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Author's Note:

Thank you so much, GoldAngel2, for re-suggesting this wonderful title! It's amazing! It's perfect! I'm blown away! Thank you so, so, so much! You are awesome!

Ah! It's nice to be back and writing angst-filled romances. I think you guys will like this one… It's different and a little bit… well, almost historical, in a sense. We'll have Joe more like himself and not so out-of-character like in Bullet in the Dark, which was good for that story, but not for this one. More compassion is what I'm looking for! Not only that, I wanted a mystery this time, filled with suspense, which I have never tried before. It seems every story I try is a new experiment! Please tell me what you think!


The hand that swept across her face was hard, harsh, demanding. He wanted respect, wanted her fear twisted around his iron fist.

The girl, lying on the ground in front of him, sprawled inches away from his heavy boot-covered feet, had golden curls of an angel and eyes as blue as the May sky. But… But beauty would not save her now. Nothing would.

The thoughts that racked his mind haunted him, echoing from place to place to place, always confusing him, always torturing him with guilt… Thoughts…

Why. Wouldn't. She. Just. Obey. Him?!

Anger, rage, charged through his fangs, exploding from the inside. No… If he couldn't have her, this girl in front of him, no one would.

In fact, she didn't even deserve him! She was a scheming minx, the wench, and it was his duty to put her away forever, to close this Pandora's box.

His large hands grabbed onto the blue cotton dress, so soft, so easily torn apart, and he stared into the pain-filled blue eyes and the splotched greenish-purple bruises that marred her still-pretty face.

He ignored the whimpers of pain; the thoughts just rang though his ears, he couldn't hear anything else. The cries were not human, no, she had to be a demon, a child of the devil, and she had to be killed, sent back to the burning Hell she had risen from.

'Witch! Evil! Hag! Devil!'

Thoughts like these stormed through his head, burning everything sane from it, forbidding anyone, anything else.

He half carried, half dragged the girl into the forest.

Dark, forbidding, a mystery…

No one would ever find her there!

Insanity was choking him slowly, making him forget.

It was like a man losing his vision. He could see… He could see… He could see… Then… The black fog settled in. Soon, the edges were gone. Then… Slowly, slowly, like a snake choking his prey… It was all gone.

Deeper and deeper he stomped, until they were in the heart of the forest itself.

He dropped her to the ground, and his hand moved to his side.

To the ebony-handled knife that was his pride and joy.

She did not cry, did not even beg anymore. Just stared.

What happened next was quick, unexplainable, but all was understood.

One thing was for sure.

Never again would the golden girl dance.


There was have it! The prologue! Short as it is, that is. I think that for this story, all of the chapters will be movements in music, which will be easy since I play the piano and the viola, and have been for a long time. I'm getting this idea from the series X/1999, which is another favorite in manga for me. Every book is a movement in music! Hopefully, I will have the new chapter out as soon as I can.