Chapter 5: I trust you with my life.

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Meeting up with Ah-Un and Jaken in a short about of time, Sesshomaru was anxious to find out what happened to his little party when those chameleon youkai foolishly attacked him.

"Lord Sesshomaru! That wench had the nerve to order me around! I would have gone to help if she didn't order the stupid dragon too" Ah –Un smacked Jaken with its tail at this.

"Sesshomaru-sama Celeste-sama protected me! Someone tried act like they were you and she knew it wasn't you and cut off they're head! Then she went to help you. Rin wanted to help too so Rin went over and she helped Rin." she said staring up at him.

"Is that so?" said Sesshomaru taking on a contemplative look.

"Yeah she said this ice prince was way to warm." Said Rin. Sesshomaru nodded and looked down at the woman in his arms. She had used his youki whip almost as well as he did. She took a fierce protectiveness to a child she barely knew. She almost sacrificed herself to make sure Rin was safe. Most humans would have broken under such pressure.

"This human most assuredly needs more watching. With my poison going through her veins we're going to have to make this journey as short as possible." He said aloud.

"You are going to actually save her?" squawked Jaken.

"If it weren't for her I would have killed you for letting Rin getting away. Be grateful to her." Said Sesshomaru glaring at him. Rin ran up to where Sesshomaru was and pulled onto his pant leg. Sesshomaru looked down at her.

"Yes Rin?" he said. She gave him a white rose.

"Can you put it in Celeste-sama hair for me? She'd look really pretty with it." She said. Sesshomaru took the rose from her hand and place it in Celeste's hair.

" I'm sure she'd appreciate it." He said. She smiled and skipped away to Ah- Un. The woman in his arm moaned and her back arched in pain meaning his poison was taking its toll much faster then he had anticipated.

"Jaken, mount Ah- Un. We are going back by air. This poison will take much to long if we walk." He said coldly.

"Yes Lord Sesshomaru." said Jaken and the dragon hauled him onto his back and quickly took flight while Sesshomaru's cloud formed beneath his feet and carried him, Celeste, and Rin away.

Inu-Chan's group

"Kagome do you know that girl?" asked Miroku.

"No I don't. But she has to be from the future. She talks almost exactly like the people from my time." Replied Kagome.

Inuyasha stayed in the back round fuming over his hurt back and the still there red mark on his face.

"But Sesshomaru looked more than familiar with her. Do you think what he said about the girl was true?" said Sango.

"No way! Sesshomaru is way to cold for that! He's known for it!" quipped Shippo.

"Then if that wasn't Sesshomaru, then who was that?" said Kagome. Then they're eyes widened as the realization hit them hard.

"Naraku! He must have transformed himself into Sesshomaru! But why bother? What does he want?" said Miroku.

"What are we doing here? That girl has no idea who that was!" said Kagome.

"She knows. And she killed the puppet with one hit. That woman is dangerous." Said Inuyasha finally talking.

"How do you know?" said Miroku.

"Not far away the real Sesshomaru had transformed to his real form and she had raced over to him. So she must have figured out the ice prince must have been way to warm." Replied Inuyasha. Kagome glared at him.

"And you were going to tell us when?" said Kagome stomping over to him.

"You never asked. I don't see what you are worried about that girl seemed fine. Sesshomaru hasn't killed her. But the chameleon youkai did get her." he said stroking his chin.

"Is she alive?" said Sango her eyes widened.

"Yeah she is. But she's badly injured. Sesshomaru took her to his keep. She'll be fine." He said.

"SIT!" screamed Kagome. Her face turned red as she growled. "THAT GIRL WAS LEFT WITH THE BIGGEST MURDERER IN ALL OF JAPAN! WHO JUST HAPPENS TO BE YOUR BROTHER WHO KNOWS DAMNED WELL HOW HE FEELS ABOUT HUMANS AND YOU ARE GOING TO SAY THAT SHE IS FINE!!!! WHAT KIND OF MIND-FRAME ARE YOU IN?!" she screamed shaking him by the collar. She threw him back with a huff. "Then with another deep breath she screamed. "Sit Sit Sit Sit Sit Sit Sit Sit Boy!" she said all in one breath. Then she went over to Sango.

"He may not have hurt her because she has enormous potential to be very powerful. That jewel of hers said it was the sister to mine. That could be the reason Naraku is after her. We all know what happened with Naraku and Sesshomaru and that arm of his. Sesshomaru probably knows something we don't and I need to get close enough to find out." She said with fierce determination.

'Why are you so protective of this girl?' said Miroku.

"She is the first girl I can talk about who knows what I'm talking about when it comes to this time. She doesn't have the advantages that I have. She's with a cold-blooded killer. Hopefully we can meet up on the other side and I can tell her what to do." Said Kagome.

'Kagome doesn't Sesshomaru also have a rosary like Inuyasha's around his neck." Said Miroku.

A light when off in her head.

"She must have not muttered a word of subjection. Once she does she can have control over Sesshomaru! She's okay!' she whopped.

"But how will she know what to do?" said Shippo putting himself on Kagome's shoulder. She thought for a second.

"I need to go back to my time maybe my grandfather knows something." she said and picked up her bag and ran towards the well with a quick "Sit" to make sure Inuyasha didn't stop her.

"Arriving home Lord Sesshomaru?" said a smooth voice.

"Dios." Said Sesshomaru facing the bronzed skinned lavender haired demon. Dios chuckled and blew his bangs out of his eyes to come into the light to greet his master. With a respectful bow he helped Rin get down from Ah-Un's back.

" Dios-sama! Sesshomaru –Sama brought home a girl!' said Rin. Dios smiled at the small child and looked into Sesshomaru's arms.

"I see. Lord Sesshomaru, being that it is not my place to ask what happened. So I will ask this. What are your wishes for the girl?" he said.

"Take her to the room down the hall from mine. My poison is flowing in her veins. Heal her and watch over her. You are now her keeper." was all he said before Sesshomaru placed her in Dios's arms. Dios bowed and stepped back before walking towards the West wing. Taking a look at the woman in his arms and the gash in her arm he was still puzzled on what exactly happened.

"Dios-sama! Wait for Rin!" called Rin running down the hall carrying Celeste's swords.

"Are those hers?" said Dios. Rin nodded. 'A warrior woman? You don't find those everyday. Maybe I can find out what happens once I heal her. Interesting though. That Sesshomaru has brought home a human girl and hasn't complained or insulted her existence yet. She must be extraordinary.' He thought.

"Will she be okay Dios –sama?" Said Rin. Dios smiled as she slid open to the door for him.

"Of course Rin. I won't let you down." He said with a grin. Walking into the room he placed her onto the bed blinking a few times he closed his eyes and removed her clothes easily finding the buttons to her Kimono at least trying to be decent.

"Rin, get me a kimono for the young lady if you'd please.' He said turning away to open his eyes. Rin giggled.

"Dios-sama! You are silly can't you just summon it here?" she giggled. Dios smiled at the child.

"I guess I can." He said and grabbed at thin air and in his hand appeared a lovely black kimono with red peach blossoms going over it. Once again he repeated the gesture and a towel appeared in his hand. Closing his eyes again he turned back to wear Celeste's was and draped it over her chest. Finally opening his eyes he breathed a sigh of relief.

"She lucky I have respect for all women's privacies." He said before lifting her arm to inspect the wound. "Shouldn't be to hard." He said gently covering her arm with his hand. Closing his eyes a light formed around him and Celeste and the wound slowly but surely brought itself together and the poison extracted itself from the wound, and evaporated into thin air. Celeste breathing sped up a bit but she didn't wake up.

"Dios-sama? Is she going to be alright?" said Rin.

"Of course milady Rin. She is just sleeping. Would you like to give her some flowers?" he said.

"Yeah, Yeah! I like lililyies and roses!" she said. He chuckled and swept his into the air and a gold sparkle shimmered before the bouquet she described came into his hand. Handing them to her she set to work on put each individual flower in a different place in the room.

"Is there a reason for this decoration?" he asked.

"Yes! This is so when she wakes up it will smell nice and pretty!' she said putting the last lily by the bedside table. Dios touched it and the tips tinted itself into pink.

"Happy with yourself now?" he asked amused.

"Yes!' she said coming over to him.

"Well how about you go into the garden and find the little girl you like to play with so much." He said standing to his feet.

"Okay!" She exclaimed and skipped away. Dios closed the shoji screen door and stepped back over to where Celeste lay. He stroked her face and her head leaned into his touch.

"Wake up milady." He said lightly. Her eyes fluttered opened and she smiled.

"Hello." She said quietly. Dios expertly covered his surprise.

"Good afternoon milady." He said with a bow.

"Good afternoon to you too. Where am I?" she said.

"In Lord Sesshomaru's domain. You are a warrior yes?" he said. She shrugged.

"I guess you could say so. Why do you ask?" she said. He picked up one of her swords and took it out of its sheath.

"Milady you were injured not very long ago. From what I can tell you helped Lord Sesshomaru in a battle. But one must wonder what kind of skill you must posses to impress Lord Sesshomaru in such a way." He said inspecting it before locking his gaze with hers. She was about to sit up when she felt the towel brush against her bare skin. Ducking under the covers she yelped.

"Hey you didn't undress me did you?" she said blushing furiously.

"I did. But I can assure you I didn't see anything. I closed my eyes" he said with a chuckle. He brought the kimono into her line of vision.

"Is that for me?" she said staring at it. He nodded. She reached out to touch it. "It's so beautiful." She said.

"Thank you. But being that you are a warrior I'll alter it a bit." He said. Before waving both hands through the air and the Kimono changed into a more suitable outfit. Pants formed and the kimono changed to look more like a shirt with a blood red sash tied it at the waist. The length shortened to seemed not so like. The pants flared out and mandarin shirt were turned into white with peach blossoms covering them and white shoes appeared in his hand.

"Oh wow!" she exclaimed. He brought into her full line of view and to be honest it was stunning.

"I wouldn't want you to be seen without looking your absolute best when going to Lord Sesshomaru. I'm pretty sure he would want to see how you fared." He said. She nodded.

"Thank you so much!" she said. He chuckled and left the items there and walked to the door.

"Just call me if you need help." He said with a dashing smile. She blushed and bowed. He closed the door behind him and she got up. Her battle outfit was gone so she set to work on fixing herself up.

When she finished she opened up the door and was tying her sash and steeping into the shoes. Once finished she ruffled her hair and secured her sword to her waist. Dios looked stunned.

"A beautiful warrioress! That is a deadly combo. No wonder The Lord wanted to keep you around." He said bushing his bangs out of his eyes he took in her whole form. She wasn't thin but wasn't fat. She was thick in all the right places and it showed very well.

"Thank you." She said with a light blush and a bow. He motioned for her to follow him and she did so.

When they were walking her thought s turned to the Demon in front of her. He looked like a prince in his own right. He held the regal figure of one. He had a quiet sort of power that soothed you into oblivion. He was gorgeous though. Warm blue eyes and silky lavender hair that occasionally fell into his eyes. He wore all white like Sesshomaru and he two had a sword at his side. He had the mark of the rose on his forehead . It was small but it made him look exquisite. 'He could even give Sesshomaru a run for his money.' she thought. So engrossed in her thought she was not paying attention she smacked into his back.

"Sorry!" she said slightly embarresed that she had almost collided with him. He onl nodded and opened the door.

"The Lord will be with you shortly." He said. She nodded and walked inside and took up the largest pillow and laid across it using her hand to hold her head up. She silently surveyed the office and looked around making sure to memorize everything she could about this land. She had a feeling that Kagome girl knew how to back but Celeste knew she was going to wind up coming back. There was something that was drawing her here to this place.

Staring at the ceiling she thought about what it was. Then she smiled. The completely gorgeous white-haired demon, of course. She had to admit she was bordering on a crush but she didn't have the time nor the patience for silly little love stuff. But she did have the time to train and better herself. She hated the fact that she had enough money to attract all the wrong friends. Most people would have smacked her if she had said money was a burden. But having so much of it was BORING! You never had to work for anything not even think because whatever the kids wanted you already had it and thought nothing of it. There was no point to it! But maybe just maybe she'd find someone who didn't care about her money and just wanted to get to know her. Yet there was no one actually like that. Not in her time anyway. Maybe here there would be someone like that.

"Celeste." Came a smooth velvety baritone like voice. She sat up and shirt revealing a bit at the action. She stood up and bowed respectfully to him. He nodded and she sat back down.

"You wanted to see me Lord Sesshomaru?" she said lowly. Sesshomaru sat behind his desk and took in her whole figure.

"Dios has told me you awoke not long after he had you in his care." He said. She nodded.

"This is true." She said simply.

"He has also told me that you healed much faster than expected." He said. A thoughtful look came across her face.

"This may be true. I have no idea how long I was supposed to be asleep after you graciously brought me under your protection." She said.

"Most would have been asleep for 3 weeks. You stayed under his care for a little under 3 hours. Would you care to explain this?" he said.

"Lord Sesshomaru if I had any idea I would tell you. But I don't." she said respectfully. He nodded and continued to stare at her from under his long lashes. She stared unblinkingly at him as he inspected her. His eyes ran over her ever feature down to her shoes and all the way back up.

"May I see your trinket?" he said. She nodded and took off her jewel and handed it to him. He inspected it carefully as it seemed to swirl from the inside out. She watched as he almost became hypnotized by it. It started an errie glow that he didn't seem to notice but his eyes started to tinge with red. From the way is aura was working she figured that wasn't good and she gently pried it from his fingers. When he blinked he was a little less than 5 inches away from Celeste's face. She gave him a gentle smile as she removed it from his hand.

"I apologize Lord Sesshomaru but the jewel seemed highly dangerous in your hands." She said quietly resettling herself back onto her pillow.

"How so?" he said. She held up in front of her to show the jewel started to fade from its almost angry looking blue to its calm sea color. He looked puzzled for a second then his mask appeared right back on. "What exactly happened." He almost growled.

"It started to glow and your eyes started to tinge with red. I figured that would not have been good so I took it from you." She stated though her patience was slipping already! She was trying to keep this as business-like as she could but she kept staring at her body and that made it very uncomfortable.

"I see." Was all he said.

"Was that all you wanted to see me for?" she said.

"As a matter of fact it wasn't. My first inquiry is what happened in the time span that I was gone and the imposter was in my place." He stated more than asked.

" Inuyasha's group came looking for something called "Shikon shards". At this time they believed I had them when in fact I had a different Jewel. The one you had in your hand was what the dead priestess was trying to steal from me. It was when he laughed that I realized it wasn't you. Although I wasn't sure at first I at first I wanted to play it safe. When he started acting inappropriately I knew it wasn't you. So I killed him." She explained. Sesshomaru nodded at this. Then as if an after thought she added "Down boy." To her sentence and Sesshomaru flopped to the floor in a doggy sit his palms on the floor tail in the air. She chuckled as he growled at her.

'What have you done to me woman?" he snarled.

"Oh this is just to make sure you don't try to kill me. Don't worry I won't use it to hurt you. Relax." She laughed. She got up leaped across the table and hugged him sending them crashing to the floor. Sesshomaru stared at the strange woman as she laughed at this.

"This does not worry this Sesshomaru for I trust you with my life." He said just b

barely enough for her to hear. At this she hugged him tighter.

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