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Crash! Sydney Bristow turned around quickly to see what had happened, a large smile creeping onto her face when she surveyed the supermarket scene around her.

A small girl, with brown hair in bunches had slammed into a pile of tins, which had been precariously balanced a few moments before by one of the store assistants. She looked down at her 5-year-old daughter, waiting for her to tell her what had happened in the cute way she always did when she created trouble.

"I didn't mean to mommy, Josh was chasing me and I accidentally ran into them." Syd raised her eyebrows and sighed, it wasn't the first time that excuse had been made.

"Josh, will you please stop chasing your sister, you're old enough to know better"

"But she provoked me Mom, she said that I'd been too bad and that Grandma Irina wouldn't give me a Christmas present" the tall dark-haired boy complained

Syd glanced down at her 8-year-old son and said "You should know better Josh, stop letting her wind you up, Georgia, come over here and help me shop. We've got a lot to do and I don't want to be thrown out of the store ok?"

" Ok!" She replied, "Who's coming to dinner at Grandma and Grandpa's again, I forgot their names" she said sheepishly at the mock exasperated look her mother gave her

Sydney managed to finish the rest of the shopping trip within an hour, fielding as many random questions as she could about her family from her two youngest. She couldn't tell them as much about their father's family, who would also be attending their mammoth Christmas dinner the next day at her parents, but she did her best.

"Well Grandma Irina's two sisters Katya and Yelena are coming with their families. Katya is coming with her husband Russell and her son, Julian. He is bringing his wife Mariana and their two kids, James and Christina."

"Mommy! Mommy! Will they play with me?" Georgia asked. Syd laughed

"I don't know sweetheart, I've never met Julian's family, but from what I've heard from Katya they are pretty nice."

*I hope they are, considering Sark is their father, I still cant get over the fact he has a family now... ugh, its enough to make me shudder... its just so weird.... I've never seen him act with love towards anyone...Well maybe towards his mother in the last few years, if he hadn't mellowed out slightly he certainly wouldn't be coming *

"I've never met Yelena, but she is bringing a husband and three kids with her, I think they are older than you sweetheart though. On your dad's side, we have Grandmere Celia coming, bringing her sister Stephanie and your Aunt Marie. Marie is bringing Pierre and John, do you remember them from our trip to France Josh?"

"Yep, Pierre is my age and John is Claudia's age isn't he?" He answered after a moment

"Yes, that's right, and that's just about everyone who's flying in to join us. If you count the three of us, Grandma Irina, Grandpa Jack, your father and Claudia then it makes 24 of us for dinner, which is why we are doing it at your Grandparents mansion, we can fit everyone around Grandma's two big tables."

"How come you don't know some of your family mommy, and why do you live so far away from them? Don't you love them?" Georgia asked curiously.

"Because Grandma Irina came over here from Russia many years ago and met Grandpa Jack. I was born and brought up here in LA. Katya and Yelena stayed mostly in Russia and I didn't meet Katya till about 12 years ago, just before I married your father. I have known my cousin Julian for about 15 years though, my mother, um, introduced us."

* Well its not like I can tell them the exact truth. "Oh, I met my cousin after he assassinated someone for my mothers terrorist organisation"*

"He lives in Italy now with his new wife and kids, I still see him a few times a year but I've never had the chance to meet the others. C'mon, we had better get moving, I told your father to expect us home for dinner at six, and its already a quarter to."

After Syd got them strapped safely into the car and onto the road, she allowed herself a bit of time to think, a skill she had acquired to do whilst driving safely throughout her many experiences on the run from tails.

*I can't believe we are really getting the whole family together in one place. I hope it wasn't a bad idea. Mom promised she would be on her best behaviour with Vaughn's mom, they hadn't got on ever since Celia learned the truth about her killing her husband all those years ago. At least Celia accepts that is in the past, and that they are going to have to be polite to each other in front of the kids. *

"HEY" A noise suddenly jolted Sydney out of her reverie; the kids were fighting again. "Guys, please stop doing that, we're nearly home now" She sighed, and let her thoughts continue.

*I cant help but wonder what Yelena is going to be like, I hope she is a good Derevko. It's going to be weird for her being around her family again, I hope she doesn't blame me and dad for keeping Mom away so long. I wouldn't blame her, according to Katya; Yelena worshipped her, and now she's out here permanently, remarried to dad, living a retired life. Well nearly, I know she still has her contacts, and that comes in pretty useful for us sometimes. I still can't believe Dad is finally going to retire next year. I doubt it will be successful, he hates not being at work, he only agreed to leave so he could spend more time at home with my very bored mother. *

Syd smiled at the thought, her mother could get extremely cranky when she was bored and Jack had seen it as a sign she needed to be kept occupied more frequently. He didn't want her going back to her old ways, not after all the trouble he had gone to getting her a pardon and a job as a CIA informant.

Syd noticed she had reached their house, situated in the suburbs of LA only two blocks from the sea. She turned up the driveway and let the kids get out. She finished getting the shopping bags out of the trunk and turned towards the door, a smile quickly spreading across her face when she saw who was standing there. "Vaughn".