They had failed. Repeatedly they had failed. Elsa and Zeltrax – so eager to get ahead, so eager for the Master's attention – dealt crushing defeat by the Power Rangers over and over.

He wouldn't fail. He wouldn't rush impulsively to Mesogog with a poorly formed plan only to watch it crumble at his feet. And then be punished.

Fealdor shuddered. The mind searing pain was something not to be forgotten, or courted. Which was why he didn't understand the others' heedless rush to prove themselves only to fail again and again.

The boasting and posturing; the competition between the other two was something Fealdor did not strive for. Sometimes it was as if they'd forgotten he existed. But Mesogog forgot nothing, and on the day he approached Fealdor for a plan, he'd be ready.

He could do it, he knew. He was close to success; he could feel it in his bones. The idea had come to him when the Tyranodrones had captured Tommy Oliver. Mesogog had the man in the life force extractor, but decided to talk him into submission instead of using the machine. Don't think that too loud, Fealdor...he might hear you.

After the Rangers rescued Oliver and stolen the black power gem, Fealdor's mind began to race. A human would last only a few minutes in the life force extractor on full power. But what about a Ranger? Would there be a difference if the Ranger wasn't morphed? Fealdor did not pursue this line of thinking for long – the Rangers were hard enough to fight, let alone to capture.

So what of former Rangers? There were a number of teams that were no longer active. Would those humans have greater energy potential...perhaps enough to suit Mesogog's needs? Fealdor turned his attention to what he did best – research. So, while Elsa and Zeltrax wore themselves out fighting the Rangers, Fealdor would find a solution - a successful solution, that would gain the admiration of Mesogog, and place for him far above Elsa and Zeltrax in their new world order.