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Summary: Buffy Summers and Angelus O'Connor. Worst enemies. Brother and sister in law. And slowly falling in love.

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* * * * * * * * * * * *

New York, April 21st, 2003

"You're making the biggest mistake of your life, Darla." Buffy snapped, slamming the door shut behind her.

Darla laughed cheerfully. "I know you don't get on," She raised an eyebrow at Buffy's snort, "But please, for today be nice!"

Buffy stared wordlessly at Darla, as she turned form the mirror showing off the beautiful white wedding dress complete with poofy skirt, long train, sleeves and crystal beads decorating her waist. "You look beautiful," Buffy murmured. She pouted. "I wanna get married!"

"Buffy, you are twenty four years old! You have your whole life ahead of you!"

Buffy nodded. "Yeah, and your twenty nine and getting married to the most cold-hearted businessman ever! And it's not even for love!"

Darla's happy smile vanished form her face and was replaced with a cold scowl. "Don't you ever say that again! I love Angelus, with all my heart! Just cause I'm happy and you're not!" She stamped her foot in anger. "God! You're acting like Faith!"

Buffy gaze soften as a few silent tears rolled down her cheek. "Oh, I'm sorry Darla!" She whispered, enveloping her sister into a tight hug, "It's just I don't want to see you get hurt!"

Darla wiped her eyes gently. "I won't. And if I do, I'll fight back!" She attempted a weak smile. "And I've got the best lawyer in Chicago looking after me!"

"I'm not that good!" Buffy protested. Before Darla could argue, she had opened the door. "Come on. Let's go and get you married!"

* * *

New York, 17th April, 2004

Buffy fished her cell phone out of her pocket. "Hello?"

"Buffy, it's Spike."

Buffy smiled slightly. "Hey Spike. What's the what?"

"Angelus is mad." Spike answered.

Buffy paused, before answering blankly. "So?"

Spike sighed, making the line crackle. "He wants to see you. Now."

Buffy scowled. "And how about no, cause I don't jump to his commands!"

There was silence.

"Do you want me to tell him, you'll be here in ten minutes?"

"Yeah." Buffy switched off her phone and rolled down the screen that separated the driver from her. "Parker, can you take me to my sisters? Thanks."

* * *

Buffy stormed angrily into Angelus' study. "Alright, what is it?" She snapped, nodding to Spike who was lounging on a sofa, drinking whisky.

Angelus stared coldly at her from behind his desk. He motioned to his glass of red wine. "Drink?" He asked.

Buffy sighed impatiently. "Martini. Very dry." She answered, sitting down, at the opposite end to Spike, of the sofa.

Angelus nodded and repeated the request to his secretary through the telecom.

After his secretary had brought her drink, Buffy repeated the question. "Well?"

Angelus leant back on his chair and observed her calmly. "Darla is having an affair." He said at last.

"Good for her, is that it?" Buffy snapped, annoyed at her brother-in-law.

"With a barman named 'Owen'." He finished.

Buffy stared at the floor in shock. "Oh, my, god." She whispered, "She could so much better than that!"

Spike snorted.

Angelus scowled deeply. "Buffy!" He growled.

"Oh, come on Angelus! Are you telling me, you've never slept with anyone in the time you and my sister have been married?" Buffy demanded.

"I will not answer that." Angelus snapped.

Buffy rolled her eyes. "So that's a yes then." She took a sip of her drink, before looking straight up into Angelus' eyes. "Divorce her."

Angelus raised an eyebrow. "What?"

Buffy shrugged. "Divorce her. I knew she was making the biggest mistake of her life when she married you and I don't want to see her get hurt anymore. Divorce her."

Angelus placed his drink on his desk and leaned back in his chair. "No." He said firmly.

Buffy glared at him in hatred. "Why not?" She snapped.

"Because you're one of the best lawyers in New York. And you're Darla's. With you on her side, she could take everything if not most of what I own."

Spike scowled. "Nice to know you have confidence in me, peaches!"

"Look, I haven't time for this," Buffy announced, standing up. "If you divorce her, I'll go easy. I'll convince Darla not to take loads. But if she divorces you, then I'll fight to my death to get everything from you for my sister. Because she deserves it! A lot more than you do! And trust me, I'm going to convince Darla in every way possible to divorce you!"

Angelus observed her calmly. "You won't be able to." He commented.

"Maybe not on my own," Buffy admitted, "But if I can get Faith to help... well, I think I'll get my way!" She turned and smiled at Spike, "Spike, I'll se you tomorrow at work." She looked back at her brother-in-law. "Angelus." She spat coldly.

Spike whistled long and slow, as the blonde stormed out of the room. "Wow, you gonna have all three Summer's girls after you! Good luck!"

Angelus barely glanced at his brother. "Oh, shut up Spike." He snapped.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

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