Whirlwind: A Hawk and Spenser Romance

Disclaimer: I do not own Spenser, Hawk, Susan or any of the other characters created by Robert B. Parker.

Rating: PG-13 for now. May go up in later chapters for violence and a bit of sexual content.

Warning: This fic contains slash, meaning a physical relationship between two male characters, namely Hawk and Spenser. (Hence the title.) If this squicks you please turn back now before you get upset. Will contain violence and a bit of Het in the first few chapters as well.

Author's Notes: If you came here for a straight romance between the two main male characters you should turn back now. The relationship will be slowly evolving and I expect it to stay fairly platonic for the first five or so chapters. Either way please be kind as my characterizations will be off somewhat, as this is my first fic in this fandom. Any recommendations will be greatly appreciated.

Setting the Scene

It was a sweltering summer day in Boston even with the windows opened and the air conditioning on high. Having lived in this area for years I am used to the changing weather, but I still can't function well in the unseasonably hot summertime.

I was driving down route 2 towards Susan's house with the radio playing softly for ambiance. As I stopped at the red light I noticed a bunch of young kids in a black convertible next to me. Their stereo was blaring and the engine was obviously supped up. I couldn't contain a sigh as I watched them speed off as soon as the light changed. Was I ever that young? Not likely.

Now a days my life is comprised of my detective work, which I must admit brings its fair share of excitement, and the love of my life Susan Silverman. I have been involved with her off and on for years, and she is one of the few who accept my profession with pragmatism, although she often does not approve of my methods.

As I opened the door to her apartment I noticed an overturned lamp immediately. I took out my gun, already loaded with ammo, that I keep strapped to my hip at all times. With my gun out in front I proceeded to search Susan's flat, finding more disarray but no Susan. I did find an envelope on her kitchen table addressed to me however, when I swept that room. I disregarded it for the moment as I moved silently about her wrecked apartment. The furniture was cut up and the television and stereo was smashed to pieces. Obviously not a robber.

After checking the whole house I carefully picked up the envelope with a knife from the cabinet and opened it as carefully as possible. My hands were shaking badly so it took a few long moments for me to flatten the letter so that I could read it. I placed my gun next to the letter and began to read.

'Spenser. It has come to our attention that you have been investigating the Gioletti Family Import Business. You will cease and desist immediately or we will begin sending your bitch back to you in pieces.'

Inside the letter were two Polaroid photographs of Susan lying on the ground in the living room, seemingly knocked unconscious. The second one showed a knife being held at her defenseless throat by someone wearing a pair of leather gloves. I glared at the photos as if they could solve the question of who was holding Susan captive.

The Gioletti family was Boston's equivalent of the Italian mafia. Unfortunately I had just gotten close to finding evidence of money laundering from their import company. Having already given my evidence to Lieutenant Martin Quirk. The PD were planning on arresting both father and son as soon as the witness, my client was placed in protective custody after speaking to the police. I had served as intermediary for them and the meeting was set up for this afternoon. Since the Gioletti's were obviously behind the kidnapping I needed to find out all the possible locations where they may have hired the kidnappers to take Susan until things blew over. I picked up the letter once again, this time using a pair of plastic gloves and packaged them carefully. My plan was to bring the evidence to Quirk, and from there figure out Susan's location. I had no plans on letting her stay with those thugs for longer then necessary, but if I was going to take on the whole Gioletti family then I would need more firepower and backup. I would need Hawk.