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Session 1: Pancakes?

It happened late in the night. A faint glow could be seen outside one of the single windows of the Titan Tower. The light was coming from the living room. Someone was still up watching T.V.

Beast Boy yawned lazily as he flipped through the channels on the big screen T.V. His eyes glazed over in an almost hypnotic trance as he stared into it with half lid eyes. He covered his mouth as he yawned again. Smearing some of the cheese left on his fingers from eating cheddar puffs in a bowl, across his lips.

After flipping through even more channels it stopped on channel thirty-four as the remote slipped from his hands. He yawned and stretched himself across the couch. He then huddled together by the cushion pillows and snuggled against them as he quietly drifted to sleep. Little Z's flying from his lips.

It was about twelve when he fell asleep. Although there was no curfew for the Titans most of the team would be asleep then. It would be another hour until someone came down to find out what was causing the noise that kept her awake. Raven, was a light sleeper. She could hear it echoing down the hall of her room.

Raven rubbed her eyes as she came into the living room, dressed in formal black pajamas. The sleeves, a few inches longer for her arms. The T.V basked her in the living room in a eerie glow of flashing lights and commercials. Raven strained to open her eyes as she walked in her black slippers, to see who could possibly be still up. Raven looked down over the couch and moaned when she found out who it was, "Beast Boy....,not again...," Raven rubbed the back of her head.

This wasn't exactly how she wanted to start out her day. "It's to early for this." she moaned again as she walked over to the side of the couch and turning the T.V off. She picked up the cheese puffs that scattered across the carpet and levitated them to the trash can in the kitchen. Raven then yawned slightly as she tried to turn Beast Boy over. "Beast Boy, you idiot. Wake up." She said as she nudged his shoulder.

Beast Boy gave a disgruntled groan as he shrugged her hand off, "No, no, no..,you flip your tofu like so...." he mumbled. " Kick it up a notch!" His hand hit the air, "Bam!"

Raven arched a brow,"Uh...okay..." Raven nudged his shoulder tirelessly, "C'mon, Beast Boy. Wake up."

After nudging Beast Boy several times and after being given reiterated advice about cooking tofu over and over, she gave up. Raven, gave a disgruntled sigh, she knew what she had to do. Beast Boy was going to stay there until he woke up in the morning.

"Why do you always do this, Beast Boy?" Raven grumbled as she walked out of the room and then seconds later back with a blanket and pillow from her room. She let out a startled gasp as she slipped on something on the floor. She fell hard on her backside as the blanket flew from her hands and over her head. Raven growled lowly as she pulled the blanket off her, wondering what she had slipped on. Raven stood up and pulled whatever it was off the sole of her shoe.

Raven arched a brow as a red anime vein pulsed on the side of her forehead, " A banana peel....." Raven looked to Beast Boy, resisting hard not to wake the sleeping Beast Boy with a hard bump on the head.

She decided to let it go and instead, picked up the blanket and draped it over Beast Boy. Then tucking the pillow underneath for him to support his head. As Raven tucked the blanket around him, she could see Beast Boy smiling underneath the sheets as he pulled it over his shoulder.

"You're lucky I even care this much." she said to him as she fluffed his pillow. Beast Boy unexpectedly yawned and for some reason this always caused someone else to. Raven yawned drowsily, somewhat annoyed that she had to wake up this early. Beast Boy yawned again as he turned over to his side, his arm stretched over.
His arms wrapped around Raven's shoulders, pulling her down into a hug, her face buried into his chest as he pulled, Raven on top.

A much larger vein than the first pulsed on her forehead, a large sweat drop dripping down her temple.

"Beast Boy..." she growled as she tried to release herself from his grip. She managed too squirm her head free from his chest, up to where she could breathe. This led her though to be closely cheek to cheek next to him. A faint shade of pink twitched on her face, if not for a moment as her head lay next to him.

Beast Boy snored peacefully, a smile on his face as he hugged her closer. His arm around her waist.

Raven looked to Beast Boy from the corner of her eye. Beast Boy, hugged Raven tighter around the waist. Her eyebrow twitching, "You look happy," she said as she managed to pull away from him. Taking his arms off slowly, trying not to disturb him. Finding hard to resist though, wanting to do more than just give him a few bumps this time on the head for the trouble he gave her.

Raven looked to Beast Boy, who turned over on the couch again, curling into a ball rubbing his head against Raven's pillow that she let him lay on.

"I swear, Beast Boy," she sighed, "You're too much."

Raven yawned again. She was tired, she wanted to go to sleep. She didn't feel like walking back to her room so she decided to do the next best thing. She fell back on the far side of the couch from Beast Boy. She sat there, half asleep, her head occasionally bobbing up and down. Her eyes slowly beginning to shift close from the barren silence.

The sound of Beast Boy's quiet snoring was all that Raven heard as she began to grow ever somnolent by the second. She was fast asleep in minutes, falling to her side on the couch, resting her head on her arm.

Unaware to her though, someone else in the tower had woken up. Now, that person was standing over her. A gloved hand grazed itself along Raven's neck and Raven shrugged it off as she turned to lay on her side. The figure smiled at the sleeping Raven. The figure looked down to her and reached out a hand to her neck again. In a swift motion the hands were around her throat and Raven shot awake.

Gasping for air, lamps and various items began to float around the room. Raven, couldn't breathe. She tried kicking whoever was on top of her off. "Let.... go!" Raven muttered through gritted teeth, this only applied an increased pressure around her neck. Raven, managed to maneuver her head to side. Just enough to bite the person hard on the hand. The person immediately released their grip to console their palm, "Now get off!" Raven shouted loudly as she pushed the person over, her eyes exploding in flash of blinding black and white illuminance.

The figure was sent flying back into a window. A series of cracks circled around the area of impact. The figure fell down, their hair covering their eyes. Raven eyes s, glowing a dark black, "Who do you think you are?" She said as she walked closer. Her hand lighted into a black sphere. Raven, pulled the person up by the collar, slamming the figure's back against the window again. She held the glowing hand to their face.

Raven, still couldn't see who it was. A silhouette of their smile stretched on their face as a glowing hand reached around Raven's neck. Raven, didn't expect that. The person's hand glowed bright as it cupped tightly around her neck. Raven, let go of their collar as she tried to pull their hand off. It felt like her throat was going to explode. Raven, clutched the person's throat back, pushing their face back into the window.

Raven, gritted her teeth, "Let go!" she shouted as everything seemed to explode into a brighter explosive flash of black and white. ...


Raven jerked awake, her hands immediately feeling around her neck. She looked around, there was no sign of someone had come and tried to strangle her. Raven, sat up short of breath and looked down at her palms, they were trembling. "It was only a dream," She said as she rubbed her hands together to calmly reassure herself. "Only a dream."

Raven looked down to her side and found the blanket she had draped on Beast Boy was instead now draped on her. Raven held it in her hand as she looked to where Beast Boy was asleep before. Beast Boy was gone, "Beast Boy? Where-"

"Morning Raven!!"

Raven screamed in surprise and fell off the couch with a thud, landing on her back side.

"You want any pancakes?" Beast Boy asked he looked down at her with the pan in his hand. Raven looked up in a confused manner, "What?"

"Pancakes?" He asked again with that silly grin plastered on his face. Flour powdering over on his chef's hat as it perched on top of his head crookedly. He straightened it up again as he looked down at her, "You, okay?"

"Peachy," she replied as she blew the stray hair covering her eyes, glaring at him. A glare that could of cut through stone, "Beast Boy...can you please... not do that next time," she said with gritted teeth as she got to her feet and picked up her blanket.

Raven, folded the blanket and walked over to the other side of the couch to grab the pillow she let Beast Boy lay on, "When did you get up?" she asked as she slung the pillow under one arm.

Raven, grimaced when she found that it was moist. She held it between her index finger and thumb, "He drooled... on my pillow....," she said to herself irately.

"Oh, hours ago." He replied to answer her question as he continued to flip his tofu pancake's over the stove. He stirred the pancake around with his spatula, "It's like eight, so the other guy's won't be up for another hour. Soooo, you wanna help with me with breakfast?" he smiled widely to her.

Raven, levitated the doused pillow sheet to the wash. Then putting back on a new clean black pillow sheet, she levitated from the laundry room. Raven stared back to him, "You're asking me to help because it's your turn to cook again isn't it?"

Beast Boy laughed nervously as he fumbled the pan, "Well, now that you mention it, I do need help" he said as a anime sweat drop drip down his head. "We're feeding one extra mouth y'know? And we all know that she can really eat."

Raven yawned as she stretched out her arm and cricked her neck and cricked it over again. Resting her head on the arm of the couch was really uncomfortable, "Terra? Well, she does have one big appetite doesn't she? Guess I can lend a hand."

Beast Boy smiled as he slid the pancake on a stack on a plate and flipped another one on the pan, "Hey, Raven."

Raven turned around as she dropped her blanket and pillow on the couch, "What?" she asked as she hovered into the kitchen.

"Thanks. Y'know for the blanket." he smiled as he held out his pan to catch the pancake in the air. Beast Boy confidently held the pan out waiting for it to come back down, but it instead fell on top of his head, smothering him in pancake batter.

Raven, couldn't help but, smile. At least a light one "Very smooth." She said, wiping some of the batter from his eye, "You do need help, Beast Boy." She said as she grabbed a wash cloth from the sink and handed it to him.

"Thanks." he replied as he licked some batter that slid down far enough for his tongue to reach.
He walked over and stuck his head underneath the faucet of the sink and brushed the batter away down the drain. He dried his head on the wash cloth, "So, you wanna start on the eggs and hot dogs for Robin and Cy?" he asked. "And.um... Starfire's..." Beast Boy gagged, "French toasted tuna roll's."

Raven walked over and looked into the mini fridge, "She always eats mustard when she has that, right?

Beast Boy made a funny disgusted face, "Yup." he replied as he finished on the pancakes and began to set the table.

There was a peaceful silence as the two began to set everything. The sound of crackling eggs and toast popped in the kitchen as the aroma whiffed in the air. Beast Boy finished pouring juice, milk, and started setting the plates. He looked around and walked outside. When he came back he stuck a flower from outside in a vase.

A suggestion by Raven who knew Starfire would've have initially persisted in asking for one once she got in the room. Beast Boy stuck a violet into a white vase and placed it in the middle of the table, surrounded by the banquet of food. Eggs, toast, hotdogs, pancakes, bacon and tofu decorated the table, who would have asked for a better breakfast?

Raven, wiped the sweat off her brow from working in front of a hot pan. She brushed off her shoulder that harbored some flour and sat down. She sipped her juice as Beast Boy took a seat across from her.

Beast Boy smiled to her, "Sooo, whatcha been doing lately?" he asked.

Raven placed her cup back down, "Not much.".

Beast Boy rubbed the back of his head, "Kay...Sooo, doing anything if there's no crime today?"

"Starfire, Terra and I are going shopping at the mall." Raven rubbed her head, "It was mostly Starfire's and Terra's idea. They wanted...a girl's day out." she said as she made a quotation hand gesture.

Beast Boy smiled, "Cool, so-"

"Wooo! Breakfast, the most important meal of the day!" Cyborg shouted as he walked through the sliding doors, stretching his arms as Robin and Starfire followed behind.

Starfire whiffed the air, "The smell of sliced bread prepared as French, such a delectable aroma." She said as she glided into the room.

Robin took a seat, "Everything looks great, BB. You really outdid yourself. Did you cook everything?" he asked as he took a piece of toast on his plate and bit it.

Beast Boy took a sip of his juice as everyone took a seat around the table, "Raven kind of-"

Raven coughed, "Hm?"

Beast Boy rubbed the back of his head, "She helped me much." Beast Boy looked around, "Hey, where's, Terra?"

"Someone, say my name?" Terra said as she covered Beast Boy's eyes, "Guess who?" she snickered.

Beast Boy took the hands off his eyes, "Morning, Terra. Breakfast?" he asked as he held a plate of eggs and hotdogs to her smiling.

"Thanks." Terra smiled as she took a seat next to him, putting Beast Boy between her and Raven.

Cyborg rubbed his hands as he looked down at the food eagerly. He tied a bib around his neck as he held out a knife and fork, "Enough talk, let's eat!" he shouted and everyone dug in.

After the buffet Cyborg gave a satisfied burp and rubbed his stomach, "Man..., that was great." he said as he picked at his teeth with a tooth pick. Beast Boy smiled triumphantly, knowing Cyborg had enjoyed everything. Beast Boy then took up the plates to put them in the sink. Cyborg flicked the tooth pick he had in his mouth to the table, "Besides the tofu that is."

Beast Boy wrinkled his brow as he dropped the plates in, he smiled as he crossed his arms across his chest "Your turn to wash dishes, Cy."

Cyborg moaned as he got to his feet and walked to the sink. He pushed Beast Boy out of the way and Beast Boy stuck his tongue out to him as he turned around. Beast Boy chuckled as he walked back to the kitchen table to find that Raven and the other girls were gone.

Beast Boy quirked a brow as he looked behind his shoulders, "Hey, Robin, where did the girls go?"

Robin sat up straight and cricked his neck, " Starfire said something about the mall."

"They left already?" Beast Boy asked, "Did they say what they're going to do?"

"Hang out, I guess." Robin replied as he shrugged his shoulders, "With Terra ,those girls are bound to have fun, huh?"

"She's a real party girl." Beast Boy smiled.

Cyborg leaned over to Beast Boy from the sink "Our little, Beast Boy, and his crush. Awwwww..." Cyborg said as he pinched Beast Boy's cheek

"Dude, shut up." Beast Boy said as he punched Cyborg on the arm.

Cyborg laughed as he finished the dishes and took a seat, "Don't burst a vein or anything." Cyborg said as he nudged Beast Boy in the side with his shoulder, "I'd still like to know how you and Raven are still cool."

Beast Boy rubbed his arm, "Dude, of course we're-what?"

Cyborg quirked his brow, " Raven didn't get pissed?"

Robin nodded, "I thought she was going to go neutral on you."

"Pissed? For what?"

Cyborg knocked on the side of Beast Boy's head, "Helloooo? She didn't do anything?"

"Why would she?" Beast Boy asked.

"BB Dude, fine. Whatever, I guess it's bad, huh?" Cyborg asked as he rested his hand behind his head, "Cause it has to be if you won't tell us guys."

Beast Boy scratched his head, "Yeah...,it was?" he lied. Beast Boy didn't have the faintest idea of what the heck Cyborg was talking about but he was going with it.

"So whaddya want to do now guys? It's been quiet lately and it's just us guys here...." Robin grinned, "Paintbaaallll!" they all shouted in unison as they jumped out of their seats and out the door.

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