I am Morgane le Fey


Seas of water, seas of time. Both isolate the once great Camelot, a realm that was once filled with magic and power. But not now. No, now Camelot is gone. Camelot, once ruled by the pitiful Arthur, is only a handful of dust taken away by the breath of the wind of time. One person was responsible for all this chaos. That person was me.

I have many names. The Temptress, Lady of Chaos, Downfall of Camelot and Morgane the Wicked.Though you know me best by Morgane le Fey, Morgane the Fate. I challenged my fate, twisted it, molded it, shaped it into a crown of glory. But I cannot counter time. No, that was beyond even me. I tried to turn the books of time and the strings of destiny around, and see where it led me. Now, I am hated, but no one knows my story. The great story of Fate. So, I beg you now, listen to my story not as a judge, not as a royal, not as an enemy, but as a friend. Listen to this now, the story of me, Morgane. Not Morgane le Fey, or the Hated One, simply as Morgane.

Just Morgane.