Whirlwind: A Hawk and Spenser Romance 18/?

Disclaimer: I do not own Spenser, Hawk, Susan or any of the other characters created by Robert B. Parker.
Rating: T for now. May go up in later chapters for violence and a bit of sexual content.
Warning: This fic contains slash, meaning a physical relationship between two male characters, namely Hawk and Spenser. (Hence the title.) If this squicks you please turn back now before you get upset. Will contain violence and a bit of Het in the first few chapters as well.

Back to Boston

"Well that was a waste of a perfectly good evening" I commented as we left Park's house a few hours later.

"The raspberry turnover was delicious , sho 'nuff." Hawk responded as he patted his flat stomach thoughtfully.


"If Park was the one who hired Rugar he would have told us."

"True" I agreed expressionlessly. Hell if I was confronted with Hawk and a loaded gun to my head I would give up my own momma. Very intimidating my man Hawk is. "So if he didn't hire Rugar, then who put the hit on Gino?"

"That be the question, bawse."

Yup, that be the question, now if only we had the answer as well. Since this was Hawk's gig I left it alone. I'm only on this job as muscle after all.

"So, back to Boston?" I asked/suggested, since I could never keep my mouth shut and he knew it.

"Un huh."

"We back to letting Rugar take a run at Gino?"

"Un huh."

"Last time I caught him unexpected-like." I commented softly. I was reminding him, not that I didn't think I could take him, but it would be a hell of a close thing either way.

"Un huh." Hawk agreed. We stayed quiet as we walked home. It was only after our front door closed behind us that he spoke again. "But there's both of us this time, babe."

"And the twenty other guys, but they only count as two." I answered half sarcastically, half not. I forced down the foreboding even thinking about the Gray Man caused and gave Hawk what I am sure was a sickly grin. "No problem. We can take him."

Leaving the conversation on a high note, I was moving toward the stairs to get some sleep, when Hawk grabbed my arm as I passed him. I turned toward the big man to see him looking at me pensively. He was staring right into my eyes, trying to see only god knew what. I stayed still, hoping that by not reacting the comfort level would once again level off.

"You need to sit 'tis 'n out, I unnerstand."

Before I could decide where I was going to punch the bastard he pulled me even closer, already anticipating my actions.

"You not at your best, Spen-ser."

Although I was insulted that he called my state of mind on the job into question I gave the comment due thought, and acknowledged to myself that I had been distracted. Both by Susan as well as Hawk. Well that stopped right now. The Gray Man was one of the most dangerous men I had ever met, and I wasn't about to let Hawk face him alone because I couldn't get my head on straight.

"I will be."

That was all I said but something in my expression reassured Hawk because he just nodded and released me. I turned away heading for the stairs, only to stop short still facing away from him.

"Until this is over we table everything but business." I told him in an as serious tone as he'd ever heard me use. "I'm not going to lose you because my mind was elsewhere."

I didn't need to go into any further details. I heard a grunt of agreement before I continued.

"But we will be having a serious discussion after this whole thing is settled."

Without waiting for an answer I made my way up the stairs and to bed. The next few days promised to be perilous and I would need all the sleep I could get.