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Jounouchi! Hey Jounouchi!"

Jounouchi turned from where he had been slouching against the wall, hands stuffed in his pockets and angry glare fixed at the world, to see Yuugi running up to him, breathless.

"Phew, I'm glad I caught you. You want to grab something to eat?" Yuugi asked as he grabbed the blondes arm and proceeded to drag him along.

"Hn." Jounouchi said.

"Or maybe we could go see that new horror movie? Ringu?"


"Or we could just go back to the shop."


"Or we could shave our bodies completely bald, set ourselves on fire and make sweet sweet love throughout the night, you know, whatever you feel like doing."


"Jounouchi. What's wrong with you? You haven't listened to a word I've said."


"Jounouchi!" Yuugi yelled, stamping hard on the boy's foot. "Snap out of it!"

"Ow! What was that for?"

"Gasp! It speaks with more than monosyllables!"

"Shut up Yuugi," Jounouchi said, reaching out to ruffle the other's hair affectionately.

"Seriously Jounouchi," Yuugi said, reaching up to extract the bond's hand from his hair. "What's up?"

Jounouchi sighed and looked out towards the street, where, as fate would have it, a certain black limo, proudly bearing the initials KC, decided to drive by. The blonde's scowl deepened.

"You have three guesses and the first two don't count."

Yuugi followed his gaze to the rapidly departing limo. "Is this about Mou Hitori No Boku and Kaiba-kun?"

"Give the kid a prize."

"But Jounouchi, you knew. You even offered to help Mou Hitori No Boku and Kaiba to get back together."


"Unless….Jounouchi, you didn't, you didn't use that as an excuse to get closer to my yami did you?"


Yuugi sighed, "Jounouchi, you idiot."

"I know. I just thought…you know…maybe if he spent time with me, he'd realize how much I like him, and what a great guy I am…and forget Kaiba."

"Jounouchi- have you been reading shoujo manga again?"

"What? No-"

"Oh I know! You've been watching that new teen drama haven't you?"

"Not helping, Yuugi."

"Hey, I think I saw that episode. The one where Kenji agrees to help Sakura attract the notice of the jock Watanuki, even though he's in love with her? Only at the end of the episode she realizes how much of a jerk Watanuki is and how nice Kenji is and agrees to go with him to the dance instead?"


"Hmm…sorry Jouncouhi, but I don't think my yami is a bit like Sakura. In fact, I think he'd be pretty pissed off if he found out you were comparing them."


Yami sighed and crumpled up the newspaper ad clipping that had been slipped into the pages of his History text. This was what? The seventh? Twenty seventh? All of them advertising tattoo parlours.

He had to give points to Seto for determination.

But he still wasn't going to get a tattoo. Which he had told Seto quite firmly the other night. If Seto wanted him to get a tattoo of the Blue Eyes White Dragon, then he had every right to make Seto get a tattoo of the Black Magician. Whereupon Seto had said that he'd be shot dead before he'd tattoo Mahaado onto any portion of his anatomy. Yami had thought that that was the end of the matter, until the add clippings had started showing up, slipped in side his texts, deposited into his coat and pants pockets, even a full page ad, which proudly proclaimed that they specialized in Magic and Wizard's designs, (which Seto had circled in red marker, as though Yami could possibly not notice the three inch neon-green type) taped to the inside of his locker. Seto had even clipped a picture of the Blue Eyes to the ad. Yami had retaliated by taping the same ad, this time with stars drawn around the bright red circle, back in the CEO's locker, but with a picture of his Magician instead of the Dragon.

His locker had been left alone after that. Now If only the same could be said about everything else he owned.

"The way I see it, we have two options," Anzu declared that night, the group had gathered at Yuugi's house, minus Yami, who was currently "slumber partying" at Seto's, and Jounouchi, who was sulking at home, to discuss the Jounouchi situation. "We can either try to get Yami away from Kaiba and closer to Jounouchi. Or we can find someone new for Jounouchi."

"Or we can just leave them all the hell alone," said Malik, who was promptly ignored.

"I say we go with the second option," said Honda. "The one without Kaiba involved."

"Why?" Otogi, teased, "afraid of him are we?"

"Damn straight."

"I second Honda's motion," Yuugi said, "Besides, I don't think we could pull apart my Yami and Kaiba even if we wanted to. Something tells me that after 3000 years, it's going to take a lot more than we've got to rip them apart. And furthermore, I don't want to do anything that will upset Mou Hitori No Boku's happiness."

"Besides," Ryou spoke up, "Kaiba is scary enough as it is. Imagine what he would be like if he found out we were trying to steal his boyfriend away? I third the motion."

"Very well," Anzu said, "all those in favour of trying to find Jououchi a new flame say Ay."


"I still say we just leave them all alone," Malik grumped.