I am Morgane le Fey

Chapter 5

Uther Pendragon stepped outside with my mother, and I followed. (Did you really think I would pass up a chance like that? Never!) I could hear them talk, but I didn't understand what it was about. Something about something else, and then someone did some other thing. I soon got bored and left. What I missed was this.

"Lady, I felt it, and you must feel it as well. We were meant to be together. You and I. I want you, and you want me. I know it. Come away with me now, and we may be happy forever more." Uther spoke with much conviction.

"No! I cannot milord, I have pledged my undying love to the Duke of Cornwall, and I must stay true to him. I am sorry. I do not feel anything for you sire," Igraine spoke while her lips quivered. Oh, how she wished she could leave with him and be happy! She had never loved Geneth, but he had provided her with love and shelter. A love that she could not return. Yet here it was, plain as day, her true love, and she could not go to him. Life was cruel, but there wasn't anything she could do about it. She was simply a woman, and even one with power was still regarded lowly.

"I love you, and I am sorry, Lady, but you shall not here the last of me, not until I get what I want. I always get what I want in the end." He looked at her, and extended his right hand to take hers. As he did this, Igraine shook. She turned white, she had seen it. He had the mark of a red dragon on his arm, the sign. The dragon Morgane had seen, the mark of the man she must submit to so that she could bear the man whom would raise Britain.

She ran and ran, before she could turn and go with him.

Meanwhile, I was with Nurse, begging to go home, I was tired. We finally did much to my satisfaction. That night, I could hear mother and father fighting. Yelling and cursing, it scared me so much I could not sleep. I could hear father saying things like:

"Dishonoring my name," "You devilish whore," "You are nothing but a conniving witch like your sisters," "How dare you go behind my back and betray me," all sorts of evil things. Most words I did not understand, but I could tell that it had something to do about the dragon sir, something was not right...

That morning, father said nothing; he just left quickly, while mother sat down quietly, crying into her porridge. We tried to comfort her, but Aunt Morgause told us to leave her alone, to her own thoughts. I went out to play in the glen with some of my village friends, and as we had started a lovely game of bottle-grass, I saw my mother. She was lying on the fresh grass in a plain woolen gown, lying next to a pond of clear water. I came up behind her to see what made her smile, and then my mother got up and threw a pebble in the water causing the image to scatter. But it was too late. I had seen it. I knew.

She was in love with the Dragon Man; it was his face in the pond smiling up at her. I looked at the face in disgust; he was an idiot, a fool, and a blunder. I hated the truth; I wanted to believe that my mother loved my father. But it wasn't so. She was in love with that oaf.

I was still quite young, only 7 and I did not understand much about love, only that it made perfectly reasonable people act like fools. I did not see what it was good for, it only ended in unhappiness and desperation.

I thought that nothing could get worse, my young life was shattered, my mother was not the strong, powerful woman I had wanted to be for so long. She was just a silly woman, who cared only of her own feelings. I was disgusted, she lay here pondering evil thoughts about a man other than her husband while my father worked hard to keep us together. I wanted nothing more to do with her. Yet little did I know that I would soon regret those words, and that things did indeed get worse. The next night was when it happened.

I learned from the little things I learned from nurse and the servants that Father hated Uther Pendragon, as did I. Mother floated about in her own dreams, whispering his name and revelling in thoughts of him. I looked at her pityingly. She did nothing but daydream. She had no meaning.

I went to bed that night, unaware of what the next day would bring.

That night, there was a terrible battle, one that I knew nothing about.

Here is what happened.
* The Duke of Cornwall thought that Uther Pendragon was sleeping with his wife, and he felt that it was his duty to slay him in order to protect the rights of his family name. Yet what he did not know was that far across the mountains, deep into the mists, in a land of mystical and magical beings, Viviane called to Uther, warning him of the coming challenge. Uther surprised the Duke, and slay him six times in the heart, relishing every minute, knowing that he could finally take what he wanted. After he had done this, he looked up, and saw a true wonder. There stood a beautiful woman, with blue light around her. She told him that she would help him get what he wanted. He nodded silently, overcome with happiness and triumph.
* I woke that morning, and I heard that there had been a great fight that night. My heart skipped a beat, was father alright? I ran to my window, and there he was, riding in. I was happy. I ran down, and he hugged me. I looked at his arm, smiling. Then I saw it. The red dragon. I stopped in my tracks, too shocked to do anything. Then my mother greeted him, and he led her to their room. Something was terribly wrong.


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