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Chapter One: The Harmless Prank

It was another bright and beautiful day outside Titans' Tower. It was peaceful, and calm. Or so everyone thought…

A loud yawn and cracking of the back could be heard from one of the rooms. The boy rubbed his eyes sleepily, and ruffled his hair a bit.

"Hmm, what day is it I wonder…" he said groggily turning to face the calendar on the wall, squinting to read it he soon found it to be, "APRIL FIRST?"

The boy was thrilled; it was the day he waited ALL year for! It was going to be great! But first he had to get dressed…

The other titans looked toward the hallway from where they sat at their normal table.

"Yep, Beast Boy is up…" Raven stated blankly, "…time for me to leave."

"Great, everyone on your guard." Robin instructed.

"Why?" Terra asked, quite puzzled.

"Well, you see—"he was cut short.

"Good Morning everyone!" Beast Boy greeted in an overly cheerful manner, which even caused Starfire to shiver.

Raven was almost out of the room, but she wasn't quick enough, "Raven! Where are you going? Don't I even get a 'Good Morning'?"

"Good Morning…" she repeated with the same blankness as before and took a step in the direction of the hallway. She didn't get far before hearing a scream; she turned to see what the problem was.

"B-bbut Raven! I can't�go on if you're not here! You keep me in line and I-I-I—just need to tell you something…" Beast Boy had cried out, he was on his knees in the kitchen facing her way, his voice sounded like he was cracking on the inside, and his green eyes were watering. The others just looked on; they all felt a pang of guilt. They didn't think he'd get so upset that Raven decided to go into the other room…or was he?

Raven's eyes softened, she didn't think it meant so much to him. She turned his way, "Ah--Beast Boy…I didn't think it mattered…" she said truly believing his words.

"Oh but it does," he continued sniffling a little, looking down in hurt, "it does—you know, I have something else to tell you…"

The other Titans all leaned in and listened and watched his moves intently.

"Raven, I could never say it before but I—I-I Love you." He finished looking downcast.

Raven's eyes filled with shock, he couldn't have meant that! She didn't feel the same she knew that and he SHOULD already know that, and what about Terra-- didn't he like her?

"I—" she stuttered a moment searching for a way to put it nicely, so not to hurt his feelings, too much.

"HA HA! APRIL FOOLS! I GOT YOU GOOD RAE!" Beast Boy cackled loudly, rolling on the ground with laughter.

Raven glared at him, face red with anger, humiliation, and a pressure point coming into view.

The other Titans sighed relief, Terra especially she already knew that Beast Boy and Raven were close friends but she never knew if there was anything more. And after a few seconds they joined in the laughter.

Raven's pressure point only grew. Stupid Beast Boy-- how could she have listened to his stupid blabber! Slow now; She had to control her emotions for fear of doing something she might regret.

Whoops, too late-- she looked up to see Beast Boy suspended in the air waving his arms violently and begging Raven to let him down.

With a flick her wrist he came crashing down with swirly eyes as he lay somewhat lifeless, "If you don't want that to happen again, don't pull anymore pranks on me."

And with that she departed leaving Beast Boy to answer with a shaky voice, "Yes, ma'am…"

The other Titans just giggled at the sight before them, Beast Boy got what was coming to him. Robin decided to finish his sentence, "See Terra? Beast Boy LOVES to pull pranks on us, and that's why I said be on guard, because sometimes it's REALLY hard to tell-- like just now."

"Oh…" Terra replied understanding the situation before her. An evil grin came upon her face, so Beast Boy was a trickster, well she could be too…

Boy, did it ever seem like such a long day. The Titans had been very busy; there had been SO much to do! They all seemed thoroughly exhausted, especially Beast Boy. He had been devising all kinds of pranks all day, but somehow the rest of the Titans all saw it coming. April fools day was almost over and he had only managed to pull two whole pranks ALL day.

The first was on Raven and the other was something stupid anyway, he had told Cyborg that his shoe was untied. Cyborg doesn't have shoes, but he was stupid enough to look. Sure Cyborg claimed he was looking for something sticky he could feel on his shoe but Beast Boy REALLY didn't care. This April Fools Day SUCKED.

"Um guys, I think I'm gonna crash…see ya in the morning." Beast Boy said finishing with a yawn.

"OH NO! Beast Boy you mustn't crash!" Starfire called fearfully.

"No, it's ok Star, it just means go to sleep." Robin explained.

Starfire contemplated the words for a moment and nodded her understanding, "So I suppose I should do this "crashing" as well. I am very tired."

"Sure, get some rest." Robin replied.

" 'Night Star." Cyborg called from the couch as Starfire slowly flew by.

"Sleep well." Raven said.

Starfire was almost to the hallway when she and the others heard an earth-shattering scream; they all turned toward the source and prepped themselves for battle. Beast Boy came around the corner with a very peeved look. The other Titans looked for what the problem could be. They soon found it; Beast Boy was nearly covered from head to toe with chocolate pudding.

They all turned into their chibi forms and laughed hysterically. Beast Boy just marched glumly to the kitchen to look for cleaning products.

"Soooo, Beast Boy who got you bad?" Cyborg asked smirk evident.

"You did Cyborg…" Beast Boy said in a pouting kind of way, he couldn't believe that he had fallen right into his prank and that he was now playing high-and-mighty to get him to admit it.

"No I didn't." Cyborg replied innocently.

"Oh right, the Master of All Pranks, Lord Cyborg did it." Beast Boy corrected himself. Last year when�Beast Boy had�pulled a whole bunch of pranks on everyone he had called himself�that.�

"I'm serious, man. I HAD NOTHING to do with it."

"Ok then if YOU didn't do it then who did?" Beast Boy fired back, "You can't tell me it was Raven, or how about Starfire! Nice try though."

"Actually Beast Boy," a meek voice replied from the corner of the room,�"I did it. I was the one who pulled the prank on you."

Beast Boy did a double take again, how could it be? Of all people no one would've thought it to be!

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