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CHAPTER ONE: "Oh, Lindsay... I had the worst dream..."

So... my parents were taking Jace to California until August. Jace is my baby brother (two years old!). Amber, my lil sis of ten, made arrangements to stay with a different friend every week until Mom and Dad came home five weeks later. I had only one friend who lived on the hill, and that was my best friend, Lindsay. I could only stay at her place for a day or two, then Lindsay was gonna stay at my house til my parents got back.
Anyhoo... the fun part! I'm sitting in the living room at Lindsay's grandma's house on an air mattress with Lindsay. All alone til 10:30 that night, we watched our favorite movies. We watched some Brendan Fraser movies (Bedazzled, Mummy Returns...oh, he's hot as Rick!), Ace Ventura and Bruce Almighty (Jim Carrey's too funny), the Harry Potter movies (I'm a sucker for those stupid books), and our most favorite movie of all, Pirates of the Caribbean.
We'd been sitting on that mattress since 9:30am having our own movie marathon. I sat, not touching my popcorn (it's my favorite food – you know it's bad when I refuse popcorn), watching Jack and Elizabeth (for the millionth time!) get stranded on that island. I'm embarrassed to admit it, but I envied Elizabeth greatly in this scene (yes... I'm a Jack fanatic). Eww... well, Lindsay was one of the Orlando fans. He was hot, yes, but he couldn't measure up to be a pirate like Jack, oops, sorry...Captain Jack Sparrow. Lindsay and I had feuded endlessly on this. As I sat watching Jack and Elizabeth dance around the bonfire (how I wish I was her!), I was attacked... by pretzels.
"God, Erica!" Lindsay said sarcastically, "Stop being such a pig!" She laughed, took a sip of Pepsi, and returned to the movie. I smirked. She was the pretzel slinger...I got evil. Let's see... my choices? Chex Mix, Goldfish, popcorn, and Doritos...interesting... and it was an Orlando scene... good, good... it was all in place...
"Oops," I said, grinning broadly (I felt somewhat proud!). I hit her in the face with some rainbow Goldfish. One was sticking to the side of her mouth, so I reached over, and flicked it. It hit her nose, and that was it.

Even if had only lasted five minutes, that food fight is our most memorable. Everywhere...food. Not one piece of floor was clean. We laughed hysterically, and started cleaning up.
"Good thing your grandma's working the night shift at the hospital tonight," I said looking up at the clock. Lindsay sighed.
"Yes," Lindsay said putting food into the giant chip bowl, "but you're forgetting..."
"What?" I asked quietly.
"She's coming back to get ready for work at 10:30." Yep, I had forgotten that... I checked the clock again. It was twenty after ten, leaving us ten minutes to clean up, calm down, and return to the movie.

--10 minutes later--

Success. So the garbage can was overflowing... we put a brick on the lid to keep it shut. We hurried in to the living room as we heard the car pull in. We were settled on the air mattress just as Lindsay's grandma came in. We explained that Lindsay was staying at my house for the entire month of July, and we told her we would be leaving tomorrow before dinner. As her grandma left ten minutes later, Lindsay smiled.
"Didn't think that would work," I said smiling back at Lindsay. I couldn't believe it; we had actually gotten away with it.
"We're gonna have so much fun this summer," Lindsay said. I nodded. This was true. We went into deep conversation about all of our plans. We finally started watching the movie again twenty minutes later. Totally absorbed in the movie, we never heard them. Never saw them either (too dark)...
First, we heard screaming men, then darkness (hey, they covered our heads in pillowcases!), and I heard a surprised gasp. Then, I felt a pillow slam into my face.

--15 minutes later--

I felt the light from the television hit my face. I rubbed my head, squinting, and I started moaning. I realized where I was, now trying to remember what had happened.
"Oh Lindsay..." I said still rubbing my forehead, "I had the worst dream..." I felt around a bit, and found myself covered in a blanket on the air mattress. I opened my eyes finally, wincing at first. I about screamed when I looked up. Standing over me to my right was the dude dressed up as Jack Sparrow, and to my left, a blockhead resembling Will Turner from our movie. The man on my right spoke.
"Ye' all right, luv?" he asked. I sat bolt upright. What a good impression... that sounded just like Jack Sparrow (Is Johnny Depp standing next to me?!). Just a little too good of an impression, though... I stared at him in awe.
"What are you idiots doing here?!" I yelled looking up at them from the mattress. "What did you do with Lindsay?! Oh, if you hurt her..." I said angrily, standing up on the mattress (trying very hard, mind you, to keep my balance!).
"Your friend is in there with Elizabeth," the man on my left said. I looked at him the same way I did the other guy (Ooo, hotness! lol). Now that sounded like Will Turner (Is Orlando here, too?!). I was about to freak... it was an impression, right?
I ran into Lindsay's room, turned on the light, and saw this person sitting on the bed's edge, assuming this was whom the Will Wannabe called Elizabeth. Lindsay was conscious, looking at me with the same confused expression I had across my face.
"Who are these people?!" Lindsay said in a panicky voice. She jumped away from the Elizabeth Person and we ran past the Will Wannabe and the Jack Imposter, and we locked ourselves in the bathroom (those names...Jack Imposter & such...that's what we called them in the beginning).
"Oh my God!" Lindsay yelled, panting hard. We were both panting, even though the bathroom was right outside Lindsay's door.
"I know!" I said lowering my voice. "Did they attack us? I was out before you..."
"I didn't see them," Lindsay said, "but they probably did. They sound so real!" she said. We both sort of thought it was a joke... or at least a dream (a bad one at the time).
"I know! Like they just popped out of the movie! This is unbelievable," I said regaining my normal breathing.
"Well, what do we do?" Lindsay asked anxiously. Then, we heard a crash from the kitchen.
"I suggest we get out there before your grandma needs the insurance company," I said as someone banged on the bathroom door. We spun our heads around.
"Aye! Lassies! Where do ye' keep yer rum?" the voice of the Jack Imposter said. We looked back at each other, gripping each other's arms. The same thing was racing in our heads – was it possible?


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