Fantasies And Realities

I'm completely disregarding the events of X2. Also, this is set several years in the future – Marie is at least 21.

"What's your favorite of my fantasies of you?" Logan asked huskily, brushing one of Marie's white streaks off her face.

Marie thought for a moment, then said, "The one of meh in the periwinkle blue nightshirt where we're watching hockey in the rec room. Most of your fantasies are either sweet or hot, but that's one's both, sugah. Ah like a little bit of romance with mah passion." She quirked a grin and ran one gloved finger down his bristled cheek.

Logan blushed. That was one of his sappier fantasies, and he inwardly cringed every time he thought about the fact that when he'd touched her that second time, she'd gotten so many of them.

Of course, her knowing how he felt about her had led to their current relationship, so a little embarrassment didn't bother him all that much.

"So…" he drawled. "You like that one, huh?"

She nodded. "Mm-hm. Probably because we've actually done that." She giggled.

Logan started. "What? When?"

Smiling, she said, "Remember about six months into our relationship? Ah'd learned how to control my powers for short periods about nine weeks before, and we were watching Titanic on DVD?"

Logan nodded; he'd actually spent most of the first half of the movie watching her, but when the action started to get a little steamy onscreen, he'd decided to try something.

"And then, during the love scene, you started nibblin' on mah neck," she prompted.

"Uh-huh. And?"

"Well, what followed was pretty much your fantasy – only Ah was wearin' green pajamas, and we didn't go…all the way." She blushed, still not able, even after two years together, to talk about their more intimate moments.

Laughing quietly, Logan said, "Yeah, but that time was even more perfect than the fantasy – because it was real."

Shifting uncomfortably, Marie asked, "Even though we kept havin' to stop because mah control wore off?"

"Even then, darlin'. I love you, Marie, body and soul. Dangerous skin and all," Logan said solemnly.

Her eyes slightly misty, Marie said, "Ah love ya too, Logan." How could she not, when he was so sweet?

"Besides," Logan continued sheepishly, "having to stop every so often was the only thing that kept you from losing your virginity on the rec room couch."

Giggling, Marie said, "Turned you on that much, huh, sugah?"

"You bet, babe," Logan confirmed.

Snuggling back down under the covers, Marie said, "Tamarrah night Scott an' Jean are takin' the kids out for a movie – you wanna try to act out that fantasy?"

Smirking slightly, Logan said, "Why don't we just try to recreate that night? It'll definitely be easier considering your…situation." He patted her rounded tummy softly.

She blew her bangs out of her eyes in irritation. "Ah'm not an invalid, Logan."

"No," Logan agreed. "You're my wife, who's pregnant with my child…and I want to take care of you." And he sealed that pronouncement with a kiss.