Seeing Beyond the Veil

One must step across the threshold, for everything begins beyond the gate.

Chapter Twenty-Two:

"For all its worth mate, that's a bloody bird barely the size of my fist. Are you sure that you didn't mess up?" Ron asked as he scrutinized the rather homely creature.

Daren shot the red head an annoyed glance before pushing up his glasses. "It worked. Ever heard of the saying, don't judge a book by its cover?" He asked as he dismissed the summons.

"Yes I've heard of it but seeing how you managed to summon 'him,' I expected that you would at least have something just as awe inspiring."

Draco lightly whacked Ron upside the head. "Don't expect the world to be perfect because it isn't carrot top."

"I resent that." Ron grumbled. "Fine, but it won't mean that I won't let Daren live it down."

Hermione could only sigh. Sometimes there were times she wanted to smack all three boys for being just- boys.

(next scene)

Daren stared at the parchment lying on Dumbledore's desk before looking up to the elderly man. The news was disturbing in many aspects which did not bode well. Even worse was the fact that it had come from Lucius Malfoy…which shouldn't be surprising given the circumstances. Malfoy's insubordination and possible rebellious nature would lead to more complications than necessary. Daren already was up to his eyeballs in trouble so to speak. He just didn't need anymore to add on top of what he already had to deal with.

"It's spreading like a virus…Malfoy already had a disposition to the spirit's nature so it would only make sense to make him the next vessel given that Voldemort is no longer providing stability for it. In order to effectively exist both host and parasite have to have an agreement with each other." Daren murmured softly in thought.

The hatred against the world Tom Riddle once held was nearly gone causing Satan quite a bit of harm given that the being couldn't possess Tom for much longer since equilibrium had been breeched. Once the balance was upset it would force Satan out into the open to try and possess another body before he would be caught in a vulnerable position.

"Parasite? That's an odd way of terming it." Dumbledore said with some amusement.

"It is a parasite. He takes what he needs and then discards the host when he's had what he's wanted. What he doesn't realize on the other hand is that he's just only eventually killing himself. As a fallen angel he lost his ability to retain a semi-physical form having reverted into a spiritual form where he had to take over others' bodies in order to get things done. Over the time however, the abuse starts to take its toll. Nothing is eternal save for God above.

"All things said, everything dies, even the ones with 'immortality.' One misconception of the word is that immortality means escape from death but never specified which death- that death is natural death. Man doesn't see that immortality can't be obtained by human means. We're flawed and imperfect."

A pale hand slammed down on top of the parchment with finality.

(end chapter)

Author's Notes: Sorry for the really late and short update however I'm simply swamped by real life, which has taken over me completely now that I'm ready to head off to college…Huzzah. Not.

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