4/13/04 Disclaimer: I don't own Inuyasha and all that pertains to him.

Plot: after her families demise can she learn to live without them and get on with her life? Or will she forever be stuck in the past?

Chapter 1: The News

After a long day of school and practice I come home to an empty house. I think nothing of it and go straight to the kitchen. I figure every ones out doing shopping or something along those lines. I open the fridge and to my surprise find nothing. "Damn, I though mom was going to do the grocery's today. Oh well, guess I'll have to wait until they come home." And with that said I grab the only bottle of water in I see in there and head out towards the living room, where my only friend awaits me... my tv.

I flip threw a couple of channels before I come across the news and decide to watch a little, since my mother always complains to me that I never know what's going on in the world, I thought I'd give it a chance. It turns out that some idiot over turned his18 wheeler and it rolled over three cars. 'Hm. It turns out the news can be interesting' I think to my self as I look on, now fully interested in what the news has to offer me. After a while of looking at the same grueling footage for about 10 mins. my attention starts to wander and I am no longer listening to the reporter's words. I drop my bottled water on to the carpet with a splash and I continue to watch with renewed vigor. My mouth runs dry and my body starts to tremor as I recognize something on the tv, something I should've recognized as soon as I had turned it on.

I turn off the tv and head back to the kitchen. I don't want to believe what I just saw; it was horrible, disgusting and unimaginable. I collapse onto the island in the middle of the kitchen and try to get a hold of myself. "It's not true." I say aloud to myself "It can't be." Amidst my breakdown I can vaguely hear the phone ringing in the background, let it ring. For all the people in the world that can call right now, the people that I want to call the most cannot. I breathe deeply, for a panic attack will do me no good now, I sink to the floor with my back to the counter and hug my knees. I wish for all it was worth for it to not be true, but alas it is and I know it.

The loud taunting rings of the phone finally become too much to bear and I cannot take it anymore. I slowly climb to my shaky knees and begin my slow journey to the counter top across from me where the kitchen phone lies. Hm. Father always said to put the cordless back in the receiver when we were done with it, so it could recharge. It always hung up on him when he was on his most important calls, I let a sad smile grace my lips, remembering him yell at me and my brother for leaving the phone in our rooms.

After my first few steps the phone stopped ringing and the answering machine came on. The person promptly hung up and it then began ringing again shortly after. I looked up from the floor, where I was staring at a big stain where my mom had burned the tile a couple months back from making Easter dinner, and looked to that damned phone. I then reached the phone and picked it up. I was barely even listening to anything the person on the other line said and it took me while to deduce that it was my boyfriend breakup with me and there was a girl in the background egging him on. I was totally detached and void of all emotion, I really couldn't care less that my boyfriend of 2 years was cheating on me and now decided to breakup with me for her. All I could think about was that news report and those three mangled cars. After about 10 minutes of screaming at me on the phone there was a deafening silence. "Hello? Are you even listening to a word I'm saying?" I made no move to answer him, I just hung-up the phone and shrunk back to my knees. Hm. Life is very funny, just so fuckin' funny. My mouth twists into a grim smile as I climb back to my feet and steel my resolve.

This is just so fucking hilarious! I can actually remember this morning! It was so normal, teasing my sister just before I left, my brother and I making our morning stop to 7 eleven on our way to school... my father's morning pep-talk about how I should keep on running Track, and my mother's breakfast. Hm. How I took all those things for granted. I turn around to face the phone again to find that it had started ringing during my reminiscence. I ignore it and look at the answering machine to find I have two messages. The answering machine answers the call just as my finger goes to push the playback button, I recoil my hand and decide to listen to what this person has to say. "Hi Kagome I really need to talk to you... It's important... call me back as soon as you get this. Bye." Hm. That's interesting first his brother calls and now him... interesting. I forget about the other messages I didn't hear and decide to go back to the living room, for going upstairs would be far to traumatic for me now. I plop myself down and try to fall asleep, for that is the only way I can escape reality. The only I can see them alive and healthy. God only knows in what state I'll see them in next...

Well its 8 now, it's been three hours since I came home. I wake up from my first of many dreamless sleeps to come and I sit up on the couch immediately facing the reason why I slept here in the first place. Hm. I guess I can't escape reality that way anymore. What's the use of sleeping if you can't even dream? It amazes me that since I've learned of my families demise I have yet to shed a tear, unless you count that one that escaped my eyes when I first woke up. I grow tired of this lump that has found its way in my throat; it's like having a golf ball stuck in there 24/7. I guess I should just cry and get it over with, but if I do that then that's it for me. If I cry now then I'll never stop crying.

I get up and head to the kitchen yet again. You know in all the time that I've spent in the kitchen, I've yet to eat anything, I didn't even know I was hungry until my stomach spoke up. And that's where I find myself now; rummaging threw all the cabinets to find something to quench my insatiable hunger. Whatever I guess I'll just go out to get something to eat... its not like anyone cares really. On the way out I throw a glance toward the answering machine and stop in my tracks. 'Holy Shit! 17 Messages!......Oh fuck.' That's the last thing I need right now, pity. Oh well I guess I'll listen to them when I get back, hm. It's not like they'll go anywhere...

Half an hour later I'm back from Wacdonald's and in my kitchen settling myself down to listen 23 messages... Oh fuck... Oh well lets get started now shall we? First message, father calling saying he'll be home early...

Second message mother telling me they all went out to do the groceries and they'll be home late...

Why does God hate me so much?! I did nothing to nobody to deserve all of this! So why me? I grunt as a wave of nausea hits me. I make it to the wastebasket in time but... "Why me?" I ask no one but myself but secretly hoping for an answer. I sigh as I go through the other messages of relatives and friends whom actually bothered to watch the news and actually heard what happened... but what? To busy to come and see the poor orphan? To busy to take an hour out of your poor stinkn' lives to come and comfort a girl who just lost her whole family?!


Who needs them anyways?

...I do.

Aw great, here come the tears.