Blood and Roses

Summary: a girl moves to domino and is going to attend domino high, where she meets yugi and others , she has a quest but what does Bakura have to do with it? Who is this girl? Why is she in domino? Obviouse pairing.

Ruby: heyz! My first ficcie! Yay! I've been reading fics for a while now and I thought I'd try my own for a change.

Malik: don't expect to much from her.

Ruby: what was THAT supposed to mean*pissed off*

Malik: nothing*cowers in fear*

Ruby: that what I thought!^_^

Bakura: where you eating sugar again Ruby?

Ruby: (sheepishly) no

Bakura: are you lying to me

Ruby: no....... could be.............. possibly........... yes..........

Bakura: which one is it?

Ruby: don't look at me in that tone of voice!!!!!!!!

Bakura: what?

Ruby: don't test my patients!!!!!

Malik: while they're fighting I get to do the disclaimer!!!!^_^ Destino ciego (a.ka. Ruby Moon) does not own YGO!!!!!!!! Thank Ra or else I would be in either a lot of pain or get better dental!!!!!!!!!!!yay!!!! Ruby:*pauses fighting* On with the fic!!!!!!*goes back to fighting*

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'' thinking



//scene change


** actions

( ) authors note

Blood and roses

Chapter one: a new beginning!

'I hate moving, I hate starting over in a new school, I hate having to make new friends, I hate being here, I wish I was home!' a girl with firy brown hair, tanzanite blue eyes, and perfectly tanned skin, thought to herself.

Chauffer: Meskenet, we are here

Meskenet: thank you.

Meskenet got out of the limo and walked up to a big, old Victorian mansion, with a small forest behind it. ' home' Meskenet thought once she entered the house.

Maid: Miss we have moved your bags up to your room, is there anything else you would like from us?

Meskenet: no you may leave early tonight.

Maid: thank you miss

Meskenet walked off to explore her new home.

When she entered a large room, it had all of her bags inside, and everything was put away neatly she assumed that this was her room.

It was large with baby blue walls, a chestnut bedside table was placed by the left corner, it had a red Macintosh laptop in the center, beside the desk was a large queen sized bed, with baby pink veils surrounding it.

In the far right wall were 2 doors, one led to a walk in closet, and the other to a dark bathroom, with black marble tiles, blood red walls and on her sink counter was a mirror, with the faintest spider web print, her shower curtains were also black with blood red spider web print on them.

In her room on the far wall were windows, not big elaborate windows, medium sized windows, that looked over the forest and city.

It was late, and Meskenet was tired and fell asleep, without changing into her pajama's, dreading her first day at Domino High.

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the next morning Meskenet woke up in a good mood, she got ready, and dressed in a pair of denim blue hip huggers, a pair of pink skateboarding shoes, and a red shirt with the words 'if it weren't for boys I wouldn't stay in school' in black.

She ate breakfast, then hopped on her light blue Mitsubishi motorcycle, and rode to school.

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Tea: did you guys hear?

Joey: wut?

Serenity: there's supposed to be a new person coming today, and he's around our age.

Mai: I hope it's a girl............... or a cute boy, we need one of those

Joey: oh so we aren't cute or something???

Mai: I'm surprised you caught that one Joey, you may be smarter than you look

Tea: I hope we can just be friends, I think we should be nice to him when we meet him, so we can all be great friends

Mai: okay friendship girl, the only reason we'd be mean would be if it was another Kiba

Tea: hey! My name is Tea not Friendship girl!

Mai: it's your nickname, we can call you by your nickname

Tea: but not in public

Mai: why don't you like Friendship girl, you don't like the name we gave you, are you ashamed of us to?

Tea: no......... it's just............. Well..........

Mai: oh cool it Friendship girl, I'm just teasing

Joey: hey I must be really smart if I'm smarter than I look( o_O;) Everyone but Joey: * major sweat drop*

Mai: oh lord............... Joey................. oh never mind, we might as well just let him be happy

Serenity: hey Seto!

Kiba: en

Tea: well that was a little rude, you know we want to be friends with a guy and he just has to spit it back in our faces, and now if we say hi we get a grunt, how rude!

Everyone: *sweat drop*


Yugi: well lets just go to class

Tristan: we're bound to see the new guy in class right

Everyone already left for class. ' oh not again!' Tristan thought.

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Ruby: so how'd ya like it? Good...... bad......... tell me if you think I should continue or not.

Tristan: ow........... my head............

Ruby: oh I forgot thinking hurt your head, sorry about that....................... wait what the hell am I saying, its Tristan.............................. YAY!!!!! Tristan got hurt!!!!!!^_^

Tristan: that wasn't very nice

Ruby: -_-; oh Ra help us, you know what......... I don't give a crap!!!!!!!!!!! now go get better so I can hurt you more in the next chappie!

*Tristan leaves*

Malik: I can't believe you didn't put me in that chapter!

Bakura: calm down, she didn't put me in either! Now just say it

Malik: I don't want to anymore!

Bakura: just say it

Malik: NO!

Bakura: I'll get her

Malik: okay! Okay!, I'll do it, I'll do it.........

Bakura: thank you

Malik: Ruby wants you to R & R, for some reason, and tell her if it was bad.... Or well worse...... okay fine, fine, good ,ha ha yeah right how is it good with out ME? Or if it is bad, if you review, and it's good, she'll continue, if you think it was bad, she'll continue, any idea's for later chapters, tell her! Happy?

Bakura: I dunno, its her fic

Malik: happy?

Ruby: kinda...... but your going to get it for some of those coments... you'd better watch what you say......... but anyways! Byez!