse riding which is another reason to learn elvish as all horses respond to it.

"But today we are going to get to know each other better. I know that the way that we do things is very different to your culture so today is a chance for you to ask any questions. So anyone?"

Hermione Granger was the first to put her hand up and Legolas motioned for her to speak.

"All of you are very different and are from very different races so how did you all end up as a group?"

Aragorn chose to answer this question.

"Over 2500 yrs ago a being called Sauron forged the great rings of power and gave them to the different races.

3 rings for the elven kings under the sun

7 for the dwarf lords in their halls of stone

9 for the mortal men doomed to die

1 ring for the dark lord on his dark throne

In the land of Mordor where shadows lie

1 ring to rule them all

1 ring to find them

1 ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them

In the land of Mordor where shadows lie

Sauron tried to use the 1 ring of power to control the other rings to control the rest of Middle Earth."

"Sounds like Voldemort to me." A dark haired boy with emerald eyes stated.

The rest of the class visibly flinched.

"Oh come on it's just a bloody name it's not like he's going to jump out and kill you for saying it!" the boy continued.

"And you are?" Eowyn asked.

"Harry Potter, Ma'am."

"Oh yes Professor Dumbledore told us about you apparently your quite the adventurous type." Eowyn said.

"I try not to be but adventure seems to follow me." Harry replied.

"Ok well Aragorn do you want to continue?"

"Thank you Eowyn. Sauron succeeded in taking control of the rings of men enslaving the bearers turning them into the 9 ring wraiths, neither living nor dead.

He also managed to collect the 7 rings of the dwarves again to use their power but he was unable to gain the elvish rings.

"When he got out of control, Men and Elves formed a final alliance to kill him. The king of men was slain in the battle and his son Isildur to his father's sword and cut the one ring from Sauron's ring." Aragorn told them.

"Sauron was believed dead but because Isildur kept the ring he lived on. The ring was lost for 2000 years after Isildur's death until Sméagol found it. Sméagol hid away in a cave for the next 500 years and was known as Gollum because the ring twisted his body and mind so much. He kept the ring until my uncle Bilbo Baggins found it." Frodo continued.

"When Bilbo turned 111 he left the ring with me and Gandalf bid me to take it to Rivendell. It was there that the Fellowship of the ring was created and we left Rivendell to destroy the ring. Along the way we got split up and Legolas, Gimli and Aragorn met Eowyn in Rohan. When the ring was destroyed Aragorn married Arwen. So we have all been through a lot together."

When he had finished more hands went up around the classroom.

"Is it true that elves are Immortal?" Lavender asked.

"Yes, I myself am 2934 years of age. Arwen is slightly older then me at 3219 years of age." Legolas said.

A few more questions were asked around the class about the teachers and Middle Earth before the bell rang signalling that they had to go to their next classes.

(A/N I don't know there true ages so if anyone does please tell me.)