Souls Intwined

Disclaimer: Teen Titans and Legacy of Cain belong to their own respective creators. While the I love the teen titans show, I feel quite disturbed at the sheer number of BBxR fanfics out there. I don't hate the green dude, but I think Raven could do better. This is my first attempt at trying to match Raven with someone else (actually it's my first fic so please don't flame me too much).


Note: This story takes place right after the 3rd installement of the Soul Reaver series. If you haven't finished or played the game and don't want to see a (possible) spoiler, don't read.

You've been warned.

More Notes:

The first set of dialog came from the Legacy of Kain: Defiance game end sequence (with some additional stuff I decided to add).

'' - thoughts

- Telepathy


"And I am not your enemy... not your destroyer..." gasped Raziel as his life force flowed into the Soul Reaver.

"No, Raziel... this can't be the way..." Kaim pleaded as he attempted to free Raziel from his inevitable fate.

"I am, as before, your right hand... your sword." Raziel's body grew fainter by the second as he struggled to stay consious. He looked at Kain one last time before he faded into nothingness.

"And now you will see the true enemy..." With that, Raziel's body disappeared into the Reaver.

Kain's eyes, now opened by the now purified energy of the Soul Reaver, saw the elder god in all its deformity. He lifted the Soul Reaver and prepared to finally put an end to the cursed circle.

"So, little vampire." sneered the elder god. "So. I am revealed to you at last."

"What in the hell..." Kain stood in shock at the sight before him. This was the god the ancient vampires had worshipped. The god which had played with their lives for so long. It had a thousand eyes scattered thoughout its 'body' if it could even be called that. Tendrils which seemed to run throughout the whole citadel in what seemed to be a deadly embrace covered the wall in front of him. Apart from the disturbing amount of eyes on the tendrils, a single huge eye stood out on what appeared to be its main body. One which seemed to stare right through into his soul.

"I am the origin of life, the devourer of death. I am the hub of the Wheel, the purifying cycle to which all souls must be drawn. Do you really think you can stop me? I have lived for countless millennia. I have seen the rise and fall of of this world's races for generations. I am the alpha and the omega. You cannot hope to defeat me, much less touch me. You may ponder the futility of your ambitions as you spend a deathless eternity beneath a mountain of rubble. You and your Soul Reaver will go equally mad as the eons pass. The Citadel of the apostates will become your living tomb."

"Then why do you seem to fear me now, 'god'? Could it be be because now I 'can' touch you?" said Kain. Kain strikes one of the Elder's tendrils with the Soul Reaver, cleaving it apart in a shower of green fluid. The Elder howls in pain, and bars his primary Eyestalk with several more tendrils. "For you would not fear us, unless we could truly do you harm." Kain cuts through the tendrils as he stalks towards the Elder's Eye.

"NO! YOU ARE NOTHING!" roared the god. More tendrils rise as they attempt to stop the advancing Vampire lord from approaching any closer.

"False God! This is the end- the final turn of your Wheel." With that, he charged forward, determined not to let Raziel's sacrifice be in vain.

The pain was unbearable. The feeling of your soul being wrenched from your body inflicted a pain far worse than any ordinary death. 'As if I would even be allowed that luxury' mused Raziel. Having finally been stabbed by the Soul Reaver, he would forever be trapped within its blade, unable to feel, see, or even die. 'At last', he though, 'the prophecy has come to pass.' And with that last thought, he resigned himself to his fate.

Yes. whispered a voice. This prophecy has come to pass, but your destiny has yet to be fulfilled.

Raziel opened his 'eyes' and searched for the source of the voice. "Who are you?!" he cried. While true, he was trapped in the sword, his mind still allowed him the luxury of having a body as he looked all around the endless void that was the Soul Reaver.

Do not be afraid, little one said the voice. Now noticeably louder and apparently female. My name is not important, though, as it has been changed many times thoughout the years. A faint outline of a woman dressed in white appeared in front of Raziel. Her long blonde hair flowing yet there was no wind. If it makes you feel any better, you may call me Selina. said the voice as she materialized fully.

'Wind? Not in this hell, there isn't' thought Raziel, a slight chuckle rising to his throat.

Yes, apparently there isn't. The woman giggled at Raziel's little comment.

"You can read my thoughts?" asked Raziel. He became wary of this sudden intrusion into his prison, even if he welcomed it. Things which could read your mind were never truly welcome to have around, lest they begin to play with things which were not theirs.

I apologize, Raziel. With thoughts as strong as yours, it is difficult not to pick them up. However, I cannot 'read' your mind as you mistakenly believe. Only pick up very strong thoughts. She smiled gently at Raziel, knowing that he would not fully believe her statement anyway. Having been through so much, it was only normal for him to be mistrustful of others.

"So what is it you wish of me, lady?" asked Raziel with some false reverence. He folded his arms across his chest, mildly interested at what this apparition had to say to him. Thoughts of how the elder god had brought him back suddenly came flashing into his mind.

Reaching out to Raziel, she gently caressed his cheek. He flinched as if burned by fire yet was suprised as the woman only smiled warmly at him. He soon felt a calm wash over him like he had never felt before. A feeling of, oneness, he thought. Something akin to coming home. And of an unconditional love. Not a love as such between lovers but something stronger. More pure, if such a thing existed.

You have been through so much, dear Raziel. I have come to offer you something of a gift. She drew her hand to her heart, never once taking her crystal blue eyes off Raziel's own empty white ones. Something which you so truly deserve after what you have lived through. Taking a small breath, she told Raziel the one thing he thought he would never have again.

I offer you your freedom.

As the Soul Reaver plunges one final time into the elder god's Eye, a scream of rage echoes thoughout the vampire citadel. As Kain withdraws the sword, the chamber begins to crumble, debris and rubble collapse from the ceiling, threatening to bury the chamber. Sheathing the Reaver, Kain teleports to the top level of the spirit forge and watches the elder god retreat into the earth.

"You cannot destroy me, Kain. I am the Engine of Life itself. The Wheel will turn. The plague of your kind will be purged from this world. And on that inevitable day, your wretched, stagnant soul will finally be mine!" The elder god gives one final roar as it buried itself far from the reach of the one weapon which could hurt it.

Kain looks one final time at the chamber as tons of debris and rubble seal of the abomination which once held all of Nosgoth in its grasp. "In the meantime, you'd best burrow deep." threatend Kain, as he left the chamber, hoping never to see the 'god' again.

Raziel threw his head back and laughed. Here was a being that claimed to be able to free him from the Reaver? How could one separate him from his own soul? He looked sharply at the woman in white and scowled. "Do not attempt to fool me, lady. I 'am' the Soul Reaver. What has happened had to happen for the sake of Nosgoth. I am resigned to my fate. Besides," said Raziel while rasing an eyebrow. "How do you separate me, from myself?"

Selina only smiled warmly at Raziel. While Raziel still felt doubts about the woman's sincerity, he could not feel quite so angry with her as he initially did. Perhaps I should explain, Raziel. She sat down on an invisible chair while she began to reveal to him the true meaning of the Soul Reaver.

While you wielded the Soul Reaver, it was never truly you that was bound. Your soul 'housed' the spirit of the Soul Reaver, a separate entity created to defeat the elder god of Nosgoth. The Soul Reaver Kain weilds was meant to be the true housing of the spirit. However, forces beyond the control of the Vampires forced the two Reavers apart. The spirit, sensing a chance to reunite itself with its 'brother' so to speak, chose you as its master. In effect, you are also the wielder of the Reaver just as Kain is.

"Then how do you explain why the Reaver has controlled me when it encountered the forges and its material blade? You said yourself that I was its master. Or are you simply playing me just as the elder god has?" Raziel countered.

She looked sadly at him, half expecting his reply, and half hoping he would trust her more. Like I said, the Reaver you wielded was the spirit of the Soul Reaver. Having joined you, it was in the hope that you would find its mate and release it when the time came. However, the elder god changed that when it made you into a devourer of souls. With the Reaver being somewhat like a soul, it too was drawn to the power you contained. It was in danger of being consumed by the one thing it was created to destroy. In desparation, the Reaver bonded itself to your own soul. This is why you felt that the blade was your own soul. In effect it was your soul, wrapped around the spirit of the Reaver. This would allow it to be safe from the elder's grasp yet also allowed it some control over your body. This control manifested itself whenever you encountered its blade and the forges. The Reaver was drawn to the power of the forges in order to strenghten it for the task it had to do. The blade, as was its purpose, was to house the Reaver.

She looked down at her hands, sorrow clearly in her eyes. Whenever you touched the sword Kain wielded, the Reaver tried to return to the vessel it beloned to. But since it bonded with your soul, your soul, your very essence was drawn along with the Reaver when it returned to its true location.

Raziel looked shocked at this revelation. He had always expected the blade to be truly his own soul and never thought the blade itself had a spirit of its own. He unconciously grabbed his right arm, half-expecting the phantom blade to still be there. 'Of course it wouldn't be there' thought Raziel. 'I'm the one inside the Reaver now, not the other way around.'

Selina looked off to the side, as if hearing something far off. It appears Kain has defeated the god. She smiled again at Raziel, as if she was expecting the outcome from the beginning. Kain is quite the individual. He has taken the grief of your loss and turned it into determination to win. She stood up and dusted herself of imaginary dirt from her gown. Looking back at Raziel, she pointed at his right hand. Concentrate on the blade. she commanded.

Shocked out of his stupor, Raziel looked puzzled but humored the woman. She had done nothing to earn his anger (yet, he thought) so he attempted to bring forth the Soul Reaver from his right hand. When nothing happened, he lowered his hand but a gentle touch on it made him look up.

Please try again. she asked.

Sighing and raising his hand one more time, he concentrated hard on the feeling of the Reaver. The feeling of power whenever it blazed from his hand. Selina stepped back as she began to smile. After a few moments, the Reaver sprang forth from Raziel's hand in all its glory. Coiled around his arm, Raziel looked in shock as the Reaver glowed its errie light.

As you see, little Raziel, the Reaver's bonding with you has left you with some of its power. It's spirit may have left but your soul remembers how it had been changed by being bonded to the Reaver. You wield now not the Reaver but your own soul this time. A true soul blade. She beamed as Raziel stared at the blade glowing in his hand.

Raziel looked back at Selina after getting over the initial shock of having the 'Soul Reaver' once again around his arm. "This may be but it does me little good trapped in here. If you were fooling me with your words of freedom then this blade may once again feed on something today." His eyes narrowed at her but he felt strangely guilty for attempting to threaten the apparition.

Selina merely giggled at the threat, like a little child would at a private joke. I was not lying about my gift, Raziel. The blade was merely something I had wished to let you know about lest it suprise you some day. As for the blade feeding? Your soul is that blade. A soul does not need to feed. The only reason the Reaver took the souls of those you killed was in order to keep it sustained. Even bonded to your soul it had to keep itself 'alive' long enough to return home.

Raziel nodded in understanding, then looked at his hands as if suddenly feeling the weight of everything he had done, both as Raziel of the Sarafan, as Raziel the Vampire, and as the Soul Reaver. "I am....sorry for lashing out and I apoligize for my actions. But I feel that I am not worthy of your gift. I have taken away so much, so many lives. I am not deserving of freedom. Leave me here to my fate." With that, the Soul Blade faded from Raziel's grasp as turned and began to walk away.

Actually, said Selina, her smile never wavering. Think of this more as a second chance. Or fourth in your case.

Even Raziel had to smile at the little joke she had made. His mood slightly lifted. "What do you mean?" he asked.

While it is true that you have commited many sins thoughout the ages, you have redeeming qualities. Honor, compassion, a desire for justice, and a capacity for something great. Those things alone have allowed me to grant you freedom from the Soul Reaver, if you wish it.

He looked down at his hands, imagining them covered in blood. 'A chance to redeem myself' he thought. 'Perhaps this time, I can actually do some good and finally be free.' He raised his pupiless eyes to her crystal blue ones, determination greater than when he was chasing Kain present in them. "I...would accept your offer. But I must know the price." He knew that freedom was rarely given, it was always earned. And there was always a price.

A sad smile found its way to Selina's face. She nodded and affirmed Raziel's suspicions. Yes, there will be a price to pay. Balance must be maintained. For a life to be gained, a life must be taken.

"If you mean someone must die for me to be free, I reject your offer." replied Raziel. His voice devoid of emotion.

Not a sacrifice in the way you think, young one. For your new life to be gained, your old life must be taken away. She raised her hand and a glowing ball of light floated on top of it. If you accept my offer, all memories of your past lives will be erased, your experiences gone. It will seem to be nothing more than a fading dream to you. You will also have to learn to survive on your own. As the Soul Reaver, you had the benefits of all your experiences to help you survive. You will not have any of those once you are free. She looked again sadly at Raziel, as if expecting him to reject freedom for the final condition. Finally, you will no longer be in Nosgoth. The prophecy you had to fulfill in Nosgoth is done and thus you no longer need to be bound to this plane.

Raziel looked hard at his hands, and thought back to the world he would leave behind. 'Would it really be worth it? To leave it all behind?' True, Kain might find some way to release him from the blade eventually. He was immortal and had the time to find a solution. But what kind of life, or afterlife awaited him should he be released from the blade? 'Nothing' he thought. Not on Nosgoth anyway. It took him a moment to compose himself and finally answer Selina.

"I accept."

Selina smiled brightly at the answer. She walked towards Raziel, placing the glowing ball of light on his forehead.

As the ball entered him, he felt his body changing. Looking at his hands, he saw that they were no longer the hideos claws that they were but normal hands. Looking at her, he tore off the cloak he wore and felt his face. It was no longer the hideously deformed face that he had as the Soul Reaver but a normal one again. A flash of light behind him shook him out of his shock and as he looked behind him, a glowing portal of light swirled brightly. He looked again at Selina, half expecting this all to be some dream that he would soon wake up from. A giggle from Selina let him know she had an idea what he was thinking. Blushing at doubting the young woman. He turned back and began walking to the portal. Glancing back at Selina, he spoke to her one more time before stepping thought.

"Will I see you again?" he asked.

No you won't. said Selina. The smile never leaving her face. 'But you won't remember anyway' she thought. That was the final condition whenever offers such as this were made.

Raziel smiled sadly, and looked one last time at his benefactor. "Thank you for..."

No thanks are necessary. You have been deserving of this for so very long. Selina waved goodbye to Raziel as he prepared to take that final step to freedom.

Raziel looked straight ahead and with a determined look, stepped into the portal and to his future.

In a dark alley, a pair of alley cats fought over a small piece of food. As the two reached a secluded corner, a bright flash of light startled them and the two ran off, forgetting the food they fought over. From the corner, a young boy, not more than 15 or 16 years old, stumbled out of the darkness and collapsed into some empty boxes. His dark hair falling over his blue eyes, he moaned as he struggled to gain his bearings. What little light that shown from the solitary street post showed pale skin which seemed almost natural for him. He looked up at the night sky, noticing that the stars were bright tonight.

Bending down and clutching his head, he knelt down and tried to make sense of the images and faces in his mind.

"Who am I?"

To be continued.


"So, little vampire." sneered the elder god. "So. I am revealed to you at last."

"What in the hell..." Kain stood in shock at the sight before him. A purple dinosaur with a hideously huge smile plastered on its face.

"Hyuk hyuk hyuk. I love you, you love me..."

"Noooooo!" screamed Kain as he dropped the Soul Reaver and covered his ears from the horrible noise.