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Chapter Twelve: The Pranking Closure

Beast Boy stood up straight, he had decided to go and see what was up. He marching toward the door and opened it quickly only to find himself drop through a trap door. He slid down a winding silver shoot. Beast Boy just let out a terrified scream. He had no idea where he was or could be going. He finally landed harshly on his tush. Rubbing it gingerly, he stood. He gazed upwards and all around him. He had been sent to some kind of underground maze. Yay…he thought starting to walk through the grass hedged maze.

The two turned the corner and ran head on into something neither had expected. Terra and Starfire gasped heavily and put their hands to their mouths. That was something rather indubitably not fastidious… (Big words! It means: really not nice.) Both were grabbed up by two dark wing-like arms, and shaken harshly.

"I think I'm going to be sick!" Terra yelped.

Before the two could do anything else they were thrown down the hallway, and landed on a pile of riddles and books.

"What kind of prank could this be?" Starfire asked Terra.

"I don't know, but I think I have a good idea as to who did it." Terra replied, gritting her teeth.

Turning another corner, she ran into the trouble she had never expected to fall into. With a wide expression of shock, she shielded her face from the blow that was to come…Raven was hit with a bag of black feathers, then some tar(or it could have been molasses). She fell down onto her rump and growled. She knew who could have done such a thing. And when she thought it was over, and was standing up, a bunch of books fell at her feet.

"They're all picture books…" she whispered to herself.

Robin and Cyborg headed upward toward the Titans' main room. They were laughing and joking about how bad they would get the others. Turning into the main room, they met their befalling shock…They had trapped a string, which in turn trapped another and another until, a large burlap bag fell onto their bodies, and pulled them upward. Their screams being muffled as if they were in glass containers of doom. (AN: It's way too late for me to be up…xx) After a few hours of the Titans' dilemmas, they all met in the main room. Well, except for Robin and Cyborg, they still couldn't get the bags to rip. The others let them out; Cyborg fell with a thud and groaned, while Robin fell on his back and screamed like a girl. (AN: And to think this simile used to annoy me?)

"OKAY, I KNOW WHO DID IT!!" Beast Boy screamed.

"Us too!" Terra and Starfire exclaimed.

"And that goes double for us." The two boys heaved; it was quite difficult to breathe in those large, near airtight bags.

"And I know as well," Raven began, pausing a moment for dramatic tension, "Why don't you go first, Beast Boy?"

"Okay," Beast Boy nodded, "it was Cyborg who sent me down that long silver shoot and into that horrible grass hedge maze!"

Starfire and Terra piped in next, "And it was Robin who produced those stretchy black arms that threw us into a pile of newspaper articles that we couldn't understand."

"Yes, and Beast Boy was the one who threw this molasses and black feathers all over me, and then dropped picture books at my door." Raven growled.

"No way, BB," Cyborg shouted in his defense, "You're the little salad head who trapped Robin and I. We didn't do any prank against you."

"Yeah," Robin cut it, "Starfire, Terra, we didn't pull any prank on you two."

"Raven! That's a wicked cool prank, but I didn't do it!" Beast Boy cried.

The Titans then fell silent. No one had done what they had been accused of, and the girls weren't even accused of anything. No one knew who did what. Raven then thought for a moment; she knew the answer.

"None of you know?" she asked quaintly.

The other Titans shook their heads, they thought they maybe Raven had solved something they had all missed.

"I WIN!" Raven exclaimed, shots of energy shooting off, but she quickly recomposed herself.

"WHAT?! HOW DO YOU WIN?" Beast Boy asked dumbfounded.

"I was the one who pulled all of those pranks on you, but none of you could figure it out. So thus I win, because I was not accused." She replied simply and began to walk upstairs.

"Then why'd you prank yourself?" he asked, still stupid in the matter.

"I had to make it realistic, didn't I?"

Beast Boy flopped to the floor, why didn't he think of that? The others Titans soon followed suit.

"Guys," Robin started, "next time we have a Prank War, let's leave Raven out of it."

The others, with the exception of Beast Boy, nodded.

"Okay, Beast Boy?" he questioned.

It was too late, Beast Boy had already concocted his next move, "I'LL GET YOU YET RAVEN!" and with that he ran upstairs. The others sighed; this was definitely going to be longer than two weeks.

"Anyone up for moving?" Terra asked, as the sounds of Raven and Beast Boy's fighting became louder.

THE END!! Hope you enjoyed it. It was fun to write up until these last few parts. I was losing the whole feeling of the story, but I'm glad it's done now so I can work on the other stories. Bye!