Chapter 3

Buffy awoke in the middle of the night to the sound of movement in the apartment. She got up to look at see it what it was. She remembered Max telling her that her roommate might come in late and Buffy thought she should introduce herself. She didn't want to scare Kendra by having her walk in with a random woman sleeping on her couch. Buffy saw the black outline of a body and walked up behind it. She put her hand on the person's shoulder to notify them of their presence.

Unfortunately, this person was not Max's roommate but was actually Max.
Max felt a stranger grab her shoulder, and went into fight mode. She grabbed the arm with the full intention of flipping the unknown person over her body. Buffy felt Max's body tense and prepare to flip her. She let the Max flip her but landed on her feet and twisted Max's arm behind her back.

"Max, it's me, Buffy" She said as she let go of the girl's arm
"Buffy, what the hell are you doing sneaking up on me like that" Max demanded. The two were face to face now and Max was angry Buffy countered her move.

"Sorry, I heard someone moving around and came to see who it was. I thought it may have been your roommate"

"Yeah, well. It's not." The X5 snapped. Buffy put her hands in the pockets of her pants. She felt like a little child being scolded for taking a cookie when she wasn't supposed to. She didn't know why this girl made her feel like a child again. She was so used to being in control and not taking anyone's crap that her submissive behavior bothered her.

That's it. No more apologetic Buffy She though. This was not her style and just because she was in another time didn't mean she had to act this way.

"Alright, You know what. I'm sorry, okay? I didn't mean to scare you but there is no reason to act like you've been. I didn't mean to get in your hair. Original Cindy offered me this place and I know you don't want me here. Just tell me to go and I will, but I sure as hell am not going to take this kind of shit from a brunette that can't even properly flip someone over their body" Buffy cringed a little after she was done with her rant. Sure, the girl didn't have to be so rude but Buffy didn't mean to say that much. A simple 'I'll leave if you don't want me here' would have been enough but sometimes her anger got the best of her.

"I mean, I'm new to this city, and I'm just trying to find my way around and you haven't said a kind word to me since I met you. Yeah, maybe you don't want me in your hair, but would it kill you to say a few nice words every now and then. We may even be able to be friends"
Max cocked her eyebrow

"Fat Chance" Max said as she walked toward the door and left. The door slammed shut and Buffy made a face.

"Well. I tried" She huffed as she plopped down on the couch. Then, suddenly a brilliant idea struck her. Not brilliant like quantum physics, but brilliant in the way that if a character in a movie did it, it would add more humor to the plot. Buffy got off the couch and decided to trail Max. She had followed her fair share of people in her time so she decided it shouldn't be that difficult. She ran outside monkey nurse jackieand scanned the streets for any figure moving. She saw Max moving in the distance and ran as silently as possible to catch up with the girl. She quietly said a thank you to Giles who use to make her run stalk random animals to train her how to be quiet when moving.
Max walked a long way and Buffy grew tired of hiding behind buildings so the girl wouldn't see her. She was just about to give up and go home when she saw a man walk up to Max and hold out his hand. There was cashed passed from the girl to the shady man and then a bottle of pills that was passed the other way.

So, the girl likes her drugs. Well that's a disappointment Buffy thought. It wasn't something as interesting as she thought it would be. Meeting a midnight lover would have been more exciting to the slayer. Drugs were something she never really cared about. What you put in your body was your own choice. Slightly disappointed Buffy started to follow Max back to the apartment. They had gone so far that Buffy wasn't sure she knew how to get back. She was hiding behind a building waiting for Max to go forward some more before she could move to the next hiding when she heard a voice coming from behind her.

"Hey, what's a pretty little thing like you doing out this late" The voice said in a smooth manner. Buffy turned around and looked into brown eyes. The man was classically handsome Tall, dark and smooth with penetrating eyes. Unfortunately Buffy could feel a familiar tingle in her body that told her this was a vampire

"Oh, you know. Just going for a little stroll." Buffy responded. She gave a quick glance around the area for something to use as a weapon. She didn't have any stakes on her and now she was mentally kicking herself for not making one when she arrived. This was the future, just because she hadn't seen any vampires before now didn't mean they didn't exist. Luckily, she spotted a stack of crates by the side of the building. "How about you?" She continued

"I'm just out for a snack" and with those words the vampire's face contorted and showed the true demon within the human body.

"Can't you morons come up with anything original" Buffy said with a touch of irritation in her voice. After the words came out of her mouth the vampire lunged at her. She easily countered his move and ran over to where the crates were. She smashed the square boxes with her heel and grabbed a broken piece of wood out of the pile she created. The fight continued for a few more minutes before Buffy sank the stick into the vampire's heart and he turned to dust.
The slayer was dusting off her clothes when Max came bolting around the corner with a look of determination on her face. Buffy looked up and saw the girl stop dead in her tracks.

"What are you doing? I heard a fight." Max said in an even tone.

"I decided to go for a walk. Some guy just tried to mug me. I scared him off" Buffy stated. She started feeling a little funny again. That weird feeling she got around Max and slowly she was coming to the realization of what it was. Faith hadn't been kidding when she said fights make you hungry and horny. Buffy never verbally agreed but she knew that it was true. Now, after the fight she was just in, she was feeling a small amount of the effects. Most noticeably the horny one. With Max in front of her she figured out that she was attracted to the girl. That was the strange feeling she had been getting from being near her. She didn't recognize it because she had never associated it with a female. After this thought entered her brain, she pushed it right to the back. She had a mission to accomplish and questioning sexuality was not included in the brochure.

"You shouldn't be out this late." Max said as she turned and started to walk off. Buffy ran to catch the girl.

"Wait. That's all you're going to say?" Buffy matched her stride to the X5's. Max shot her a looked and replied

"No. You can stay at my place until you get your own." It was strange how Max said the words. She hadn't been very nice to Buffy but the tone she used with the words seemed almost apologetic.

"So that's it? I can just stay with you. You're not even going to tell me the problem that you seem to have with me" Buffy asked. She tried to sound friendly but she was feeling more and more uneasy about not being liked by this girl. She had barely spent anytime with her and here she was, acting like Buffy had stolen her boyfriend. Max stopped walking and looked at Buffy.

"Look. I'm sorry about how I've been acting. I don't like new people. I'll try to be a little more nice. That good enough for you, B?" Buffy was slightly taken aback by the nickname Max suddenly gave her. It was the same one Faith had given her.

"Yeah. It's cool" Buffy said, now thinking about her sister slayer. Max took note of the strange far away look in Buffy's eyes. The two girls walked in silence the rest of the way to the apartment. They entered the room quietly and Max was the first to break the silence

"You can go to sleep and I'll wake you up in the morning to head over to the jam pony. We'll get you a bike on the way there. You still got that cash you won from playing those two meat heads?"

"Yes, but I'm not really tired. I don't sleep too much" Buffy said. She was still a little amped up from the fight she had been in with that vampire. Max looked at the girl.

"I don't sleep much either" She said. Buffy wanted to talk to Max for a little while. Maybe she could get some clues about this new world she had entered into

"We could stay up and talk if you want. We can get to know each other so you don't have to feel so weird around me all the time." Buffy said in a hopeful tone. She had to be honest with herself. She didn't want to just learn about the world she was in, she wanted to get to know Max a little better. This strange attraction she was feeling made her want to know more about the brunette.

"I got a better idea." Max said and with that she walked into her room. A few moments later she came out with a square bored and a bag. She sat on the couch and put the board down on the middle cushion. She opened the bag and started pulling little wooden objects out and set them down on the board in a familiar pattern. Buffy sat on the opposite cushion so the board was located in between the two girls. "Do you play?" Max asked. Logan had got her this wooden chess set as a present and she hoped that Buffy knew how to play just so she would have someone to use it with.

"My librarian from high school tried to teach me once. I was pretty good at it for awhile, but I haven't played in years." Buffy thought about the strange game Giles had spent a few hours trying to teach her. He said it would help with strategy and planning. She had never really liked the game, but now that Max wanted to play Buffy was game.

"Alright, well it's pretty simple" Max started. She explained the whole game to Buffy. The way each piece moves and the objective of it all. They played a practice game and Max beat Buffy easily. They stayed up all night playing a total of thirteen games. Max won 6 times and Buffy won 7. The first time Buffy had gotten Max in checkmate, Max was shocked. Logan couldn't even beat her and he had played for over twenty years and here was this girl who she just taught and she was winning. The six times that followed just proved that it wasn't a fluke the first time. That Buffy was genuinely as good as Max was. This wasn't something the transgenic was used to. She had never had a normal person beat her at anything. It made her angry and peaked her curiosity at the exact same time. Max thought about how each game had turned out. The two were basically equally match and the only reason Buffy had won the total number of games was because they played an odd number. Buffy wasn't as shocked by the outcome of the game. She figured it was all in good fun. Max won some, and so did she. Max was a very good opponent though. She gave Buffy a run for her money every time they played and Buffy enjoyed the challenge. It had never been this fun with Giles. Right after her watcher taught her how to play she beat him every time. That's probably why she never enjoyed the game much. Dim sunlight started to filter in through the window. Both of the girls noticed but it was Buffy who said something about it first.

" I think it's time we go get me a bike and head over to the jam pony, don't you?" Max nodded that she though the same thing and she headed into her bedroom to put up the chess bored and grab some clothes for Buffy to wear. She came back out and threw the clothes at Buffy

"Here. Bathrooms that way. You may want to grab a shower. We look the same size so you can borrow some of my clothes until you get some more of your own. I'll make some coffee"

"Thanks" Buffy said as she picked up the clothes and made her way into the bathroom. She had been wanting a shower ever since she arrived. She went into the bathroom and started to undress. She got a little curious and decided to look in the medicine cabinet to see if the drugs Max bought were kept in the medicine cabinet. Hidden in plan sight would be the best place to hide pills. She opened the mirror and there was a prescription bottle labeled Tryptophan. Buffy remembered that Tryptophan was an amino acid the brain had. It was in turkey and milk if she recalled chemistry correctly. Why on earth would this girl by an amino acid like it was a drug? Buffy just pushed the thought aside, she would worry about it later. For now, she was looking forward to a shower. She turned on the water and it never got warm. She supposed they didn't have hot water in this word. She made her shower as fast as possible to minimize the contact of the cold water. She put on Max's clothes and exited the bathroom. Max was standing in the living room with two bicycles.

"I took the cash out of your pockets when you were showing and went and got you a bike. One less thing for you to do. Come on. Lets head out." Max said as she handed Buffy a cup of coffee.

Buffy took one sip and regretted it instantly. Everything about this world seemed to suck. The coffee tasted horrible but Buffy figured she wanted the caffeine so she downed the whole cup.

"Alright, let's go" Buffy said as she grabbed her brand new bike.

Max led her out of the building and down the street.

Soon enough they were rolling through the entrance of Jam Pony.