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"Well Severus? You get the first choice this time. Which slave would you like?"

Snape walked along the line of forlorn students that had been unable to escape the castle in time when Voldemort attacked. Now being given away as slaves. Standing at the end of the row, most of his face covered in blood, robes ripped and torn, swaying dangerously was a Griffindor that Severus despised greatly. He was however shocked at how nobody had noticed whom he was. At least the boy had the foresight to keep his mouth shut.

"That one." Snape said with conviction. "He looks oldest and strongest. Needs a bit of healing but should be worth my time and energy."

The boy's knees buckled when snape reached him, strength finally spent. Snape sighed and caught him. Malfoy looking smug ripped the boy's robes further and branded the Snape family symbol into the boy's left shoulder blade.

He Screamed, a loud ear-splitting sound before passing out entirely. Snape swept him into his arms and strode from the room.

He laid him down on his bed and waved his wand over the boy, injecting healing potions into his veins. He scrubbed the blood from the boy and stood back. His appearance would have to be changed, that's all there was to it. He charmed the hair a lighter brown, slightly longer, but so that it still swept over the forehead. The eye colour was changed to blue, and the facial structure altered. He sat back and waited for his 'property' to wake.


Harry awoke, head a lot less painful although his shoulder was agony. When the deatheaters had entered the building they had caused lots of structural damage. Harry remembered being hit by a large wooden beam. The next thing he remembered was being dragged to the great Hall where Voldemort was giving a speech to his deatheaters about how victorious they all were.

He then offered the students to him inner circle as slaves. Snape!!!

Harry opened his eyes and turned his head, Snape stood there and thrust a pair of glasses at him. Harry examined the oval framed spectacles before sliding them onto his face.

"Why didn't you follow the others?"

"I tried! I was injured as I tried to escape!"

"Well, you're in a mess now. You are officially my slave, marked with my family mark and everything. If the dark lord finds out who you really are we're both dead! I have to keep up appearances for the sake of this war. I'll have to treat you like any other deatheaters slave. You will suffer."

Harry shuddered involuntarily.

Snape thrust a set of rags at Harry "Put these on. I will show you your new home."

Harry pulled them on slowly, as Snape left the room, slamming the door behind him. When Harry was dressed he sat on Snape's bed shaking from head to foot. Snape was going to hurt him, badly.

When Snape re-entered he held a metal band in one hand and his wand in another. "come here."

Harry stood shakily. But did not move to approach snape. Severus glared and backhanded Harry hard across the face. Harry fell. Snape grabbed his arm before he hit the ground and placed a gleaming metal band around Harry's neck.

"That'll stop you from leaving here without my permission. Get up!"

Harry stood, fearing for his life. Snape could do whatever he wanted and Dumbledore would never find out. He was dragged to a makeshift bed in the corner of the living area, and handcuffed to a bar along the wall.

"This is standard treatment of slaves among the Deatheaters. We can't risk being attacked in our sleep now can we?"

Harry glared at Snape, effectively concealing his fear.

To Harry's surprise, Snape whispered almost inaudibly "I'm Sorry", and with that he swept to his bedchambers.

Harry lay awake long into the night, staring at the snoozing portraits that lined the dank dungeon walls of Snape's quarters. How on earth was he supposed to get out of this one? His scar burnt fiercely on his forehead due to Voldemort's proximity, and his shoulder was agony, the brand upon it was likely going to remain for the rest of Harry's life.

Harry managed to doze off at around 4 am, exhaustion finally overwhelming him. A knocking on the door of Snape's quarters woke him. A fully dressed Snape went to open it. The clock on the wall showed it was past 10 in the morning. Snape had shown some mercy then by allowing him to sleep.

Lucius Malfoy and his wife entered the room, gloating expressions on their faces.

"Good morning Severus." Lucius said politely. "We are about to go to the great Hall for breakfast. The Dark Lord wants everyone there.

Snape nodded and turned and knelt next to Harry, unchaining him. "you're to clean out my rooms, and order the potions cabernet. If I find anything out of place or missing you will be severely punished."

Harry sat up, pins and needles going up and down his arm as the feeling returned to it.

"I see you got it cleaned up." Lucius said

It took Harry a moment to work out what Lucius was talking about, he looked up horrified as he realised the 'it' was him.

"Yes. Cleaned up rather nicely I think."

Harry stood up quickly, a furioius expression on his face, ready to tell Lucius exactly what he thought of him, but reason took over and he kept his mouth shut. Unfortunately his facial expression had not been missed and Lucius sent Harry a swift kick to the back of the legs, leaving him sprawled out on the floor, blood pouring from his nose where it had hit the floor.

"Lucius, I believe we are late." Snape said sleekly, sending Harry a kick himself. After a short pause the three adults swept from the room arrogantly.

Harry stood up pinching his nose and trying to ignore the pain from the kicks.

So this was it, this is what life would be like from now on if he didn't find a way to escape. He was reduced to being an object, programmed to do his masters bidding whatever that may be.

Harry tidied up and sorted the potions cabernet quickly, used to this sort of work from the Dursleys.

Snape still wasn't back. Harry wandered around, exploring, when he caught sight of a jar of floo powder on a bookshelf. Harry weighed the risks of what would happen if Snape caught him, decided he didn't care and flung a handful into the fire, hissing "number twelve, Grimmauld place" quietly into the fire.

The kitchen of number twelve was bustling, full of order member s who seemed to be mid meeting.

Harry coughed loudly, and was relieved when everyone turned to look at the fire

Albus Dumbledore knelt down "Who are you?"