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Azalee Pavillion, Helios

The woman kneeled with her back to the room, pulling her black hair up. Long, elegant fingers parted sleek strands like a dark sea. At her side two girls kneeled, one holding up a mirror, the other ready to reach over to present an assortment of delicate hair-needles with shimmering gems on one end. The woman´s back was bare, a white kimono pooling around her, framing her lithe figure as if to properly display the magnificent tattoo that covered her back: A fiery bird spreading its wings to lift itself up into the air with a cry of triumph, flames spreading from its feathers. A phoenix rising from the ashes of defeat.

Even though the approaching footsteps were soft, they rung loud and clear in the peaceful silence that surrounded the women. Without turning, the woman fastened a last strand of hair with a ruby-topped needle. "Leave us." She said, her voice cultured and even. The girls bowed their heads as they passed, and closed the door behind them without a word.

"Things have been set in motion." A male voice said into the silence, while she gathered the white silk around her, pulling it up to her shoulders before turning to the man. " Just as you wanted….. Maybe now, you will be satisfied ….."

The woman rose gracefully. Looking at him.

"I do not mistake my desire for revenge for righteousness, brother" she said with a smile.

Zy-Lin narrowed his eyes, regarding his twin with a look of fondness that was reserved for her and her alone. Sometimes looking at Mis-Lyn, he felt like looking into a mirror that showed him a softer version of himself. Though noone would dare think of his sister as weak or pliable. The demure attitude of a geisha was all but an act. You did not fight your way up to where they were, without being utterly ruthless.

On Helion Prime their house was the one that ruled the night, nothing concerning any man´s vice on this planet was out of their reach. Nothing short of the alliance was beyond their control, on this world …..

She was his partner, his twin …..his blood. She knew all his secrets, his thoughts ….was his confidant. And when she had asked him to do this thing for her, he had not hesitated. He had merely asked why. And she had smiled at him, with that indecipherable serene face so much like his own and had simply said.

"It is time …..finally, it is time."