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Chapter 10: Rebuild

Terra ran as fast as she could, she had to get out of this place and think. She just needed a moment alone. She had to-

She stopped in her tracks as she came into a room. Her mouth gaped open as she looked into the group of shocked faces looking at her. Terra looked into those guilty faces... staring back to her with frightened eyes. "What have you done?" the fun house mirror eyes asked her. She looked into her reflections and she started to cry.

She stumbled back to her knees, "Beast Boy, I'm sorry, I'm so sorry."

Terra covered her hands with her eye's. Her stomach felt like turning as she knelt there. Tears on her face stuck strands of her hair to her cheeks as she sobbed, "I never met for things to be this way."

"Then, why'd you let it."

Terra looked up, "Beast Boy?" She smiled a little but when she looked into his green eyes her smile faltered.

Terra shook her head, " I don't know, okay?. Slade...he helped me save me from myself...he taught me how to control my powers and he said I owed him and-" Terra looked to him, "I never-

"So it was all just a game to you? You were just pretending?"

Terra pushed herself up with one knee, "Wait, Beast Boy. Y-You said you'd still be my friend no matter wh-" Terra reached for him but Beast Boy turned away from her.

He looked over his shoulder, "Slade was right....you have no friends."

Terra froze....

She was about to speak up but her mentor did not allow her to say another word. He only had to give the word and the two were to disappear into the shadows. Terra wanted to say something to Beast Boy,...anything...but something deep inside her wouldn't allow it.

This was the second time that Beast Boy had lied to her...

Terra looked back to Beast Boy who still stood under the fun house lights. He bit down on his bottom lip and shattered the fun house mirror to the side of him. His fist hit hard and it scattered the glass into tiny shards. The quiet sound of raindrops hit the floor and so did he as he leaned against the wall.

Terra looked away, she was sure he didn't want to see her....and that she didn't want to see him.

"How could this happen! How could they do this with my security!" Cyborg shouted as he kicked over a sofa chair. The chair hit with impact with his foot and was knocked into the side of a wall.

"Cyborg, please do not damage our home any-"

"Girl! Look at this place! How the heck can it get any more damaged!" Cyborg shouted loudly.

Starfire cringed in her seat, "I did not mean to wish to make you angry-" she sniffled.

Cyborg groaned and rubbed his head, "Star, I'm sorry it's just..Gah!" he shouted as he punched at the air.

"Can we just forget it for now!" Robin shouted to him, "We need to figure what to do now!"

"We have to look for Beast Boy." Raven spoke up.

Robin nodded, "We have to find him and Terra. So team we have to-"

A creak came by the door and skinny figure walked in, "You guy's talking about me?"

"Beast Boy!" the group shouted.

"Where have you been, we've been worried about you!" Robin said as he came to greet him.

"Yeah! Where were you and Terra!? Cyborg shouted as the two walked over to the circle of sofa chairs.

"Yes, where is Terra? Is she safe?" Starfire asked. Starfire looked into Beast Boy's eyes, "Beast Boy...what is the matter?"

Beast Boy looked down, "Terra's...not coming back.."

"What?" Why not?" Robin asked.

Beast Boy took a seat and leaned down on his hands, "Didn't you guy's figure it out yet..."

"Figure wha- oh...no..no way." Cyborg said. " Guy's, you don't think..."

Robin looked to him, "It does make sense... but I can't believe she would-"

"It's the only way." Raven interrupted. "It's the only way."

"What? What is the only way?" Starfire asked.

The team looked to her and Robin sat next to her and whispered into her ear. Starfire's eyebrows shot up, "No! That cannot be! She could have not!"

"Well she did!" Beast Boy shouted, " I was there! She betrayed me- I mean us!"

"Beast Boy you have to tell us everything. Where did she go? What did she do?"

"Just leave me alone for a minute!" Beast Boy shouted as he stood up.

"Dude, BB. What's wrong?" Cyborg asked.

"The only reason she pretended to like me was because she needed to get information!"

Cyborg face froze, "Dude...sorry. I didn't know... you going to be-?"

"Just leave me alone!" Beast Boy shouted as he ran past them into the halls.

The team was silent and they all looked to each other.

Cyborg swung his fist back casually and made contact with a face that erupted into wires and circuits. He sighed as he picked up the Slade bot's body, and flung it limply to the far side of the room.

"Well...I guess we won."

Starfire looked down, "Then why does it not feel like a victory."

2 day's later

It was a late afternoon; the sun hung lowly in the sky. Orange rays filtered through the large hole in the windows of the Titan Tower. They still needed to get that fix. That and whole lot of repair work on other damages.

Inside, the team sat quietly in the living room as they recollected the past events. It's been almost two days after the Terra incident. It affected each member of the team, especially one particular green person the most. They had come to trust her but now . . . they weren't so sure. The team sat around by each other on the living room couch and whispered to each other. With the exclusion of Beast Boy in the group though. The whole conversation seemed to be circling around him.

Robin was in the kitchen digging into the mini fridge as he began the conversation, "So...Terra betrayed us..." he said bluntly with a pause that got everyone's attention. Robin took two cans out of the fridge and he kicked it closed with his foot. He frowned with gritted teeth as he walked back into the living room. Saying a certain someone's name left a bitter taste in his mouth "She left us for Slade.."

In the living room, Starfire was crying on the couch, "Truly terrible, truly disastrous. Our good friend Terra could have not left us." Starfire whimpered as she hugged a pillow cushion. She wiped away a tear, "How could she have done such a terrible thing! She-"

Raven coughed in interruption to Starfire "She's gone bad, Starfire." she said in her cold monotone voice. Extinguishing Starfire's belief in her idea that Terra could not be a villain.

"Raven, but what if-" she whispered.

"Shes gone bad." Raven repeated again in a denser tone. "No matter how much you want to believe it isn't so, it is true. This isn't the same thing like with Robin."

"So...how do you think BB's feeling?" Cyborg asked as he jumped into the conversation and caught the can of soda Robin tossed to him from the kitchen. He popped the soda open and took a sip.

He made a face and spat it out, "Gross!" he threw the can hard to the ground and it made a crinkle as it bounced "And to top it off, the fridge is still busted and all we have is warm soda!"

Cyborg, slumped his shoulders as he looked up. He sighed, "You think he's still up there?" he asked as he eyes motioned to the flight of stairs that led to the roof.

Robin sat into a seat of the couch beside Starfire, "Probably is. He's probably still shook up, huh?"

Cyborg rested his arms behind the couch, "Dude, if a girl I liked turned out to be just using me and then I figured she was working for Slade.....,then yeah. I would be too." He replied, hinting a little sarcasm in his tone.

They team sat silent on the couch as Robin took occasional sips from his soda. Cyborg's eyes darted toward him, Starfire and Raven.

Cyborg then looked up the ceiling as he cricked his neck, "So.....whose going to talk to him first?" Cyborg looked to Robin.

Robin waved his hands, "I'm not good with this sort of things with a guy. Why won't you go, Cy?"

Cyborg quirked a brow as he pointed to himself, "Me? No way. I'm a guy too. I can't and don't do mushy either" he replied as he folded his arms across his chest, "Pick someone else cause I'm not doing it." he said firmly as he shook his head side to side.

Robin wrinkled his brow at Cyborg and muttered under his breath, "Wuss."

Cyborg shot at the comment and pointed to him, "Wuss? Dude, if you won't do it then you shouldn't be talking either!"

"Please stop mean talking!" Starfire shouted, "Please, we are friends! We cannot worsen our situation with more fighting."

A sweat drop dripped down Robin's head, he knew Starfire was right. Robin turned his attention to Starfire, "Then Starfire, would you wanna try first? You have a good sense of other people's emotions."

Starfire nodded back in reply as she held the cushion pillow closer. "Yes, I am supposedly most suitable for this situation. Perhaps if I recite the sonnet of gloominess and proceed with the ballad of laughter, Beast Boy will begin to feel better. Each several hundred verses of condolence may be what Beast Boy needs."

Starfire nodded her head again as she stood up and glided to the flight of stairs, "Do not worry friends. I will be sure to return successfully with Beast Boy."

Cyborg and Robin looked to each other then at Raven who slowly shook her head saying "No"

Robin and Cyborg smiled with anime sweat drops down their heads as they grabbed Starfire by the arms and back to the couch.

"Um, Star I don't think BB is ready for your kind of comfort." Cyborg said as she placed her bouncing on a seat.

Robin took a handkerchief and wiped the side of his head, "Maybe someone with a little less to say with strong words should go?" Robin looked to Raven, "Guess that's your department, Ra-"

Raven held up her hand, "You don't have to say another word." she said as she stood up from the couch. She tucked her hood over her head as she left out the door.

Robin called out to her, "Raven."

Raven looked over her shoulder and saw the boys holding positive thumbs up's while Starfire held up a "Go, Raven, Go!" poster.

"Will you be fine without any assistance?" Starfire called out to her.

"I think I can handle it, Starfire." Raven, replied back in her monotone voice as she shut the door behind her.

As the door shut behind her, Robin, Starfire and Cyborg sat back in their seats.

The trio was silent before Cyborg coughed, "So....you think things will go okay up there?"

Robin and Starfire looked to each other and shrugged their shoulders.

Beast Boy sat quietly on the floor on top of the roof. He stared with sad half lid eyes into the sun. Tears shed hours ago were now left dry along the lids of his eyes. He had been up there for some time now. He pounded his fist on the ground. "Why, she'd do it....". Beast Boy whispered through gritted teeth. He needed a answer, any answer he could use for some sort of explanation.

"It was my fault...." he whispered as he clenched his fist in attempt to stop him from crying.

"It was my fault!" he shouted out load as he stood up and balled his fist's. His voice echoed back to him and bit back hard.

"It had to be my fault. Why else would she do this... I should've....I should've....I...."

" Don't think you should be talking to yourself. " , A voice called out behind him.

Beast Boy turned around and brought his head down. He didn't know someone else was listening to him.

Raven shut the door behind her and walked over to Beast Boy. "So you're blaming yourself now? Not a good sign. Going through any stages?"

Beast Boy gaped at the word silently as he shook his head, "I..I don't know what your talking about."

"You miss her... don't you?"

Beast Boy was silent as he brought his hand to wipe at his eye. He chuckled, "Raven, this is kind of funny. I don't want you to see me like this."

Raven reached for Beast Boy's shoulder, "Beast Boy...I know it's hard to control emotions. Especially-"

"Especially when it's from someone you like, y'know?" he chuckled in a attempt to turn her from what he really felt inside. "I'm fine, really. I'm not going through any stages."

Raven, crossed her arms and tucked them underneath her chest. "Denial" she counted on her finger

"Hey, that's not true! I'm not in any denial! Did the rest of the guy's tell you to come up here and talk to me or something?"


Beast Boy sighed, "Okay, fine. That was a little paranoid. Maybe.., maybe.... I am going through something...."

Raven held out her third finger, "And then acceptance." She smiled, " You're taking this pretty well, Beast Boy."

Beast Boy stood with a blank look on his face. A slight smile crept up on him. "So...you're here to cheer me up, huh?"

"Something like that." she replied.

Beast Boy's smiled again then it slowly faded, "It hurts...., y'know? I don't know how else to describe it..." He said as he turned to look at the sun again. The sun glazing him over in its orange light on his skin. "I...I ..still can't believe...y'know....I just don't understand."

Raven turned her gaze at the sun, "Some thing's are better left not understood. Things like these are confusing. Sometimes you just can't help it. Sometimes things just happen-."

"Raven...." Beast Boy whispered.

Raven turned her head to Beast Boy, "What?"

"Why would stuff like this happen? It had to be my fault. I should have went and look for her after she left. Why didn't I follow her? Why didn't I at least try to find her when she first left!" Beast Boy slapped his hand on the floor. "I'm such an idiot..."

Raven, shrugged her shoulders, " You have a point there."

Beast Boy tipped to the side in anime like fashion, " Rav-"

Beast Boy stopped as Raven smiled underneath her hood.

" Oh, I get it." he chuckled.

Beast Boy smiled as he turned his attention to the horizon with Raven, "Raven," he said

Raven looked to him, "Huh?"

"Thanks." He smiled.

"Always, welcome."

Beast Boy sighed, " I just wish I hadn't said those things to her..."


Beast Boy shook his head, "Nothing."

There was a brief silence between the two until Raven coughed intentionally, "So, you want to come down later?"

Beast Boy sighed, "Later, Raven. I'm just not up to it."

How about a ride then? Cyborg say's we could all use one to help him and us relax?"

Beast Boy smiled, "Sure....maybe hearing a few of my grade A jokes will cheer everyone up?" He smiled as he bounced up to his feet.

Raven looked to him with dotted eyes, "Glad to see you're back to normal."

Beast Boy shrugged his shoulders, "You know I'm funny." He smiled, "Maybe I can crack a smile out of you too."

Raven, rolled her eyes, "That'll be the day." She said as she walked toward downstairs. She looked over her shoulder, "Are you coming or not?"

Beast Boy laughed behind her, "Sure, sure."

It was then Beast Boy found himself laughing and smiling again. And of course, being his clueless self, he didn't know why.

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