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Summary: Sometimes even big girls need a little Faith.

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Working Vacation

Part I

Lara Croft did not take vacations. Especially not for health reasons. She thought this as she left her doctor's office. She thought this as Hillary packed her bags and made her reservations at a resort in the US. She thought this as she boarded the plane at Heathrow. She thought this as turbulance over the Atlantic made even First Class uncomfortable. She continued to think this as she climbed into the BMW X5 that was waiting for her at Logan Airport in Boston. She was still thinking this two hours later as she checked into the Mt. Washington Hotel and was shown to her room.

Even a seasoned adventurer needs sleep occasionally. After a quick dinner in the main dining room, Lara collapsed gratefully on the bed in her suite, too tired to make plans for the next day.

Returning from a short run the next morning, Lara found one small package and several larger ones from Hillary waiting for her at the front desk. With the assistance of a bored bellhop, Lara took the packages up to her suite.

Opening the smaller package once she was alone, Lara found a large envelope and a note from Hillary that said,


 I hope you are enjoying your vacation. Please see the enclosed 
 envelope for alternate activities when you become bored. 

Since a Croft on vacation in a sleepy mountain resort was boredom personified, Lara immediately opened the envelope. Inside was one of Hillary's standard project portfolios, containing a map, a number of arial photographs, and an outline of the interesting facts concerning the project. Lara put this aside and opened the larger of the other two packages to find that, among other things, it contained a number of her favorite tomb raiding tools. Lara grinned. Things were starting to look up.

She wasn't sure how he'd managed it but spread out in front of her were a pair of her favorite pistols, one of her favorite knives, the eclectic set of electronics she now took on every trip, and several types of amunition for a variety of conditions. Completing the collection was a set of solar powered rechargable torches, a couple of all weather flares, an assortment of cameras and other kinds of site monitoring equipment.

Opening the second large box, Lara found a variety of clothes appropriate for her chosen profession and the spring weather in a sturdy case. The gem of the collection was a semi-stylish version of the black kevlar bodysuit she'd become fond of. At the bottom of the case was a lightweight First Aid kit filled with the usual assortment of bandages, quick acting poison antidotes and ointments.

Connecting the special camera phone Bryce had included to her travel hardened sub-notebook, Lara briefly tested the setup by dialing a local ISP and connecting to the e-mail server back in Croft Manor and downloading her e-mail for the past two days. Happy with the results Lara switched over to the hotel's internal wifi network and, setting up a secure connection to the video conferencing server back in Croft Manor, paged Bryce and Hillary.

"I'm assuming you have everything?" Hillary asked as soon as he appeared within camera range.

"Yes. Except an explanation." Lara growled.

"An explanation?"

"Yes. An explanation. This site," She waved the project folder at the camera, "is over an hour from here."

"It was Hillary's idea." muttered Bryce.

Hillary gave Bryce a dirty look as he began. "We thought it would be more relaxing. That site is just enough of a challenge that you should be able to relax exploring it in the morning and spend the afternoon at the beach. And then you can spend the rest of the week relaxing in the mountains. The perfect vacation." Hillary grinned at her.

"And the reason for the night vision gear and other things you sent me?" Lara enquired with a raised eyebrow.

"Well...", Hillary began nervously, "there have been a few unexplained occurrences at night there recently. The owners agreed to let you have free access to the site if you agreed to check them out."

"And these unexplained occurrences are what exactly?"

"Strange symbols appearing on rocks, people hearing voices, strange lights, that sort of thing."

"I didn't see any pictures of any unusual symbols."

"They apparently disappeared before they could take photographs of them."

"So basically, you're telling me that this 'American Stonehenge' is haunted and they want my professional opinion? For free?"


"Okay." Lara grimaced and Bryce looked like he wanted to be elsewhere as she continued in the tone of voice she normally used with bureacrats who were annoying her, "I'll take a look. But I think we need to talk about your recent project choices when I get back. Is there anything else?"

"No." He smiled at her like a motivational coach. "Have fun tomorrow."

Lara growled at him and left the video conference, forcefully closing her laptop in annoyance.

Lara headed south first thing in the morning, dodging the local wildlife as she went. She had no desire to be that close to a moose ever again. Two hours and several cups of atrocious American coffee later she was in North Salem, NH.

After chatting with her for a few minutes, the Visitors Center manager gave Lara the self guided tour map and pointed her in the direction of the stone structure.

Lara found it interesting in the same way she found a stone fence in the middle of an empty pasture interesting. Compared to the archeological sites she normally explored there really wasn't much to it. Just a bunch of rocks. Sure, there was something that looked like an altar and several rock chambers but nothing that really cried out for her unique talents.

Before leaving Lara filmed the entire site. She planned on repeating the procedure later that night. And hopefully she would be able to observe the strange lights also. Maybe Bryce could make something of it all. At the very least it would keep him out of her hair for the rest of the week.

Lara spent the rest of the day driving up the coast on Route 1, occasionally stopping at places like Nubble Light and Long Sands to look out at the ocean. Hillary had obviously had good intentions Lara grudgingly admitted but someone should tell him that early April in New England was not really warm enough to do more than get your feet cold and wet if you walked on the beach.

After a casual dinner at one of the multitude of seafood restaurants along the coast, Lara headed back to New Hampshire, arriving in North Salem with just enough light to start setting up her equipment. She placed several different cameras in unobtrusive locations, giving her complete coverage of the site in both the visible and infrared spectrums. A number of small motion sensors and microphones were intended to provide additional information about the night's expected activities. A final touch was one of Bryce's new toys, a small radar scanner that would hopefully provide a unique view of the area and its companion energy detector.

Lara thought this was all overkill for what sounded like a simple ghost, but she wasn't the one who would have to spend weeks analyzing the information she collected.

Once everything was in place, Lara changed into her kevlar body suit, black gloves, boots, and a black hood. Arming herself with her guns and other weapons in special quick release pockets, Lara was essentially invisible. The electronics were all on automatic, sending their signals to be recorded by a number of devices in her X5, which she'd parked unobtrusively a mile down the road. She wasn't expecting any company but there was no reason to be careless.

Perched unobtrusively in a tree with a view of the altar and several of the rock chambers, Lara put on her night vision goggles and made herself as comfortable as possible, settling in for the night.

Just before midnight Lara was startled by a green glow approaching the altar from the other side of the site. An orange glow joined it there from her left. There were a number of strange figures gathered around the altar chanting in a strange guttural language. She hoped the cameras and microphones were getting everything, the figures were indistinct from her viewpoint.

This continued for an hour before the chanting ceased and the figures retreated back into the woods. Lara waited another hour before climbing down out of the tree. Carefully making her way to the altar, Lara examined it for any evidence of the activities she'd observed earlier. There were a number of strange symbols decorating the edges of the altar. They were already starting to fade as Lara quickly recorded them with her small digital camera.

In the early dawn, after checking her equipment to make sure it was still functioning, and leaving it in place until she'd had a chance to review what it had recorded, Lara headed towards her vehicle to change back into her regular clothes with the intent to head to a local diner she'd noticed the previous day for a much needed breakfast.

Approaching her X5 from the rear, Lara came to a surprised stop as she came around to the driver's side. The driver's door was open, and sitting there, with her combat boot covered feet dangling out of the door, was a young woman, dressed in dark leather, her dark brown hair tied back, sharpening a short stick with a deadly looking knife. Lara instinctively reached for her pistols, stopping when she was addressed directly by the woman in a low, sultry voice that promised either death or sex, or possibly both.

"You have some interesting toys here Lady Croft." she purred as she slid out of the X5 and stepped in front of Lara.

Part II

For one of the few times in her varied and checkered life, Lara Croft couldn't quite decide how to deal with someone. Said someone being the young woman sitting across from her at the small diner on the outskirts of North Salem, NH who was on her third helping of the diner's breakfast special. She'd dealt with a lot of unusual people during her long career but there was something different about this one that she couldn't quite pin down.

Other than a few stray comments about the local inhabitants and directions to the diner they were now eating in, Lara had not gotten any real information out of her since they'd left the site, not even a name. Lara, on the other hand, found herself being quizzed about the creatures that had been guarding the caves Pandora's Box had been hidden in. It bothered her that this woman knew who she was and apparently even knew some things that weren't public knowledge.

And she didn't think even Bryce was good enough to dig up information about someone with the description she could give him of her. He was liable to become comatose in shock if she even tried. Dangerous, dresses in leather, and 'deep sexy voice' where not things normally stored away in the government records and police files he would need to search. Maybe she'd been caught by one of the cameras?

"You were lucky last night." the woman said, finally setting down her fork and signalling the waitress for more coffee.

"What do you mean?"

"If the wind had been blowing in a different direction they would have found you up in that tree. That little super-hero outfit you were wearing might be good for a lot of things, some of which are probably even legal, but it doesn't mask your scent."

"How do you know that?" asked a puzzled Lara.

The woman tapped her nose. "Even I could smell you, and as nice as other people might think you smell, the company you were keeping last night would have just been annoyed at the interruption and would have shared their feelings with you." She frowned. "And they aren't exactly the touchy-feely type. More like the 'suck the marrow from your bones' type."

"Why were you there last night?" Lara asked, not really expecting an answer and ignoring the confusing marrow comment.

"I have some business to discuss with your friends. You'll want to stay away from there tonight. Might get a little messy." Lara shivered at the predatory look that crossed her face at that moment.

"And if I go there anyway?"

"Up a tree will probably be the safest place." She grinned. "Just make sure you take care of the smell this time."

"And where will you be?"

"Where the action is." She pulled a business card out of a pocket and quickly wrote something on the back of it before handing it to Lara. "Have your geek boy put copies of all the stuff from last night at this address. Before lunch so someone can take a look at it. Without editing it, as raw as possible."

"What are you going to do with it?"

"Me? Nothing. I know enough to ask the experts. My geeks will take a look at it and tell me what I need to know for tonight." She stood up, threw a couple twenties on the table and sauntered out into the morning sun, leaving Lara staring at the simple business card that, in addition to a small embossed hourglass symbol on the back, now obscured by an Internet address, had three lines printed on the front: "Faith", "Special Projects", and an e-mail address.

Lara didn't bother heading back to her hotel, instead finding a local Holiday Inn with the intent of catching a few hours sleep while Bryce and Hillary investigated her mystery woman. Hopefully the information she'd sent them after breakfast along with all of the information gathered by the sensors at the site the previous night would be enough.

Lara slept fitfully, her slumber interrupted by dreams of strange women dressed in leather watching her intently. After several hours of this, more exhausted than when she'd started, Lara crawled out of bed to call Bryce and Hillary to check their progress.

"What can you tell me about her?" Lara asked with an encouraging tone.

"Nothing much really." Hillary answered. "That just isn't enough to search with."

"That wasn't nothing!" Lara could hear Bryce complain in the background. "I'm sure it'll lead somewhere."

"It's not enough!" Hillary hissed back at him. Lara could tell they'd been arguing for a number of minutes about the value of what they'd discovered.

"Okay, what did you discover that counts as nothing much?" Lara ground out, her exhaustion making it harder to keep a sense of humour about Hillary and Bryce's perpetual bickering.

"Go ahead..." Hillary muttered to Bryce.

"Well... the e-mail address? It's for a research company in Cleveland, Ohio." Lara thought Bryce sounded like an over eager puppy. She couldn't see him but she could just imagine the expression on Hillary's face.

"And?" Lara prompted.

"That other address? It might be at another research company in London. I couldn't get any further than that." Bryce sounded embarrassed to Lara's experienced ear. "They've got very good security."

"In other words, they caught you before you had a chance to look around?" Lara chuckled.


Lara heard Hillary in the background again, prodding Bryce to tell her what had happened to his computer when they discovered him attempting to hack into theirs.

"Okay. You came give me details later, if they are important. Anything else? Did you get a picture of her?"

"No." They both answered before Bryce continued, "You can tell someone else was there from the energy scanner but they don't show up anywhere else. She must have seen you setting up the cameras and microphones."

"I'd assumed that. I would never have known she was there if she hadn't been waiting for me." Lara replied. "Go ahead and wrap up all of the sensor data and put it where she asked."

"Are you sure about that Lara?" Hillary asked hesitantly.

"Yes. And Bryce..."

"Yes Lara?"

"Keep looking at the sensor data. If you find anything interesting let me know. And if you have a chance, see if you can find a connection between those two companies."

"Will do."

"I'll talk with you both later." and with that Lara put away her phone and went back to bed in an attempt to get a few more hours of sleep.

After a quick lunch and after checking in with Hillary, Lara spent the afternoon down near Boston. Hillary had found a small firm that specialized in personal stealth technology that was willing to provide her with a few items to enhance the ability of her body suit to mask her presence. They'd agreed with Faith's casual assessment that it needed to mask her scent, something they were able to accomplish with a few modifications.

Happy with the results, Lara headed back to the site. She wanted to take a look around during daylight. As she drove there she contemplated the size of the population implied by the amount of local traffic. The site had seemed so isolated the day before. But here was evidence to the contrary. She obviously wouldn't be able to use her preferred gun configuration at the site if it became necessary without attracting undesirable attention.

There wasn't anything at the site to indicate the previous nights' activities. If she hadn't seen it and her equipment recorded it, Lara wouldn't have believed the earlier reports.

The diner was busy but Lara had no desire to go elsewhere. She wasn't here for the food. She wasn't really surprised when she was joined by Faith just as she was about to order. The woman just grinned at her and when Lara was done ordered several of the evening's specials for herself. Looking her over, Lara couldn't figure out where it all went if she ate like that all the time.

"Like what you see?" Faith purred in her low voice, startling Lara.

"You're not my type." Lara snapped back. Two could play that game she thought though she wasn't sure exactly if they were playing from the same deck.

Faith shrugged off her reply with a sexy grin that disturbed Lara with its intimacy. "A shame. It could have been fun."

Okay, whatever the game had been it certainly wasn't what she'd thought and there really wasn't time to figure it out, Lara thought before addressing the woman sitting on the other side of the booth. "Were your people able to get anything from the information from last night?"

"They were a little jealous of your toys but there really wasn't much there." She pulled several photographs from a bag Lara hadn't seen earlier. "But these were very helpful."

"You found someone who could translate that?" Lara asked. It wasn't a language Lara was familiar with and Bryce had been mystified by the strange markings. None of his usual translator programs had worked.

"Yes." She half winked at Lara. "My geeks said they'll give you something to translate it with if your geek stops trying to hack into their computers."

"I'll see that he gets the message." Bryce could be stubborn about such things but Lara didn't think he would object in this case.

"Good. Otherwise they'll probably visit him in person." She looked at Lara with a slight deadly grin. "Not something I would encourage. Even I stay out of their way when they are in that kind of mood."

At this point, before Lara had a chance to respond, their food arrived, effectively ending any conversation.

Faith directed her to park where she had the previous night, stating that it was best if they walked in. After grinning and commenting about Lara's taste in stealth-wear in the same low, sexy voice from the morning, she gave Lara some privacy for several minutes so she could get into her body suit.

She watched for a minute as Lara fitted low profile silencers to her pistols. "Those aren't going to do much good unless you have silver bullets. And even silver isn't going to kill them. It'll just slow them down."

"What will?" Lara asked, raising an eyebrow before loading her pistols with the special silver rounds Hillary had sent her.

"These babies need something more personal." she said, pulling her knife from a hidden location and testing the edge. "Let's go find you another tree." And with that Faith hid her knife again and headed towards the site without looking back to see if Lara was following her.

"You can watch but you need to stay in that tree." She firmly told Lara after watching her check her equipment. "I know you like being in charge but this isn't your normal situation. This is my party. And I'm sure there are a few people who would be upset with both of us if you got yourself killed."

Lara grimaced in annoyance but there was something about this young woman that kept her from arguing about it. "Okay. But you owe me an explanation when this is over."

"Not a problem. If we're both alive tomorrow I'll explain everything." With that comment hanging in the air, she disappeared into the trees.

Thinking about it later, Lara wasn't sure what really happened that night. It had seemed to happen the same as the previous night, up until when the figures standing around the altar began to chant. It was at this point that they were interrupted by the appearance of Faith in their midst.

She said something to them and there was a quick and brutal fight that Lara was too far away to see clearly, with Faith the only one standing at the end.

"You can come down now." she called to Lara.

Lara was surprised at what she found. A slightly bruised and battered Faith was leaning against the altar. Whatever she had been fighting was gone, leaving a faint odor tinged with ozone behind.

"Where did they go?"

"You know how it is. The bad guys run away when they lose. They won't be back."

"And that's it?"

"Yes. Short and sweet." Faith stretched, hissing in obvious pain. Apparently it hadn't been that simple. "Why don't we pack up your toys and get out of here. You can drop me off at my hotel on your way north. Your ghost problem is taken care of. Enjoy the rest of your vacation."

"And you?" Lara asked curiously.

"Places to be. Potential damsels in distress to rescue." and she stretched again, this time in that blatantly predatory manner Lara had noticed earlier that was halfway between sex and death.

Part III

The rest of Lara's vacation passed in a rather uneventful fashion. Even crossing the border for a two day visit to Canada at the end of her trip hadn't been a problem thanks to her British passport. And Montreal was that rare treat for her in recent years, a French speaking metropolis where she wasn't the target of some overzealous official out to make political hay from her visit, no matter how unobtrusive she normally tried to be.

After a leisurely drive down to Boston, and after arranging for the equipment Hillary had sent her to be shipped back to Croft Manor, Lara dropped her rented X5 off at the rental counter before heading to the British Airways check-in. Her late evening flight was the last one until the next day and was already in the midst of boarding when she casually sauntered up to the gate ticket, carry-on, and laptop in hand.

First Class was almost empty for the flight, with only several minor celebrities and the normal complement of business executives. With the number of empty seats, Lara was surprised to find two women in the seats across the aisle from hers. She was further surprised to find that the woman in the aisle seat was Faith, the rather mysterious and dangerous woman she'd met earlier, who, to all appearances, appeared to be sleeping.

After putting her carry-on and laptop in the overhead compartment, Lara turned to Faith and was about to wake her to take care of unfinished business when she was interrupted by the sound of someone quietly clearing their throat.

"I wouldn't disturb her." the taller young woman in the window seat next to Faith advised, closing a thick book that Lara could have sworn was written in Sanskrit. "There are some things you just don't interrupt Faith doing. If you value your life anyway. Sleeping is one of them."

"What are the others, besides food?" Lara asked curiously. Having seen Faith in action, she could easily guess that food was one of them but any others probably required a lot better knowledge of the potentially dangerous woman than she possessed.

The other woman, a brunette, giggled. "That would be one of them. The other two are classic Faith favorites," She lowered her voice, "sex and violence. Just don't tell anyone I told you. I'm not supposed to know that about her."

A low voice muttered "I heard that."

"Faith!" she squeaked in surprise. "You're not going to tell anyone are you? They'll ship me off to a convent!"

"No. But I can't make any promises for Lady Croft." she replied without opening either eye.

"Lady Croft?" The young woman stared at her for a moment before turning back to Lara. "You took those pictures?"

"Possibly." Lara looked at the two women with some confusion.

"Yes, Dawn. That's her." Faith said, opening both eyes and sitting up, obviously having given up on her nap.

"Cool! Did you give her a copy of the translation of the prophecy from the altar?" she asked, eagerly looking back at Faith. "Can I?"

"No, and you'll have to ask Giles about that when we get to the London office." Faith told her.

"Sorry." Dawn said to Lara with a disappointed expression.

"That's okay, I can wait." Lara took her seat across the aisle. "But neither of us is dead." she now addressed Faith. "So I believe I'm still owed an explanation for what happened the other night."

Faith raised an eyebrow at the pronouncement. "Nothing much to it. They had a ghost problem. We heard about it, I took care of it. And you got some pretty pictures to look at."

Lara gave Faith the look she usually reserved for Bryce when he was being difficult. To her surprise Faith merely winked at her.

"Faith! That makes it sound like you took out the trash!" Dawn whined.

"That's another way to put it." she grinned.

"Can I tell her then? I know I wasn't there but Willow showed me the tape she made from the things Lady Croft's cameras recorded."

"Go ahead." Faith reluctantly answered. "Just leave out the usual."

"Okay, got it. No destiny and no Council." She tried to shift so she could see Lara while she was talking.

"Dawn is it?" At her nod Lara continued. "Why don't you wait until we're in the air. Then you can sit over here." She gestured at the empty seat next to her.

"Cool" From the way Dawn smiled at the suggestion Lara had to revise her estimate of her age. She couldn't be as old as she looked.

After Dawn had moved across the aisle and they'd been served drinks by the flight attendant, Lara asked her to begin after checking to see if Faith was awake.

"She's not really asleep yet." Dawn gestured subtly to Faith. "But she will be in a minute. She was in Detroit when we heard about your ghosts last week and she had to go back to finish up there before she met me in Boston today. All that travelling can wear you out, even someone like her."

Lara looked at her in surprise. "You heard about these ghosts last week?"

"Yeah. We sort of keep an eye out for things like that." Dawn shrugged. "You'd be surprised how often stuff like that happens. Keeps us busy."

"So you do the same things as Faith?"

"Oh. No. My sister won't let me and besides, Faith has some unique skills I don't have." She looked over at Faith again. "I just do research, translations, that sort of thing. When I'm not in class anyway."

"So what really happened?"

"Well, for one thing it wasn't really ghosts."

"I'd actually figured that out." Lara smiled. "The few ghosts I've run into don't do things like that."

"We were a bit suspicious also. It was actually one of those doomsday cults that were wandering around a couple years ago."

"Doomsday cult? You mean those people who sat around and waited for the world to end when it became 2000?"

"Yes. Sort of. These guys thought the calendar was wrong. They also thought they would help things along." She looked closely at Lara. "And they weren't exactly people."

"So all of that chanting they were doing was supposed to end the world." She let the rest of it pass without asking what she meant by that. If they weren't human Lara wasn't sure she wanted to know what they really were.

"Yes. Kind of silly actually. Ending the world takes a bit more than that."

"You've seen people try to end the world before?"

"Yes. I've got personal experience with that kind of thing." She grimaced and rubbed her stomach. "Fortunately, we normally hear about such things before they can get very far."

"So Faith stopped them from ending the world? Does she do it that often?"

"It's one of her specialties. I think she was a bit disappointed it was over so quick. And even if they'd finished their ceremony the world wouldn't have ended. They had the correct date but they were in the wrong place. They misread their prophecy. They needed a druidic sacrificial altar in North America. The one they were using was neolithic. Or at least a fake neolithic altar. So it wasn't real anyway."

"Okay. So that is all fake?" Lara had been suspicious. The site hadn't quite felt right when she'd first visited it.

"Yes." Dawn laughed. "The real one is somewhere in western Canada. The one in New Hampshire was built by someone who saw it. In the journals I've seen he never really explains why he did it."

"What about the druidic altar they were supposed to use? Does that actually exist?"

"We're not really sure yet." she shrugged again. "We have a couple people looking for it now but there isn't any record of druidic activity in North America. If they find it we'll keep an eye on it."

Lara spent the next several hours discussing some of her other adventures with Dawn who seemed very interested in the traps and puzzles she'd run across in different ancient ruins. Eventually they both settled in and joining the rest of First Class, sleeping for the rest of the trip and not waking until the plane landed at Heathrow.

On the way out of London, watching the early sunrise as Hillary drove her home, Lara wondered if she would see either of them again and realized that even with all of the talking she'd done on the plane she still didn't know a lot about either of the two women or whom they worked for. They'd been very circumspect about some things. She had several additional names to give Bryce and some idea of what their organization seemed to do but everything else was too vague to tell her much.

A week later a slim package arrived at Croft Manor. Inside were several photographs, a letter, and a two page document. Most of the photographs seemed to be of her, taken when she was wearing her body-suit at the site in North Salem, with no indication of who had taken them. The last three were a surprise. They were of several large stones, one laying flat in a manner similar to an altar, taken from several angles.

The document consisted of one page covered in what looked to Lara like Ogam, a language she was only slightly familiar with. The other page appeared to be some prophecy about the end of the world with comments in the margins explaining several points.

Lara opened the letter, hoping it explained the other items. A business card similar to the one Faith had given her but with a different name and e-mail address fell out of the envelope. She had had some idea who had sent it but the package had been delivered by a courier who wouldn't tell Hillary who it was from. This confirmed it.


 Lady Croft,

 We thought you would appreciate the pictures. Faith took 
 the ones of you. I won't repeat what she said about them but I 
 believe it was a compliment. The other pictures are of what we
 believe to be the druidic site on the east coast of Canada.

 I've included the original prophecy with the translation. It 
 appears to be longer than the one the cult had. Their's appears
 to be missing several passages that I've noted on the translation,
 probably explaining how they ended up in the wrong place. If you 
 need any help in the future please let us know at the address on my card.

 Dawn Summers 


"Well Hillary?" She asked after showing him the letter.

"Interesting... And for some reason her name seems awfully familiar."

"It does, doesn't it." Lara said contemplatively.


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