"How is he?" were the first words out of Piper's mouth when the sisters returned to the Manor.

"A bit drained but otherwise he's fine," Leo replied, moving away from the young witch-whitelighter who was lying asleep on the couch. "He's resting at the moment."

Piper let out a heavy sigh and sank down into a chair, running her hands through her hair.

"How didn't we see it?" she asked about a moment of silence, "I mean the more I look at him I see 'Me'. He has your eyes Leo..."

"And your sarcasm" Leo quipped with a smile that didn't quite reach his eyes. His thoughts were occupied with all the things he had said to Chris; "You're not family." - how must the young man had felt when Leo had said that to him? He also couldn't stop thinking of his future self's reaction to Chris...what does he turn into? How could he possibly feel that way about his own son!

"Leo?" At hearing his name he turned to look at Piper. "How did he live through all that?" she said, "how did he...his brother turning; watching Wyatt - our Wyatt - kill Phoebe and...and..." Piper closed her eyes in an effort to hold back the tears, "me, dying in his arms..."

"...and then being accused of doing nothing by his father," Leo added grimly.

"Its not your fault Leo" Phoebe spoke up suddenly, "that was you in the future."

"Yeah - you've got time to change it...now we know" Paige interjected.

Leo sighed and hung his head. "I understand why he hates me now"

"I...I...don't hate you," a quiet voice spoke up from the couch with a slight stutter.


"I never could...I wanted to..." Chris said, running a hand through his hair as he sat up, "that was the last time I ever called you 'Dad'"

"Chris, I'm so sorry..."

"S'not your fault - hasn't happened yet."

Leo turned to look Chris straight in the eye and there and then made a vow to his future son. "I will not let it happen Chris - I won't turn into that man...I won't let it happen."

"None of us will" Piper added firmly, moving over to hug Chris - who actually let her. "You won't have that future Chris...I promise."

"Thanks...but we still need to find what turns Wyatt" Chris said, reluctantly moving away from his mother's arms, "and we haven't got that long before it happens."

"How do you know?" Paige asked.

"Because it happens sometime before I'm born"


"And..." Chris turned to look at Piper.

"Oh my god!" Phoebe gasped.

"Oh my god what!" Piper asked in confusion.

"You're pregnant!"

"No I'm no..." Piper began, only to stop as she caught the expression on Chris's face and he eyes widened. "I'm pregnant?"

Chris nodded, "and we haven't got much time to find out what or who turns Wyatt!"

...THE END...

...To Be Continued in 'Revelations'...