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Two Weeks earlier…

"Mark? Mark, I'm home!" yelled Danny Thompson as he stepped through the door.

He shifted the box in his hands as he shut the door. Danny bit down on his bottom lip as he looked around the dark hallway. He stepped into the living room, but was met with the same eerie darkness. Shrugging, Danny made his way to the kitchen.

He smiled when he saw his brother sitting at the table. He walked around the kitchen without saying a word, first setting the box on the table in front of his brother, then walking over to the refrigerator to grab a beer from inside. Danny turned around and looked at Mark, and looked down at the newspaper he held in front of him.

"Marlin suspect questioned, released; double murder remains unsolved."

"Grissom let one go. He's slipping," said Mark, looking up at Danny.

Danny grinned, and then sat across from Mark. He set down his beer, and started to open the worn cardboard box.

"Is that what I think it is?" asked Mark, his eyes brightening.

"I managed to grab these while Mr. Foster was at a site today."

Danny opened the box and Mark smiled. It was filled with dynamite and wire. Mark started to laugh.

"Just in case…," he mumbled as his hands gently touched the box.

"In case of what?" asked Danny.

"In case we're discovered and the cops come around. We either get away free or nobody gets out of this alive."

Mark picked up the box and walked out of the room. Danny stared after him, worried about where all of this would end up.


Catherine smiled at Nick and Warrick as she stepped out of her Denali and approached the two men. Warrick casually leaned against Nick's car, and both men smiled back.

"We managed to get a warrant off of the plate alone? I can't believe it," said Catherine, flipping her strawberry-blonde hair, "You boys want to fill me in on what else it was you found before we head over to the suspect's house?"

Warrick chuckled and Nick grinned. Nick shifted, trying to catch a breeze and relief from the uncomfortable Las Vegas sun.

Warrick started, "Mark Thompson has a brother named Danny. They've been living together for about eight months now. Mark is unemployed, but Danny works for Foster and Sons Demolition."

"So, he blows things up for a living?" asked Catherine.

Nick continued, "Yeah. We called Danny's employer, hoping we could catch Danny, but apparently, Danny hasn't been to work since… oh, wanna venture a guess?"

Catherine's smile got bigger, "The day of the abduction."

Warrick nodded, but his smile disappeared, "That's not all, and this is where it could get dangerous. Mr. Foster, Danny's boss, said that about two weeks ago, some dynamite and wire went missing from the storage facility. He asked Danny about it, but Danny said he didn't know anything about it, and eventually the disappearance was blamed on someone miscounting how much they took out. But that leaves a lot of dynamite missing."

"Two weeks ago… so a week before Griss and Sara were taken?"

Nick and Warrick nodded.

"So, Danny and Mark could have staged a crime to lure them in. A double homicide, something the supervisor would have gone to. But how'd they know Grissom would bring Sara with him?" said Catherine.

"Maybe they didn't expect someone else. Maybe they only wanted Grissom. They could have been watching him for a while now," said Nick.

Catherine nodded, then turned her head when she heard the click of shoes on the pavement. It was O'Riley. He nodded a hello as he came to stand with the three criminalists.

"Here it is," he said, holding up a folded piece of paper.

Nick shook his head, and Warrick pushed away from the Tahoe.

"What are we waiting for then," said Nick, walking around to the driver's side, "we have a potential crime scene to investigate."

The three CSI's hopped into his car. O'Riley jumped into his car, and followed them to Mark Thompson's home. They all knew it, but no one said it out loud.

The end was near.


"There is breaking news tonight on the story of two criminalists who went missing last week while investigating the deaths of two Las Vegas residents. The police have released a statement regarding a search warrant that is being executed tonight at the house of someone the police are calling a 'significant suspect.' We'll have more tonight on the ten o'clock news."

Mark's head shot up from his delicate work when the newscaster broke in with the news. He licked his suddenly dry lips as his hand fumbled for the remote. His finger grazed over it, and he snatched it up and flicked off the T.V.

Mark wiped sweat from his brow and carefully put down the wire he had been clipping. He moved from the table and walked to the basement door. He stared at it, going over all his emotions, sifting through the thoughts bombarding his brain. Finally, he made up his mind.

His hands deftly unlocked the locks. He opened the door and ran down the stairs. Mark paused at the foot of the stairs, letting his eyes adjust to the darkness before moving forward.

"Grissom!" he yelled into the dark.

He heard a gasp from the corner. Mark quickly moved towards it, and reached out into the shadows. His aim was perfect. He felt his fingers make contact with hair. He grabbed it and yanked up, provoking a scream from Grissom. Grissom moved up with the hand, trying to lessen the pain.

"Come on," hissed Mark, yanking a stumbling Grissom with him.

They moved up the stairs swiftly. Mark pulled Grissom through the door and into the kitchen, then up another flight of stairs to the second floor. Mark pulled keys out of his pocket and flipped through the first few before finding the one he wanted. He shoved it into the door, and turned it. He pushed open the door, and threw Grissom inside, pulling the door shut behind him and locking it back up.

"I have to set it up. I have to get the wires in place."

Mark ran back down the stairs. He had to hook the dynamite to the door before the police arrived, or else everything he had worked for would be ruined.


"Grissom?" said Sara as she stood up and ran over to Grissom.

"Ow," mumbled Grissom, grabbing his head and leaning against the door.

Sara sat down next to him and carefully wrapped her arms around his waist. He smiled grimly and pulled her closer.

"What's going on?" Grissom wondered out loud.

"Something's going down. I could hear the T.V. a little bit. Something must have come up, because he turned it off pretty quickly, and all of a sudden… here you are," said Sara.

Grissom bit his bottom lip and nodded. Absentmindedly he stroked her hair, before getting up and moving to the window.

"What a view," he whispered as he searched the horizon through squinted eyes, "It's amazing what you…"

He trailed off when he saw the cloud of dust following a black Tahoe that was speeding up the road.

"…can see," he finished, "Sara, look. It's Nicky's Tahoe."

Sara got up and stood behind Grissom, the pair staring out the window as the vehicle got closer. Smiles crept to both their faces as they realized just how close freedom was.

Or at least they thought it was.

The door behind them swung open, crashing against the wall. Grissom and Sara spun around, their hands clasping. Mark stood in front of them, sweat dripping from his forehead, his breathing heavy. He held the gun in his hands, his finger pulsing against the trigger. He stepped into the room, and stood still for a moment before running at Sara, pulling her away from Grissom. She screamed as she was spun around into Mark, and Grissom lunged for her. But Mark brought the gun to her head, and Grissom stilled.

Mark grinned as he pressed the barrel into her head. The cool metal dug into her skin, and he let a nervous chuckle slip.

"I could shoot her. My finger is on the trigger, and I could pull it," he pulled Sara closer and leaned into her ear, and smiled as he looked at Grissom, then lustfully looked at Sara. Tears streamed down her face, and he laughed as he continued, "I could shoot you, and let your blood run down my arm, let your dead body fall to the floor, let Grissom run to you, screaming, crying, 'Sara, my Sara!' But I won't, and I'll tell you why."

He let the gun fall to his side as he pushed Sara back towards Grissom. He pointed his finger towards the window, and the Tahoe that was just feet from the driveway.

"I won't shoot you, because in five minutes, those people, your friends, are going to knock on my door, and when I don't answer it, their going to open it. And do you know what's going to happen when they open the door?" he paused and laughed, "the door, everything, is going to explode. Me, you, them… everyone and everything."

He laughed as he backed up and shut the door, then sank down to the floor. He let the gun fall as he laughed.

"We're all gonna die," he whispered.

They all looked out the window as they heard car doors shutting. Grissom raised his fist to the window, about to beat on it, catch their attention, but behind him he heard laughing.

"If you get their attention, they'll just open the door sooner. I told you, Grissom, you're going to die here, there is no escaping it."

Grissom turned to Sara, and she fell into his arms. He pulled away and kissed her. Their tears fell down their faces, intermingling with their passionate kiss. Grissom pulled away slightly, and looked down at Sara.

"I love you," he whispered.

"I love you, too," Sara said between her tears.

Below them they could hear someone knock on the door, and the voice that followed.

" LVMPD. We have a warrant."

Grissom pulled Sara to him. He blocked out everything but her, he concentrated on her scent, her soft skin, everything he could.

"Sir, we're coming in."


Before he could say anything to her, he heard the deafening boom, and a flash of white that followed…


Grissom woke with a start. He bolted forward, the blanket that had been loosely covering him falling to the floor next to him. Beads of sweat rolled down his burning face. He looked around the room before letting out a choked sob. Wiping at the salty tears, he leaned his head against the back of his bed and sighed. He felt the bed shift next to him, and he quickly composed himself.

Sara sat up in bed next to him, and grabbed his hand. Grissom turned to her and smiled weakly as he ran a trembling hand through his hair. In the dim moonlight he could see Sara's eyebrows furrow in concern. She leaned into him and wrapped her arms around his shaking frame.

"Griss, what is it?" she said, shifting her eyes to look up at him.

He closed his eyes as he pulled her closer. He leaned his head against hers and smiled, "It's nothing, Sara. It's ok now… it was all just a nightmare."

He chuckled as he laid back down, pulling her with him. He chuckled as he slowly fell back to sleep, the love of his life in his arms, knowing that, from now on, it was only good dreams to come.