Have you ever wanted to get away from life for awhile? To just drown your thoughts in a thick, foamy latte? That's what I was hoping to do when I got here twenty minutes ago. However, Justin just walked in and I think he spotted me.

I would try to hide behind my copy of Dante's Inferno, but I think he's already seen me, so it wouldn't be worth the effort. Now don't get me wrong, our local Starbucks isn't the biggest in the world, but there are plenty of table he could sit at and let my go back to my day of nothingness, but I don't think that is going to happen.

"Hey Julie, mind if I sit here?" Justin puts one of his hands on the back the chair across from me.

I sigh and raise my eyes over then top of my book. "No, Mathews take a seat." I reply, trying my best to sound pleasant.

It's hard to be sweet and polite all the time, ever though for some odd reason people expect me to be. Like having the name Julie Gaffney automatically makes you think of sunshine and daisies all the time. I am not made of sugar and rainbows as most of the student body seems to believe. It's especially hard to be perky when your entire plan for the day was to avoid 'The A Crowd' at all cost, and the poster child of BMC (big man on campus) wants to hang out with you.

Just pulls out the chair and sits down, resting his coffee on the table and folding his hands. I bury my face behind the book again and sigh turning the page. If he was looking for friendly conversation, he won't find it here. At least not with me.

"So, are you coming to my party next?" His voice breaks into my thoughts.

I rest my book on the table and look over at him with arches eyebrows. "What party might that be? I haven't even heard about a party."

"Oh, I thought for sure you knew already, Luis said he'd tell you. I got picked along with two guys from Blake and one from Henry Sibley to represent Minnesota in the mid Western tennis championships. My parents are letting me have a little get together at the Country Club to celebrate."

Yup, that's really what I want to do, spend another day with the morally bankrupt group of adolescence. As if everyday with school isn't enough, now I can't even have my weekends to myself. I paste on my best smile and lather my voice in sticky sweetness. "Well congratulations, Justin, that's great. You must be a really good player."

He grin brightly. " You'll be there, then right? It wouldn't be as much fun without you."

He must be a great actor, he should try out for this year Christmas play.. I'm almost getting the impression he actually want to there. Give the man an Oscar, ladies and gentlemen. I roll my eyes and slip my drink. "I'm so glad I've been deemed worthy of a personal invitation."

"What's that suppose to mean?" Justin raises his eyebrows.

"If I wasn't dating Luis, you would never have invited someone like me to your party. I know it, and you know it."

I watch as the normal friends and cheerful expression on his face turns sour. Pushing back form the table he asks "Let me ask you something Julie, if you weren't dating, Luis would ever even considered going?" With that he walks away leaving me sitting dumbfounded at the table.