A dark haired woman ran through a door that led to what looked like the Halliwell Manor's attic. She was closely followed by a small boy, with the same dark brown hair. The woman looked to be in her 40s but her long hair covered her features. The boy looked about 13-14 and looked at the woman with large fearful green eyes.

"We have to hide the book!" the woman cried, moving over towards the large book resting on top of a pedestal, "can't let him get hold of it!"

She beckoned the boy over to her as she began unfolding a piece of paper. At that moment another woman, slighter younger with lighter hair, burst into the room.

"I couldn't hold him!" she said, in-between gasping for breath, "He's on his way up now!"

The older woman moved the boy into a hiding place behind one of the cabinets and then turned her attention to the newcomer.

"Fine, just say the spell with me quickly!" the urgency in her voice didn't go unnoticed.

They were just about to start chanting when a teenager of about 16-17 with longish blonde hair, charges in.

"Give me the book!" he snarled at the two women.

"No, you can't have it!" the younger woman snapped back.

"If you won't hand it over then it will be taken by force!" he growled.

Suddenly several warlocks and demons materialised around him.

"Depose of them!" he commanded, folding his arms across his chest.

The older woman smirked and simply flicked her hands freezing the demons in place. She then proceeded to blow several warlocks up before the rest adapted to her power.

The younger woman stood there as the remaining warlocks through energy balls at her, which suddenly altered course and took out their users. She then jumped in the air and aimed a kick at the teenager, only he raised his hand and both women were thrown forcefully against the wall.

"Your time is up!" he said, laughing evilly as an energy ball appeared in his hand.

"Wait!" the older woman cried, "You wouldn't kill me surely!" she said, looking pleadingly into his eyes.

The teenager's face softened slightly, "No your right mother," he said quietly but then an evil grin spread across his face, "I couldn't kill you!"

With this he made a fist with his had and the younger woman began to choke. His grin became more intense and he flicked his wrist, the woman jerked and a sickening crack could be heard as her neck snapped and she fell to the floor...dead!

"No!" the older woman cried, moving over to the dead woman, "How could you?" she said, turning tearful eyes towards the teen.

"Sorry mother, but you lot were only standing in my way!" he said, as he telekinetically lifted the book and vanished from the room.

While the woman was crying, she failed to notice the demons unfreeze and one threw an energy ball at her, propelling her across the room to hit the wall and land in a crumpled heap.

The demons then all shimmered out after noticing that their 'master' had already left.

When they had left the dark haired boy emerged from his hiding place and rushed over the dark haired woman.

"Mom?" he queried in a small voice, touching her gently.

"I'm sorry honey," she gasped out placing a weak hand on the boy's face, "so sorry..." she whizzed as he hand fell limply to the floor.

The boy's tears fell heavily as he cradled his dead mother, "No!"

"No!!!" Chris cried as his eyes snapped open and he looked panic-stricken around the room, gasping for breath. He shook violently, his hair plastered to his head and dripping with sweat. He let out a shuddering breath and ran a shaky hand through his hair. Why had that dream returned now?