To Spite him

This is my entry in the HP Challenge one at . It had to be angst and under 500 words so this is my attempt. I may revise it after the competition's over because I think this'n's a bit cheap.

Warning: OotP spoilers, Domestic Violance and Implied Suicide.

"Draco, I told you to stop all that silly fighting!" Narcissa Malfoy scolded as her and her son entered Malfoy manor. Draco had finished his sixth year at Hogwarts and had been jinxed by Harry Potter and his friends because he had fought with them. "Imagine what your father will say…" she broke off as she stopped to imagine what her husband would do.
"But mother! It's their fault that Dad's in Prison! If it weren't for them, He wouldn't have been put in Askaban and we would be okay…" he explained.
"I don't care. I won't hear any more of it. Go to your room while I send up a House elf with your suitcases." She said firmly.
"Yes mother." He replied dragging himself up the spiralling staircase.

He threw himself onto his bed and looked up to the ceiling. He didn't want to think about what Lucius would do to him when he was released from Askaban… But there wasn't a lot else to think about.
'He's going to take it out on me gets back… I know he is…' he thought. He pulled up his sleeve and looked at the old bruises on his shoulder.

A few months later, Draco was studying for his pending return to Hogwarts, Narcissa ran into his room waving a copy of the Daily Prophet.
"Look at this!!!" she slammed it down on the desk under Draco's nose.
He picked it up and read the headline. "DEATHEATER JAILBREAK"
"But that means…" Draco started. He was interrupted by sound of the front door smashing open.
"NARCISSA!!! DRACO!!!" they heard Lucius Malfoy bark.
"Quickly!" Narcissa whispered. She took Draco's hand and they ran downstairs.
"Come on! We're moving!" Lucius shouted.
"Lucius?!?! What are you talking about?" Narcissa asked.
"How dare you question me!" he shouted punching her knocking her to the ground.
"I'm sorry." She cried.
"Leave her alone!" Draco shouted.
Lucius reached for his Snake topped cane and whipped out the wand shouting "Crucious!!!"
Draco fell to the floor in agony. "I'm sorry…." He whispered.
"Good. Now come on. Leave all your belongings here." He ordered putting the wand back in the cane.
They nodded in agreement because they knew it would hurt more otherwise.

Lucius apparated them into a dark, lonely looking cave.
"It'll do for now. If we stayed at the manor they'd find me." He explained in a drawling manner.
"Will I still be able to go back to Hogwarts?" Draco asked nervously.
"We'll see. But for now, shut up and go to sleep, Damnit!" he snapped lying down faced away from them.

When Lucius had finally got to sleep, Narcissa put her arm around Draco.
"Are you alright?" she asked him quietly.
"I think." He replied.
"I'm sorry I couldn't stop him being like this." She apologised.
"I'm sorry I was born…" he cried. "I'm sorry I can't live up to his expectations." He quietly took Lucius's wand and did all he could do to spite his father.